25 Beautiful Canopy Beds to Dream In

Ever since I was little I always wanted a canopy bed. When I was young I wanted the fairy-like sheer net canopy and as I got older I wanted the very regal, oak wood canopy bed, like kings and queens always have in the movies. Did you also dream of having one of your own? No matter how old you get I don’t think that love for the elegant canopy bed ever goes away. All this talk of beds is making me want to curl up and take a nap. Mostly, just because I want to close my eyes and imagine myself in one of these 25 Beautiful Canopy Beds to Dream In…

  • Night Light Hideaway 1 of 25
    Night Light Hideaway
    The hidden light inside is perfect for finishing up that favorite book late at night.
    Check it out at Flickr.
  • Cutest Canopy… 2 of 25
    Cutest Canopy...
    For the cutest little girl.
    Find out more at Dear Lillie.
  • Something Silver 3 of 25
    Something Silver
    Imagine what the gold one would look like.
    Check it out at Trendir.
  • Just What You Need 4 of 25
    Just What You Need
    Make the canopy bed the focal point in a simple and minimal space.
    Spotted at imgfave.
  • So Lovely 5 of 25
    So Lovely
    Don't you just want to curl up in here?
    Spotted at Desire to Inspire.
  • Your Happy Place 6 of 25
    Your Happy Place
    The lighting, bedding and bed are all so beautiful.
    Find out more at Trouvais.
  • Fit for a Queen 7 of 25
    Fit for a Queen
    A beautiful jade room to spend the days in.
    Spotted at Elle Decor.
  • Luxury 8 of 25
    There would be no reason to get out of bed when it looks like this.
    Spotted at The Decorista.
  • Classic and Modern 9 of 25
    Classic and Modern
    This canopy blends a mix of modern and classic styles .
    Buy it for $1449 at Pottery Barn.
  • Enchanting 10 of 25
    The sheer curtains and white lights make this canopy bed look very ethereal.
    Spotted at Thinking Pretty Little Thoughts.
  • Regal Style 11 of 25
    Regal Style
    This is the style of canopy I think of old kings and queens having.
    Buy it for $1599.99 at Art Van Furniture.
  • Fisherman’s Net Canopy 12 of 25
    Fisherman's Net Canopy
    I'm not positive that is a net curtain, but it would be really cool if it was.
    Spotted at Tumblr.
  • Woodland Canopy 13 of 25
    Woodland Canopy
    Imagine waking up every morning under the trees.
    Buy it for $12,480.27 at Etsy.
  • Built of Twigs 14 of 25
    Built of Twigs
    Look at all the detail that went into making this bed of twigs and branches.
    Check it out at Cottage Home Maine.
  • Birdcage Canopy 15 of 25
    Birdcage Canopy
    I think it must be the shape that reminds me of a birdcage.
    Spotted at Trendir.
  • Beach Cottage Canopy 16 of 25
    Beach Cottage Canopy
    This canopy was made from Indian bedspreads.
    Check it out at Coastal Living.
  • A Space to Relax 17 of 25
    A Space to Relax
    Create a dreamy environment to come home to.
    Find out more at Four Walls and a Roof.
  • Gingham Galore 18 of 25
    Gingham Galore
    Such a pretty canopy for a little girl.
    Spotted at Dear Lillie.
  • Eclectic Space 19 of 25
    Eclectic Space
    Hanging lamps from the canopy is such a great idea.
    Find out more at Nathan Turner.
  • Classical Canopy 20 of 25
    Classical Canopy
    This solid wood canopy would probably last a lifetime.
    Buy it for $1,529 at The Furniture.
  • DIY Canopy 21 of 25
    DIY Canopy
    Learn how to make your own canopy.
    Check it out at Country Living.
  • Sleepy Oasis 22 of 25
    Sleepy Oasis
    In this bed you would always feel like you were on vacation.
    Check it out at Apartment Therapy.
  • Romantic Nook 23 of 25
    Romantic Nook
    Make your canopy even more romantic with white lace curtains.
    Spotted at Good Housekeeping.
  • A Peek Inside a Palace 24 of 25
    A Peek Inside a Palace
    Nothing says royalty like a gold plated bed.
    Spotted at Flickr.
  • Best for Last 25 of 25
    Best for Last
    I have been eyeing this one for a very long time.
    Buy it for $5,298 at Anthropologie.

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