25 Beautiful DIY Ways to Store Jewelry

Jewelry and organization were two words that didn’t get along with me very well. I really tried to be better about it, but it was always too easy to set earrings on the counter, a bracelet on the craft table and toss a necklace in my purse. Before I knew it I had lost most of my favorite pieces because I had put them in a perfect place where I won’t forget it. Then I discovered DIY jewelry storage and I was hooked. If you dread searching for your favorite earrings or untangling the perfect necklace I suggest you take a peek at these 25 Ways to Store Jewelry…

  • In a Book 1 of 25
    In a Book
    I'd like an entire library of these.
    Get the tutorial at Sincerely Kinsey .
  • In a Frame 2 of 25
    In a Frame
    Use an old frame to display your necklaces and earrings.
    Get the tutorial at Mona Luna Design.
  • On a Bust 3 of 25
    On a Bust
    Customized a bust to look like you.
    Get the tutorial at Design Sponge.
  • In a Tray 4 of 25
    In a Tray
    Follow these easy steps to turn a wood tray and spools into a handy jewelry storage.
    Get the tutorial at A Time for Everything.
  • Tea Cups 5 of 25
    Tea Cups
    Keep your jewelry drawer organized by using pretty tea cups and saucers.
    Get the full tutorial at Martha Stewart.
  • In a Drawer 6 of 25
    In a Drawer
    Use an old vintage drawer as a way to display jewelry in your home.
    Get the tutorial at
  • On a Rake 7 of 25
    On a Rake
    Yup, you heard right. Use a vintage rake as a way to store your jewelry without getting it all tangled
    Get the tutorial at Dear Heart.
  • On a Tiered Tray 8 of 25
    On a Tiered Tray
    That extra tiered tray may just come in handy in an unexpected way.
    Spotted at Charade.
  • In a Vintage Cigar Box 9 of 25
    In a Vintage Cigar Box
    Here is a lovely way to keep those rings nicely in a row.
    Get the tutorial at Cut Out and Keep.
  • On Hooks 10 of 25
    On Hooks
    Using single hooks allows you to space out your jewelry on your wall.
    Spotted at Mamamekko.
  • On Bobbins 11 of 25
    On Bobbins
    Pick up those vintage bobbins at the next flea market to use for your necklaces.
    Spotted at She Dreams Big.
  • In a Nuts and Bolts Organizer 12 of 25
    In a Nuts and Bolts Organizer
    Rotate the organizer around to get a good view of all your gems.
    Check it out at Apartment Therapy.
  • On a Branch 13 of 25
    On a Branch
    Don't you love this floating branch decor and jewelry storage?
    Spotted at Apartment Therapy.
  • On a Pegboard 14 of 25
    On a Pegboard
    An inexpensive pegboard painted your favorite color is a great way to keep track of your jewelry.
    Spotted at Button Bird Designs.
  • In a Crate 15 of 25
    In a Crate
    Not only is this crate a good idea, but using glass bottles for bracelets is genius.
    Check it out at Decoratrix.
  • In a Lantern 16 of 25
    In a Lantern
    Using an old lantern to store your jewelry is a unique way to display your jewelry while adding to the room's decor.
    Spotted at Pottery Barn.
  • On an Oven Rack 17 of 25
    On an Oven Rack
    I bet you never thought you'd be using your oven rack for jewelry.
    Get the tutorial at Just Sew Sassy.
  • In Ice Cube Trays 18 of 25
    In Ice Cube Trays
    This is an easy storage option that you probably already have at home.
    Check it out at Apartment Therapy.
  • On a Hair Clip Board 19 of 25
    On a Hair Clip Board
    Display your hair clips and earrings on a hair clip board.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • On Canvas 20 of 25
    On Canvas
    Turn your organized jewelry into art with a linen canvas.
    Check it out at Young House Love.
  • On Mannequin Hands 21 of 25
    On Mannequin Hands
    A little creepy, right? But it definitely works.
    Spotted at Because I'm Addicted.
  • In an Egg Crate 22 of 25
    In an Egg Crate
    You can use any type of egg crate as a nice way to keep your small pieces of jewelry separated.
    Spotted at The Coveteur.
  • On a Shelf 23 of 25
    On a Shelf
    Learn how to build a jewelry shelf to bring all your jewelry into one place.
    Get the tutorial at With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart.
  • On a Hanger 24 of 25
    On a Hanger
    Hangers are no longer just for clothes.
    Get the tutorial at Household 6 Diva.
  • On a Chain 25 of 25
    On a Chain
    A chain makes for a clean and simple way to hang your jewelry.
    Check it out at Cleverly Inspired.

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