25 Amazing Secret Passageways Built into Homes

As a kid I remember being completely determined to find a secret passageway in my house. I searched high and low for years, but who would have thought the one-story house I grew up in didn’t have a hidden bunker full of treasures from yesteryear? Why not live vicariously through someone else then?

These 25 Amazing Secret Passageways Built into Homes are absolutely incredible and totally hidden. The kitchen island leads down to a basement, an armoire opens to a Narnia-like playroom, and a linen closet conceals a slide. Yup, a real slide!

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  • Through the Armoire 2 of 26

    The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe comes to life.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.

  • Hidden Office 3 of 26

    Open a bookcase to unveil a private office.
    Find out more at CounterHack.

  • A Little Escape 4 of 26

    This would make the perfect place to hide when you didn't want to be seen in the office.
    Spotted at Lady Carpenter.

  • Secret Bathroom 5 of 26

    Hopefully you don't have to go too bad, it might take sec before you realize where the door is.
    Find out more at Trying to Balance the Madness.

  • Find the Right Book 6 of 26

    Use a book to open a door to a completely different room.
    Find out more at Shelterness.

  • Under the Stairs 7 of 26

    With a click of a button a whole new room can open up.
    Find out more at Home Designing.

  • For the Car 8 of 26

    Hide your favorite car under the gravel.
    Find out more at Dornob.

  • The Gun Club 9 of 26

    Here is one way to keep them away from the kids.
    Find out more at Hidden Passageway.

  • The Library Continues 10 of 26

    There is more than enough space to put your books when there is a whole other room.
    Find out more at Steampunk Home.

  • Hidden Vault 11 of 26

    Move a mirror over to reveal a walk in safe.
    Find out more at Good Ideas for You.

  • Wine Cellar Below 12 of 26

    Your guests will be shocked when you open the floor to grab new bottle of wine.
    Find out more at Good Ideas for You.

  • Hidden in the Fireplace 13 of 26

    There is something that feels very medieval about this.
    Spotted at Good Ideas for You.

  • Secret Slides 14 of 26

    It could be easily unnoticed that when you open this cabinet a secret slide is hidden inside.
    Find out more at Twin Cities.

  • Bay Window Parking 15 of 26

    Would you have been able to tell where the secret parking was?
    Spotted at Gizmodo.

  • Hiding on the Landing 16 of 26

    Lift up the floor boards to see a secret room inside.
    Spotted at imgfave.

  • Getting Framed 17 of 26

    You could use this little extra room to hide treasures or to turn into the best reading nook.
    Check it out at Design Spot.

  • Way Up High 18 of 26

    Having it that high up will really make it hard to find.
    Spotted at Book Riot.

  • 2-in-One 19 of 26

    Twist around the wall to either have an office or a library.
    Spotted at Luxury Housing Trends.

  • Behind the Brick Wall 20 of 26

    Use the bricks to easily conceal the hidden room.
    Spotted at Hunch Mag.

  • Hiding in the Kitchen 21 of 26

    Open a cabinet to reveal a whole other kitchen counter.
    Spotted at Houzz.

  • In the Walls 22 of 26

    Instead of a door, push over an entire wall.
    Spotted at Houzz.

  • Storm Shelter in the Kitchen 23 of 26

    This family used their island to conceal a storm shelter.
    Spotted at Show Me OKC.

  • Trap Door to Secret Slide 24 of 26

    Lift up the secret door to find an even bigger surprise inside.
    Find out more at Curbly.

  • Inside the Mural 25 of 26

    Open the mural to see a beautiful living room.
    Find out more at Oddee.

  • Not Just Any Staircase 26 of 26

    Do you think you would notice?
    Spotted at Follow Pics.

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