25 Amazing Toys Made With Cardboard

Before you toss out those cardboard boxes, think again. Crafty parents, designers, and a handful of creative kids have all pitched in to build some truly magical toys out of cardboard. This life-size tractor is a start, but wait until you see the bulldozer with working headlights. Perhaps a complete cafe or doll house is more your thing. Check it all out in these 25 Amazing Toys Made With Cardboard…

  • On the Road 1 of 25
    Japanese designer, Masahiro Minami, created a selection of fun Tsuchinoco playground toys like this tractor.
    Check it out at Mocoloco.
  • In the Air 2 of 25
    With a little work and a few cardboard boxes, your kid will be flying in no time.
    Spotted at Apartment Therapy.
  • Colorful Castle 3 of 25
    Just pop up when your ready to play and flatten down for another day.
    Buy it for $125 at Hard to Find
  • Dream Machine 4 of 25
    The Dream Machine is easy to assemble with no tape needed and comes complete with moon roof.
    Buy it for $39.95 at Build a Dream Playhouses
  • Doll House 5 of 25
    Get the full tour of the cardboard Barbie house this mama made.
    Find out more at ikatbag.
  • Home Sweet Home 6 of 25
    It only takes three cardboard boxes to build this sweet home frame.
    Spotted at Rust Sunshine.
  • Cardboard Cafe 7 of 25
    Check out the peek inside Millz Coffee, made completely out of cardboard.
    Find out more at 45Wall Design.
  • Dueling Guitars 8 of 25
    Learn how to make cardboard guitars for your kids. They can join in the fun too.
    Get the tutorial at Make it and Love it.
  • Cardboard Rocket Ship & Party 9 of 25
    This amazing rocket ship is only one of the many toys made for this cardboard party.
    Find out more at On to Baby.
  • The Town 10 of 25
    Build a town in seconds by punching out the printed cardboard and piecing together.
    Buy it for $18.50 at My Sweet Muffin
  • On the Move 11 of 25
    Prep your kids for travel by making pretend suitcases and passports.
    Find out more at ikatbag.
  • Pirate Ship 12 of 25
    This mama saved a ton of money getting free cardboard boxes from a warehouse to build two pirate ships in her yard.
    Find out more at Chickabug.
  • Bulldozer Coming Through 13 of 25
    This family built a cardboard bulldozer around their small play set.
    Check it out at Inner Child Fun.
  • Out Shopping 14 of 25
    Follow these steps for turning your empty boxes into a complete grocery store.
    Spotted at ikatbag.
  • Future Photographer 15 of 25
    Make a camera and lens using cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls.
    Spotted at Inhabitat.
  • The Palace 16 of 25
    It's all about the small details to make a palace like this.
    Spotted at Ann Wood.
  • Cooking in the Kitchen 17 of 25
    Recycle your cardboard boxes by turning them into a complete play kitchen.
    Find out more at De-clutter, Organize and Repurpose .
  • Let’s Go Bowling 18 of 25
    This is great to bring out on rainy days and the kids can decorate it.
    Buy this for $29.99 at Amazon
  • Ball Run 19 of 25
    This is amazing for the purpose that it can keep kids entertained for hours.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.
  • Rocking Horse 20 of 25
    Build a sturdy rocking horse and embellish how you like.
    Buy this for £28.00 at Ecotlet
  • Racetrack 21 of 25
    Turn a big TV box into a racetrack and make sides so the cars don't end up getting lost under couches and chairs.
    Spotted at The Imagination Tree.
  • Oh Deer 22 of 25
    These would be perfect this holiday season and the kids can have fun putting them together.
    Buy this for €13.50 at Kids on Roof
  • Choo, Choo 23 of 25
    A peek at Muji's train coming this Christmas.
    Spotted at Smudgetikka.
  • Marble Run 24 of 25
    Turn a cardboard box lid into a marble run.
    Spotted at Apartment Therapy.
  • Jaws 25 of 25
    Even though Halloween is over you can definitely still make a cardboard shark costume.
    Find out more at inhabitots.
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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