25 Amazing Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Ring in spring with a sparkling clean home. These helpful tips and homemade cleaners will help you remove tarnish in the kitchen, stains on the couch, and scum in the bathroom. Find out the easiest way to clean your blender, and learn the many ways a dryer sheet can come in handy, right here…

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  • Tarnish Remover 2 of 26
    Remove tarnish easily with baking soda.
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  • Easiest Way to Clean a Blender 3 of 26
    A little water and dish soap can go a long way, and no you don't have to take your blender apart for this.
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  • Cleaning the Lampshade 4 of 26
    Use a lint roller to easily clean dust off your lampshade.
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  • Microfiber Couch Clean Up 5 of 26
    Spray down your couch with rubbing alcohol and scrub the stains away with a sponge and brush.
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  • Goodbye Scum 6 of 26
    Remove scum off your bathtub easily with water, vinegar, and lemon juice.
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  • Cleaning Your Washing Machine 7 of 26
    Clean your washing machine by running a cycle with bleach, and then a cycle with white vinegar.
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  • Disinfecting Sponges 8 of 26
    Put your damp sponge in the microwave for two minutes to kill germs.
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  • Give your Garbage a Shower 9 of 26
    Take your garbage can into the shower to give it a good scrub down.
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  • Oven Cleaners 10 of 26
    Create a mixture of baking soda, water, and dish detergent to spray your oven down with.
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  • Cleaning Votives 11 of 26
    To remove old candles from the votives, freeze them. The wax will shrink and pop right out of the votive.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Steam Cleaning Your Microwave 12 of 26
    Mix vinegar and water together in a bowl. Set the microwave for about 10 minutes. Remove the bowl and wipe down.
    Find out more at One Good Thing by Jillee.
  • Getting Between Oven Glass 13 of 26
    Remove the oven drawer. Use a hanger and a dish rag to get between the glass.
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  • Toilet Rings No More 14 of 26
    Get rid of annoying toilet rings with a swipe of a dryer sheet.
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  • Fresh and Clean Mattress 15 of 26
    Mix baking soda and lavender oil together. Spread over the mattress, wait an hour, and vacuum up.
    Find out more at One Good Thing by Jillee.
  • Furniture Indents 16 of 26
    Remove indents in your carpet from furniture with ice cubes.
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  • Keyboard Cleaner 17 of 26
    Slide Post-it notes between the keys of your computer keyboard to pick up dust.
    Find out more at Real Simple.
  • Brand New Blinds 18 of 26
    Soak your blinds in your bathtub with water and bleach (or vinegar), they will look as good as new when you take them out.
    Find out more at Creatively Southern.
  • Smart Way to Move Furniture 19 of 26
    Keep the floor from scuffing by putting towels under the furniture when you move it.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Cleaning Your Jewels 20 of 26
    Mix a hint of dish soap with water and scrub your jewelry clean with a soft-bristle brush.
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  • Cleaning Up the Fridge 21 of 26
    Check out these helpful tips for cleaning up and organizing your fridge.
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  • Yellow to White 22 of 26
    Create a mixture of laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, bleach, borax, and very hot water to bring your pillows back to bright white.
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  • Brand New Shower Head 23 of 26
    Fill a bag with vinegar and tie to the shower head. Leave it there overnight and see how sparkling clean it is in the morning.
    Find out more at Lifehacker.
  • Dryer Sheets in the Bathroom 24 of 26
    Wipe down your faucet with dryer sheets to make it sparkle and shine.
    Spotted at Apartment Therapy.
  • Wood Butter Recipe 25 of 26
    Make your wood utensils sparkle by preparing your own wood butter at home with beeswax.
    Find out more at Creative Culinary.
  • Grout Cleaner 26 of 26
    Mix water, baking soda, ammonia, and vinegar to make your grout shiny again.
    Find out more at A Mum n the Oven.

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