25 Back-to-School Storage & Organization Tips & Tricks

Now that school is back in full swing my house has quickly converted from a cozy abode into a cluttered classroom. There are papers to be signed, backpacks to be put away, and school supplies in every corner. Good news, it doesn’t have to be this way. Shoe organizers can become the new home for school supplies, labeled filing bins will hold those important papers, and backpacks will have special hooks just for them. Do not succumb to the chaos that is back-to-school and check out these 25 Back-to-School Storage & Organization Tips & Tricks…

  • Shoe Organizer for School Supplies 1 of 25
    Shoe Organizer for School Supplies
    Use a clear shoe organizer as a way to keep school supplies from getting lost.
    Spotted at Brown Paper Packages.
  • Filing Their Papers 2 of 25
    Filing Their Papers
    Get tips for learning how to easily organize their important school papers and projects.
    Get organized at Dandee.
  • Wine Rack for Markers 3 of 25
    Wine Rack for Markers
    Get yourself an inexpensive wine rack and fill with plastic cups. Inside the cups place all the markers, pens and pencils.
    Find out more at My Case Studies.
  • Weekly Outfits 4 of 25
    Weekly Outfits
    Each Sunday have your kids pick out their outfits for the week and label them for each day.
    Find out more at The Idea Room.
  • School Money Labels 5 of 25
    School Money Labels
    Let the teacher know what your kid is bringing money to school for exactly - field trip, lunch, fundraiser, etc.
    Get the free printable at Anything But Perfect.
  • The Command Center 6 of 25
    The Command Center
    Work on creating a space that has everything you need - schedules, important papers, supplies and more.
    Check it out at Organizing Junkie.
  • Backpack Station 7 of 25
    Backpack Station
    Have the kids hang their backpacks in a specific spot so you can easily check for missed notes and help them organize it before they go to school.
    Find out more at Home Your Way.
  • Art Supplies in a Bottle 8 of 25
    Art Supplies in a Bottle
    Keep their colored pencils and paper in one place while they head to school by securing them inside a bottle.
    Find out more at Giver's Log.
  • No More Heavy Backpack 9 of 25
    No More Heavy Backpack
    Get your kids in the habit of using a folder to hold all their paperwork in at home. This will definitely help lighten their backpack.
    Find out more at Good Housekeeping.
  • Cake Stand Organization 10 of 25
    Cake Stand Organization
    Use candle sticks and cake pans to build a school supplies organizer that is easy to use.
    Find out more at The Crafting Chicks.
  • School Station 11 of 25
    School Station
    Designate a space in your home or even just a bookshelf to be a place for all school related items like dictionaries, homework and supplies.
    Spotted at The Bright Side .
  • Chalkboard Calendar 12 of 25
    Chalkboard Calendar
    Use chalkboard paint to make a wall calendar that the whole family can refer to.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Plastic Bins Always Come in Handy 13 of 25
    Plastic Bins Always Come in Handy
    Using plastic bins for school supplies makes it easy for kids to find what they are looking for.
    Find out more at Flickr.
  • Wall Organizer 14 of 25
    Wall Organizer
    Making a wall organizer that sits out in the open helps you easily remember what needs to get done.
    Spotted at Crissy Crafts.
  • Magnetic Organizer 15 of 25
    Magnetic Organizer
    Spend a day adding magnets to their important school supplies to help make stay organized.
    Spotted at Second Chance to Dream.
  • DIY Bookshelf 16 of 25
    DIY Bookshelf
    Organize their books on an easy-to-see bookshelf you can make.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Mud Room Love 17 of 25
    Mud Room Love
    Give your mud room some extra attention by adding labeled cubbies and baskets to keep everything in place.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Project Panic 18 of 25
    Project Panic
    Keep a stash of extra project supplies for those last minute panics.
    Find out more at Good Housekeeping.
  • Goals Chalkboard 19 of 25
    Goals Chalkboard
    Have the kids make their own chalkboards that help them stay on top of each task without getting overwhelmed.
    Spotted at Grey Likes Nesting.
  • Space Out Supplies 20 of 25
    Space Out Supplies
    Instead of sending your kids to school with all their supplies, keep some back to make them last longer.
    Spotted at Yummy Mummy Club.
  • Closet Labels 21 of 25
    Closet Labels
    Buy or make closet labels to keep the kids from frantically looking for clothes on school mornings.
    Spotted at Zulily.
  • Homework Station 22 of 25
    Homework Station
    Create a space for them specifically made for getting homework done to help them concentrate.
    Find out more at The CSI Project.
  • Lazy Susan Caddy 23 of 25
    Lazy Susan Caddy

    Fill metal buckets with different school supplies and set them on a lazy susan to make them easy to get to.
    Spotted at Angry Julie Monday.

  • Cleaning Out the Closet 24 of 25
    Cleaning Out the Closet
    Back-to-school is a lot like spring cleaning. With all new clothes they can definitely donate some older ones.
    Check it out at Good Housekeeping.
  • Clothing Cubbies 25 of 25
    Clothing Cubbies
    Set aside special bins for specific clothes like sports and gym class.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.


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