25 Beautiful Home Murals

Murals can dramatically change a room by adding color and dimension. A small space can appear to grow in size, while a dark space can look as bright as day. Be inspired to change up a wall in your home by checking out the many themes people have come up with for home murals. Do you think you would go with something modern or classic? With murals ranging from the 1800”²s to the present, these home murals are sure to leave a legacy.

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  • The Creation of Adam 2 of 26

    This family brought "The Creation of Adam" right into their home. 
    Find out more at Home Designing.

  • Fall Trees 3 of 26

    Don't just have fall decorations, go the extra mile and dedicate a whole wall to these stunning fall trees.
    Find out more at Curious Photos.

  • Dining Room Transformation 4 of 26

    Instead of changing the furniture, create a gorgeous mural on the wall to admire while you eat. 
    Find out more at Andrew Tedesco.

  • To the Moon and Back 5 of 26

    Be inspired to create a mural based off a favorite children's book. 
    Find out more at Miss Mustard Seed.

  • Underwater Adventure 6 of 26

    Painted by Andre Tedesco, this underwater mural completely transforms this bathroom into a deep sea adventure.
    Find out more at 

  • A Splash of Color 8 of 26

    Bring a splash of colors to your wall with a gorgeous mural like this. 
    Find out more at Swell Mayde.

  • It’s A Small World 9 of 26

    This "It's A Small World" themed wall is a DIY project you can learn how to put in your own home.
    Find out more at Babble.

  • 1800’s Hand Painted Wall 10 of 26

    Although this looks like it's wallpaper, this is an 1800's hand painted mural in a house in San Miguel, Mexico.
    Find out more at Katiedid.

  • Ancient Walls 11 of 26

    Step back in time with a beautiful mural like this that covers the walls.
    Find out more at 

  • Walkway Mural 13 of 26

    Add depth to a room with a beautiful mural like this one.
    Find out more at Customized Walls.

  • Perspective Wall Mural 14 of 26

    I had to do a double take at this mural. It adds so much dimension to this room and a fun modern look.
    Find out more at Eazy Wallz.

  • Beautiful Blue 15 of 26

    The gorgeous mural is a lovely way to bring nature into the home.
    Find out more at Nicole Fuller Interiors.

  • Early India 16 of 26

    This stunning mural features scenic views of early India.
    Find out more at Quint Essence Blog.

  • Add Some Depth 17 of 26

    The room becomes taller and looks larger with this wall mural.
    Find out more at The Chive.

  • A Touch of Oriental 18 of 26

    This mural adds just the right touch of charm to the room.
    Find out more at Eye for Design.

  • Park Avenue Stunner 19 of 26

    This stunning hand-painted mural is located in a Park Avenue apartment.
    Find out more at Homesessive.

  • Black and Gold 20 of 26

    The gold and black mural is busy without being overwhelming in this elegant room.
    Find out more at Insterior.

  • Landscape Mural in Sweden 21 of 26

    This is a painted landscape on wood paneling at a manor in Sweden from 1680.
    Find out more at Katie Did.

  • Monkey Wall Mural 22 of 26

    What a fun and playful addition to a child's room.
    Find out more at Wall Murals Gallery.

  • Wall Mural by Andrew Tedesco 23 of 26

    This is a stunning patio mural all hand-painted by Andrew Tedesco.
    Find out more at Andrew Tedesco.

  • Archway Wall Mural 24 of 26

    Probably one of the most beautiful and deceiving wall murals.
    Find out more at HauteLook.

  • Wall Mural from 1929 25 of 26

    This panoramic mural was hand painted in 1929 and still looks as good as new. 
    Find out more at Traditional Home.

  • Jungle Wall Mural 26 of 26

    All hand-painted by Joanna Perry, this large jungle murals adds a fun theme to the room.
    Find out more at fabric designer and founding co-editor at Pretty Prudent, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

    Article Posted 3 years Ago

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