25 Awesome Halloween Supplies from Etsy

Etsy has everything, doesn’t it? Party supplies, costumes, decor – it’s all in there. I’ve rounded up 25 of my favorite Halloween offerings from the site.

  • Witches Hat 1 of 25
    Witches Hat
    SImple and basic, made of thick felt with a cheesecloth ribbon.
    From Raggedy Ree, $14
  • Bloody Nails 2 of 25
    Bloody Nails
    A scary nod to the holiday for those that don't like to don costumes.
    From Make it Stick Designs, $5
  • Paper Straws 3 of 25
    Paper Straws
    Festive accessories for your parties.
    From Marigold and Sage Party, $4.50
  • Peter Pan Costume 4 of 25
    Peter Pan Costume
    A great option for your child's costume.
    From Rainy Day Play, $40
  • Photo Booth Props 5 of 25
    Photo Booth Props
    Photo booths are all the rage at parties. Give your guests the right accessories.
    From The Manic Moose, $35
  • Spooky Prints 6 of 25
    Spooky Prints
    Change out your art to create a spooky atmosphere throughout your home.
    From Curious London, $20 [via Etsyblog]
  • Seasonal Fabric 7 of 25
    Seasonal Fabric
    Now that you have your photo booth props, you need a backdrop.
    From Jelly Pop Chick, $7.50/yard
  • Risky Cupcakes 8 of 25
    Risky Cupcakes
    Do you dare to serve these at your party?
    From Songbird Greetings, $12
  • Give a toothy grin. 9 of 25
    Give a toothy grin.
    Ramp up your jack-o-lantern's smile.
    From Pumpkin Teeth, $7
  • A subtle touch 10 of 25
    A subtle touch
    This bandit print adds a hint of intrigue to your decor.
    From The Black Apple, $16
  • Velvet Pumpkins 11 of 25
    Velvet Pumpkins
    Escape the traditional pumpkin decor.
    From Abbey Tina, $40
  • Witches Brooms 12 of 25
    Witches Brooms
    De riguer.
    From Broom Chick, $40
  • Quoth the Raven 13 of 25
    Quoth the Raven
    Evoke the master poet as you decorate.
    From The Nest UK, $28
  • Halloween Terrarium 14 of 25
    Halloween Terrarium
    C'mon, you didn't think I'd leave out terrariums, did you? This one is suitably horrific.
    From Eclectic Zen, $17
  • Candy Bowls 15 of 25
    Candy Bowls
    So cute. Are you a candy corn fan?
    From Wind and WIllow Home, $18 for two.
  • Felt Garland 16 of 25
    Felt Garland
    Perfect draped round your black chandelier.
    From Bottz Studios, $10
  • Bat Lollipops 17 of 25
    Bat Lollipops
    More amazing lollipops from Vintage Confections
    From Vintage Confections, $9
  • Witches Cauldron 18 of 25
    Witches Cauldron
    To go with your hat and broom, of course. This one's vintage cast iron.
    From Dovely Sells, $70
  • Little Red Costume 19 of 25
    Little Red Costume
    Storybook costumes are the best.
    From Quinn's Closet, $72
  • Black Frames 20 of 25
    Black Frames
    Layer these on your wall to create a quick holiday graphic punch.
    From Oh My Deco, $49 [via Etsy blog]
  • White Faux Pumpkins 21 of 25
    White Faux Pumpkins
    A great centerpiece.
    From The Speckled Dog, $20
  • Lip Balm Potions 22 of 25
    Lip Balm Potions
    Fun Party Favors.
    From Sabrina Sadle, $5
  • Halloween Hostess Tray 23 of 25
    Halloween Hostess Tray
    For Halloween candy or year round use, these are beautiful.
    From Vitrified Studio, $160 [via Etsy blog]
  • Potion Labels 24 of 25
    Potion Labels
    Time to prepare your party potions.
    From Vectoria Designs, $3
  • Black Stoneware Bottles 25 of 25
    Black Stoneware Bottles
    Arranged with other decor, guests will wonder what might be inside.
    From Vitrified Studio, $45

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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