25+ April Fools’ Jokes for Kids and Adults

It’s coming, you guys. We have less than a week to prepare pranks for April Fool’s Day — and let’s make this year the best yet.

So to brainstorm some ideas, here are 25+ epic April Fool’s jokes for kids, husbands, friends, and co-workers:

  • 25+ April Fool’s Day Pranks 1 of 31
    25+ April Fool's Day Pranks
    A comprehensive list of the funniest, craziest, most memorable jokes you can play this April Fool's Day.
  • Jokes on Kids 2 of 31
    Jokes on Kids
    First up, the kids. Here are 18 (harmless) April Fool's Jokes to play on kids of all ages...
  • Colored Water 3 of 31
    Colored Water
    This will get everyone in your house — from the tiniest wide-eyed toddler to the most straight-faced teen. Just stick some nontoxic bath tablets from Crayola (designed to turn bathwater different colors) under the faucet's cap.
    See more from Martha Stewart
  • Solid Milk 4 of 31
    Solid Milk
    Serve up a cookies-and-milk treat after school, except WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS MILK? Pick up some powdered gelatin to make this "solid milk" prank work.
    See more from Martha Stewart
  • Gelled Juice 5 of 31
    Gelled Juice
    Or serve up some juice that's actually gelled.
    Get directions from
  • Forgetful Fairies 6 of 31
    Forgetful Fairies
    For the younger kids, pour bright food coloring and some "fairy dust" sparkles into the toilet bowl, and fake an overnight visit from a certain pixie. For older kids, feel free to get (ahem) realistic with the toilet-water coloring.
    Glitter from, $1.50
  • Make Them Think Theyre Growing, and Fast 7 of 31
    Make Them Think Theyre Growing, and Fast
    Remember that episode of The Cosby Show when Claire and little Olivia team up to prank Cliff, and they make him think Olivia growing at an alarming rate? Flip the script and play it on your kids — swap out their jeans with old outgrown pairs you have boxed away, shove tissue paper in their shoes, and you can even mess with their growth-chart measurements.
    See a clip from the episode on YouTube
  • Bad Presents 8 of 31
    Bad Presents
    Inspired by the evil genius that is Jimmy Kimmel, hype up a big present and then give them a TERRIBLE one. A few examples from the segment: batteries, onions, an old banana, and a half-eaten sandwich.
    See how the kids reacted from ABC News
  • Brownies 9 of 31
    Tell the kids you have a special treat — brownies! — and then reveal a tray of…ahem…brown "E"s.
    Prank via Mrs. Goff's Pre-K Tales
  • “Sponge” Cake 10 of 31
    "Sponge" Cake
    Mommy made a sponge cake! Except…wait a second. Are these actual sponges in here? Is this a stack of sponges covered in frosting? WHAT KIND OF A MONSTER ARE YOU?
    See the directions from
  • Doughnut Seeds 11 of 31
    Doughnut Seeds
    These are doughnut seeds! To plant doughnut plants! N-no, they only LOOK like Cheerios.
    Download the template from
  • Alien Birth Certificate 12 of 31
    Alien Birth Certificate
    "Accidentally" leave this where your human child can stumble upon it.
    Download the template from
  • Mixed-Up Dinner 13 of 31
    Mixed-Up Dinner
    The mom behind the blog Dixie Delights had a cute idea: She made a dinner that looked like dessert (meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potato "frosting") and a dessert that looked like dinner.
    See more from Dixie Delights
  • Meatloaf Cupcakes 14 of 31
    Meatloaf Cupcakes
    Here's a simple recipe for meatloaf cupcakes with potato frosting.
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  • A Blue Cow? 15 of 31
    A Blue Cow?
    Add a little food coloring to your milk the night before.
    See more ideas from Kids Activities Blog
  • Who IS That? 16 of 31
    Who IS That?
    For the fully committed prankster parents, scare your kids with a fake person at the kitchen table.
    Get directions from
  • Fake Candy 17 of 31
    Fake Candy
    Send them to school with a special treat: Reece's SNEEZES.
    Download from
  • SURPRISE Candy 18 of 31
    SURPRISE Candy
    The nicest kind of lunchtime joke.
    See how she did it at Come Together Kids
  • April Fools Mouse Hole 19 of 31
    April Fools Mouse Hole
    Convince everyone a mouse ran over your foot, and then point to the corner as evidence.
    Download from
  • Printable April Fools Prank Cards 20 of 31
    Printable April Fools Prank Cards
    If you team up with your kids this year, they might get a kick out of leaving these "calling cards" at the site of the prank.
    Download from
  • Jokes on Families and Friends 21 of 31
    Jokes on Families and Friends
    Here are 10 pranks to play on your adult victims...
  • Spilled Nail Polish 22 of 31
    Spilled Nail Polish
    Spill nail polish onto a piece of wax paper, wait for it to dry (maybe use a hairdryer to speed things along, although it will take awhile), and carefully peel it off. Then leave it on a favorite pair of jeans or an important document.
    Get more ideas from Lady Create-a-Lot
  • Lather-less Soap 23 of 31
    Lather-less Soap
    Paint soap with clear nail polish and listen for the frustrations from the shower. (WHY WON'T THIS LATHER?)
    Get more ideas from Lady Create-a-Lot
  • Caution: Wet Husband 24 of 31
    Caution: Wet Husband
    Tape down the handle on your sink's sprayer, so he'll automatically get sprayed when he turns on the faucet.
  • Crayon Prank 25 of 31
    Crayon Prank
    I mean, how could you even be mad when this prank is so pretty?
    See more from TIFR
  • Invisible Wall 26 of 31
    Invisible Wall
    Put a sheet of cling wrap over the doorway and watch him bounce off.
  • Morning Wake-Up 27 of 31
    Morning Wake-Up
    Carefully cut and tape bubble wrap under the toilet seat and listen for the POPs (and screams).
  • Fake IRS Audit 28 of 31
    Fake IRS Audit
    Our own Jaime Morrison Curtis is the champ of April Fool's Day — not only does she come up with creative ideas, but provides free printables on Prudent Baby. This Fake IRS Audit letter — which she used as a birthday party invitation — will send any adult into a panic attack.
    Download (and read more!) from Prudent Baby
  • Fake Parking Ticket 29 of 31
    Fake Parking Ticket
    Jaime also created a (crazy authentic-looking) fake parking ticket to prank her family and friends — and provides the instructions on how you can, too.
    Get instructions + downloads from Prudent Baby
  • Air Horn Office Prank 30 of 31
    Air Horn Office Prank
    Quite possible the most epic office prank of all.
    See more from 9GAG
  • The Worst Prank 31 of 31
    The Worst Prank
    Perhaps save this one for your enemy.
    via Pleated Jeans


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