25 Baby Products Nobody Needs

It’s hard to pass up such novelties as the Baby Keeper (a contraption that hooks your baby to the door while you’re in the loo) and Baby Mop Onesie. Heck, I’d love to go to sleep and know my baby was safe in the arms of a…pillow?! That’s where the line is drawn. There’s a whole lot of needs when a baby comes, and I’m pretty sure these questionable baby products do not make the cut…

  • 25 Baby Products Nobody Needs 1 of 26
    25 Baby Products Nobody Needs
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  • Baby Mop 2 of 26
    Baby Mop
    Although tempting, there's something very wrong with the parent that thinks their child needs this.
    Find out more at Better Than Pants.
  • Bacon Formula 3 of 26
    Bacon Formula
    Since obesity is not a problem, you should definitely go for this.
    Find out more at Bacon Salt.
  • Bathtub Divider 4 of 26
    Bathtub Divider
    Weird that somehow parents have done just fine without one of these so far.
    Find out more at Jako-O.
  • Car Seat Sunshade 5 of 26
    Car Seat Sunshade
    Now mamas, hold your baby, throw the diaper bag over your shoulder (don't forget the sippy cup), and now get the sunshade strapped securely to the carseat. Got it?
    Find out more at Amazon.
  • My Pee Pee Bottle 6 of 26
    My Pee Pee Bottle
    They can be personalized too!
    Find out more at My Pee Pee Bottle.
  • Bottle Sling 7 of 26
    Bottle Sling
    This just looks like an all around disaster.
    Find out more at Stuff 4 Multiples.
  • Tummy Tub 8 of 26
    Tummy Tub
    A big bucket works too.
    Find out more at By Nature.
  • Fabric High Chair Cover 9 of 26
    Fabric High Chair Cover
    Hand them an phone and it's like you never brought them with you.
    Find out more at Totsy.
  • Infant Pillow 10 of 26
    Infant Pillow
    Now, just tuck your baby into the warm hands of a pillow.
    Find out more at Pregnancy Store.
  • Why Cry Baby Analyzer 11 of 26
    Why Cry Baby Analyzer
    Who needs maternal instinct you have this handy gadget that can do it all for you?
    Find out more at Amazon.
  • Baby Keeper 12 of 26
    Baby Keeper
    Fix it to the wall and forget it.
    Find out more at Mommysentials.
  • Crumb Cap 13 of 26
    Crumb Cap
    Just strap it on and go. All babies love wearing a hood strapped under their neck and across their chest for snack time.
    Find out more at Crumb Cap.
  • Bumper Bonnet 14 of 26
    Bumper Bonnet
    Sit back and relax, because you have nothing to worry about now that your child has a helmet on at all times.
    Find out more at Amazon.
  • Onesie Extenders 15 of 26
    Onesie Extenders
    They might provide a little extra room, but what about the fact that the whole onesie is just getting too small for the poor baby?
    Find out more at Etsy.
  • Child’s Urinal 16 of 26
    Child's Urinal
    Because standing on a little stool is just too much effort.
    Find out more at Ebay.
  • Baby Knee Pads 17 of 26
    Baby Knee Pads
    See how long she wants to keep those bad boys on.
    Find out more at One Step Ahead.
  • Medicine Dispensing Cup 18 of 26
    Medicine Dispensing Cup
    Or tell them they have to take it.
    Find out more at One Step Ahead.
  • Baby Cologne 19 of 26
    Baby Cologne
    Get him started early.
    Find out more at Amazon.
  • Potty Mitts 20 of 26
    Potty Mitts
    Yes, germs are an issue. No, you don't need to run out and buy boxes of these.
    Find out more at Tudys.
  • Inflatable Neck Ring 21 of 26
    Inflatable Neck Ring
    Junior will be fine swimming by himself with his neck ring on.
    Find out more at Amazon.
  • Baby Bangs 22 of 26
    Baby Bangs
    Funny how every link on this site works, minus the "What People Are Saying" link. Coincidence?
    Find out more at Baby Bangs.
  • Infant & Mama Hoodie 23 of 26
    Infant & Mama Hoodie
    This beyond brilliant idea is just another way to add a whole lot of excess bulk to you and the child hanging off of you.
    Find out more at Amazon.
  • Mr. Milker Vest for dads 24 of 26
    Mr. Milker Vest for dads
    Now it's like Dad can breastfeed too.
    Find out more at Great Inventions.
  • Toddler Tracker 25 of 26
    Toddler Tracker
    Clip it on and send him on his way. You can always find him with a click of your button.
    Find out more at Kid Safe.
  • iPotty 26 of 26
    It's definitely a good idea to have technology near liquids.
    Find out more at CTA Digital.

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