25 Beautiful Color Combinations for Your Home

Color can be one of the first factors in deciding how you want to decorate your favorite space. Colors create the mood of a room and help tie it all together. Bold colors like fuchsia, teal, and yellow can add energy to a room. Softer colors like sea foam green and taupe can create a much more calming and serene atmosphere. What about mixing the two together?

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  • 25 Beautiful Color Combinations for Your Home 1 of 25
    25 Beautiful Color Combinations for Your Home

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  • Yellow, Blue, and Green 2 of 25

    Go for a fresh summer look with these bright colors -- you can always add in a hint of orange.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Brown and Neutrals 3 of 25

    Choose earth tones that work all year round and add a new bright color for each season.
    Photo via Patricia Gray.

  • Gray, White, and Gold 4 of 25

    This calming color combination works great to create a relaxing bedroom.
    Photo via Fabulous Home.

  • Blue and White 5 of 25

    This classic color scheme works great in a boy's room because it can stay the same as he grows.
    Find out more at Decor Pad.

  • Kelly Green and Black 6 of 25

    This bold combination is sure to make the room pop.
    Spotted at The Design Pages.

  • Aqua and Brass 7 of 25

    Create a room with rustic brass and bursts of rich aqua.
    Spotted at Southern Living.

  • Black and Coral 8 of 25

    This beautiful color scheme is great for a master bedroom and can be embellished with sparkle and a dash of light blue.
    Photo via Live Laugh Decorate.

  • Pale Blue and Purple 9 of 25

    This color scheme works great for mixing different shades of the same colors.
    Spotted at Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Navy, Pink, and White 10 of 25

    This bold color combination has a little Mediterranean and modern feel.
    Spotted at Polka Dots and Puppies.

  • Gray, White, and Pale Yellow 11 of 25

    A soft color combination such as this makes for a serene feeling living room.
    Spotted at Danielle Oakey.

  • Black, White, and Gray All Over 12 of 25

    A lovely, rustic room can be created with this color combination and a hint of brown or brass.
    Spotted at Style at Home.

  • Teal and Yellow 13 of 25

    Teal and yellow combined with a hint of deep purple can create a beautifully romantic room.
    Check it out at Sofa.

  • White, Brown, and Mustard 14 of 25

    Use wood, leather, and linen to bring in these rustic colors.
    Spotted at The Zhush.

  • Lavender and Aqua 15 of 25

    This lovely color combination can be adorned with hints of gold.
    Spotted at Furnish Burnish.

  • Mint, Black, and White 16 of 25

    Go for a sleek black and white style with a hint of fresh mint.
    Spotted at Vintage House.

  • Black, White, and Mustard 17 of 25

    A classic mustard yellow with black and white gives a lovely vintage feel.
    Spotted at SF Girl by Bay.

  • Pale Blue and Orange 18 of 25

    This is a playful color combination for the bathroom.
    Check it out at Design Sponge.

  • Sea Foam, Orange, and Gold 19 of 25

    Bring earth tones in the room are set off with a bit of golden sparkle.
    Spotted at Design Sponge.

  • Red, White, and Light Blue 20 of 25

    Soften up the contrast of blue and white with a light blue.
    Check it out at Design Sponge.

  • Gray and Gold 21 of 25

    A chic nursery can be made with the few shades of gray and splashes of gold.
    Find out more at Design Dazzle.

  • Pink, Black, and White 22 of 25

    Bring these three colors together for a very elegant and girly look.
    Find out more at Live Creating Yourself.

  • Mustard, Gray, and Fuchsia 23 of 25

    Create a room with a Moroccan feel with these rich colors.
    Spotted at Homedit.

  • Gray and Orange 24 of 25

    Use fabrics to incorporate orange in subtle ways against gray walls.
    Find out more at Shelterness.

  • White and Taupe 25 of 25

    Brighten the room without a lot of strong colors by using white and taupe.
    Find out more at Time of the Aquarius.

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