25 Beautiful Ornaments to Make Right Now

My mother always said good things come in small packages. I know she was telling my 4′ 11″ sister she was beautiful, and now I always think of her voice when I see something small and lovely, especially around the holidays when ornaments are everywhere. Although they are usually tiny in size, a little snowflake on a string can have a world of meaning. When other presents come and go ornaments stick around for lifetimes – maybe longer – always making a special appearance on the Christmas tree once a year. Instead of buying a bunch of ornaments this year try making a family heirloom from one of these 25 beautiful tutorials…

  • Crochet a Keepsake 1 of 25
    Crochet a Keepsake
    This is a perfect project for those just learning to crochet. Once you get the hang of it you could make a bunch for friends and family.
    Get the tutorial at Craft Snob.
  • Little Mittens 2 of 25
    Little Mittens
    These mittens always remind me of one of my favorite holiday books, The Mitten. They are so pretty and can be embellished a zillion different ways.
    Tutorial spotted at A Feathered Nest.
  • Forest in a Globe 3 of 25
    Forest in a Globe
    Surprise your loved ones with a little forest inside their ornament this year.
    Find out more at Design Sponge.
  • A Bundle of Feathers 4 of 25
    A Bundle of Feathers
    A beautifully elegant ornament that is super easy to make.
    Get the tutorial at Cook Love Craft.
  • Brown Paper Packages… 5 of 25
    Brown Paper Packages...
    Tied up with string. These ornaments are definitely one of my favorite things.
    Get the tutorial at Samantha Miller.
  • Silhouettes for a Dickens Christmas 6 of 25
    Silhouettes for a Dickens Christmas
    Simply print out the silhouettes and cut out felt bonnets and hats to create these classic ornaments.
    Find out more at The Magic Bean.
  • Felt Ogee Ornament 7 of 25
    Felt Ogee Ornament
    An eye catching ornament that is both beautiful and easy to make.
    Get the tutorial at Betz White.
  • Sew a Fortune Cookie 8 of 25
    Sew a Fortune Cookie
    After sewing these fortune cookies you could print out fortunes onto fabric for the ribbons.
    Tutorial spotted at 24-7-365.
  • It’s Too Beautiful to be Only Paper 9 of 25
    It's Too Beautiful to be Only Paper
    At first glance it's hard to believe that these are only made with paper.
    Check them out at Paper, Plate and Plane.
  • Sparkly Snowflakes 10 of 25
    Sparkly Snowflakes
    Add some sparkly snowflakes to your tree to create a winter wonderland.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • The Key to Christmas Is… 11 of 25
    The Key to Christmas Is...
    Create a bunch of skeleton key ornaments with your kids and ask them what they think is the key to a wonderful Christmas.
    Find out more at Craftberry Bush.
  • Save Those Book Pages 12 of 25
    Save Those Book Pages
    Don't toss out those old books! Reuse them to make these pretty ornaments.
    Tutorial spotted at Creations by Kara.
  • Tweet, Tweet Little Bird 13 of 25
    Tweet, Tweet Little Bird
    Peek inside these birdcages to see the pretty little bird singing her Christmas song.
    Get the tutorial at Pretty Ditty.
  • A Burst of Color 14 of 25
    A Burst of Color
    Make these modern ornaments using bright colored paper to add a burst of color to your tree.
    Get the tutorial at How About Orange.
  • Glitter All About 15 of 25
    Glitter All About
    Inspired by an Anthropologie ornament, this glitter ornament will have you sparkling all year round.
    Check it out at A Blonde's DIY Life.
  • Stop and Smell the Roses 16 of 25
    Stop and Smell the Roses
    Use fall colored felt to create this little bouquet of roses to hang on the tree.
    Get the tutorial at Show Tell Share.
  • An Elegant Flock 17 of 25
    An Elegant Flock
    A flock of these DIY birds will make for an elegant Christmas tree.
    Tutorial spotted at Harbour Breeze.
  • Clay Birds and Stamps 18 of 25
    Clay Birds and Stamps
    Make birds out of polymer clay and use letter stamps to write in thoughtful messages.
    Find out more at Jessica Jane Handmade.
  • Starry Night 19 of 25
    Starry Night
    Cut out felted wool and add beads to make these twinkling star ornaments.
    Get the tutorial at The Purl Bee.
  • A Christmas Crystal Ball 20 of 25
    A Christmas Crystal Ball
    This crystal ball would look even more beautiful once the Christmas tree lights are reflecting off of it.
    Tutorial spotted at Craftberry Bush.
  • What is Christmas Without a Poinsettia? 21 of 25
    What is Christmas Without a Poinsettia?
    These are so simple to make you could make a bunch to cover the tree or hang around the home.
    Get the tutorial at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Yummy Christmas Ornament 22 of 25
    Yummy Christmas Ornament
    If only this cupcake were edible. Then again, it looks too pretty to eat.
    Check it out at Bake It Pretty.
  • A Tree Within a Tree 23 of 25
    A Tree Within a Tree
    Have the kids make their own mini Christmas trees to add to the family tree.
    Tutorial spotted at Julia Crossland.
  • Packaged in Twine 24 of 25
    Packaged in Twine
    I tend to buy rolls and rolls of twine before Christmas and always have leftovers. Now here is a great idea to put leftover twine to use.
    Check it out at Bower Power.
  • Little Holiday Home 25 of 25
    Little Holiday Home
    Create a little village around your tree with a bunch of these tiny felt homes.
    Find out more at Pimp Stitch.

Jaime Morrison Curtis is author of the bestselling book Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman) and founding co-editor at Prudent Baby, the premier DIY destination for crafty moms seeking ways to make their lives even more stylish and beautiful.

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