25 Beautiful Pantries + Organization Tips

Cleaning out your pantry won’t feel so crazy with some helpful tips to use along the way. Start by grouping your foods together by type or by meal. Save pasta sauce jars to reuse for rice or popcorn kernels. Keep reading for more tips on how to tackle the pantry one can of soup at a time…

  • Clean it Out Regularly 1 of 25
    Clean it Out Regularly
    Sort through your pantry and decide what should stay or go so it doesn't turn into a mess of clutter.
    Find out more at Woman's Day.
  • More Than Just Food 2 of 25
    More Than Just Food
    If you have extra space, fill your pantry with other things like wine glasses or extra plates.
    Find out more at Secrets of a Home-Aholic.
  • Use Glass Jars 3 of 25
    Use Glass Jars
    Glass jars can add an old french style to your pantry, while also making it easy for you to see everything you have.
    Find out more at Country Living.
  • All Packed Away 4 of 25
    All Packed Away
    Keep everything packed away in plastic bins with labels.
    Find out more at Delightful Order.
  • Out in the Open 5 of 25
    Out in the Open
    Add decorations to your open pantry to tie it into the room.
    Check it out at Les Bonnes Idees.
  • Storing By Meals 6 of 25
    Storing By Meals
    One way to organize is by storing your food by meals instead of grouping types of food together.
    Find out more at Boxwood Clippings.
  • Solid and Ventilated Shelving 7 of 25
    Solid and Ventilated Shelving
    Use one wall for solid shelving and the other for ventilated.
    Find out more at Honey and Fitz.
  • Organizing Around an Allergy 8 of 25
    Organizing Around an Allergy
    See how to create a gluten free pantry like this.
    Find out more at Keep it Simple, Keep it Fresh.
  • Color Code Your Pantry 9 of 25
    Color Code Your Pantry
    Design your pantry around a specific color.
    Spotted at Luxe Finds.
  • Simple and Sweet 10 of 25
    Simple and Sweet
    As much as a fully stocked pantry is wonderful to walk into, there's something nice about having just the bare necessities.
    Find out more at Country Living.
  • Grouping Together 11 of 25
    Grouping Together
    Organize your pantry by types of food: grains, snacks, drinks, etc.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Use the Space on Top 12 of 25
    Use the Space on Top
    Put items you don't use very regularly at the very top of your pantry.
    Find out more at Houzz.
  • Add Color 13 of 25
    Add Color
    Have fun with your pantry by painting it a bright and happy color.
    Find out more at Luxe Finds.
  • Styling Your Pantry 14 of 25
    Styling Your Pantry
    If you want to create a vintage style pantry, add vintage utensils and tins.
    Find out more at Country Living.
  • Maximizing Your Space 15 of 25
    Maximizing Your Space
    Shelving can make a world of difference in a small space.
    Find out more at Amitha Verma.
  • Start Saving Your Jars 16 of 25
    Start Saving Your Jars
    Pasta jars are great for recycling and using to store food.
    Find out more at Escapade.
  • Building Your Own Pantry 17 of 25
    Building Your Own Pantry
    Follow the steps to learn how this family built their own pantry.
    Find out more at The House of Smiths.
  • From Floor to Ceiling 18 of 25
    From Floor to Ceiling
    Use every space you have, stack bottled drinks on the floor and work your way up.
    Find out more at Kathie Johnson.
  • Creating a Pantry 19 of 25
    Creating a Pantry
    Use two shelving units to section off a space for a pantry.
    Find out more at Home Master.
  • Growing Your Herbs 20 of 25
    Growing Your Herbs
    If you have a window in your pantry, grow herbs in front of it in small flower pots.
    Find out more at Houzz.
  • Hiding Appliances 21 of 25
    Hiding Appliances
    Put appliances, like the microwave, in the pantry.
    Find out more at Linena and Lavender.
  • Where to Start 22 of 25
    Where to Start
    Check out how this pantry is organized for a starting off point to start organizing yours.
    Find out more at I Heart Organizing.
  • Out of the Way 23 of 25
    Out of the Way
    Use bookshelves to conceal your pantry.
    Find out more at Shelterness.
  • Organizing Cans 24 of 25
    Organizing Cans
    Look into buying organizers made for cans instead of just stacking them.
    Find out more at Shanty 2 Chic.
  • Hard to Reach Places 25 of 25
    Hard to Reach Places
    Put a ladder in your pantry to easily access those hard to reach places.
    Find out more at The Kitchn .

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