20 Beautiful Patios (on a Budget)

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I have always had a love of the outdoors, so when I can’t pick up and leave to the middle of nowhere, the patio becomes my escape. For that reason, I have always made it a point to try and create a space that I love to spend time in. When doing any makeover money comes in as a major factor, but believe it or not there are many ways to give your patio a whole new look without blowing your budget. Here are 20 Beautiful Patios along with tips and tricks for how to achieve a top of the line look at an affordable price…

  • Outdoor Day Bed 1 of 20
    Outdoor Day Bed
    Fill an empty corner on your deck with a day bed. This couple did it themselves by using a mix of new and reclaimed wood and making their own slipcover to save cash.
    Check it out at Apartment Therapy
  • Mix and Match 2 of 20
    Mix and Match
    This stunning patio keeps costs reasonable with a mix of cheaper IKEA pieces and accessories from the far East.
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  • Design on a Dime 3 of 20
    Design on a Dime
    There are plenty of ways to decorate without spending a fortune. Trust me, I did it for my patio makeover. By using American Express Membership Rewards points and a little elbow grease (read DIY), I was able to give my patio a complete makeover without wiping through my savings. 
    Find out more at Prudent Baby
  • The Finishing Touch 4 of 20
    The Finishing Touch
    No need to drop cash on several little trinkets to outfit your patio; all you need to pull everything together is one bold finishing touch, like this God's Eye.
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  • Hanging Lanterns 5 of 20
    Hanging Lanterns
    Hanging lanterns create a peaceful ambiance and add hints of color. Plus, you can pinch pennies by making your own lanterns on the cheap.
    See more at Apartment Therapy
  • Working with What You Have 6 of 20
    Working with What You Have
    You can design on a dime by using an old couch you already own and simply covering it with a colorful blanket.
    Spotted at Bohemian Romance
  • Potted Plants 7 of 20
    Potted Plants
    Potted plants are an affordable way to add color and life to the patio. Amazon sells them for as cheap as $5.99!
    Spotted at Shelter Interior Design
  • Keepin’ It Rustic 8 of 20
    Keepin' It Rustic
    Bringing in a large rustic piece like this table can really set the tone for the patio space. Secondhand items you can snag for a bargain at the thrift store would fit right in with the atmosphere.
    Spotted at Style Files
  • Simple Furniture 9 of 20
    Simple Furniture
    Try to stay away from big and bulky furniture when you are working with a tiny space. IKEA's sleek, modern furniture (pictured here) is ideal for small spaces — and affordable to boot!
    Spotted at Stylizimo
  • Adding Curtains 10 of 20
    Adding Curtains
    Create an intimate space on a budget with just one item: curtains!
    Check it out at Future Domestic Goddess
  • Less Is More 11 of 20
    Less Is More
    There's no need for a ton of patio furniture when you have a couple of bold pieces. Less furniture needed = less money spent.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens
  • Patio with Character 12 of 20
    Patio with Character
    If your patio already has a ton of character, a small table and flowers — two affordable accessories — could be all that you need for extra sprucing up.
    Spotted at Lambert NYC
  • Painting Creatively 13 of 20
    Painting Creatively
    Try something new with paint, like painting the ceiling and floor. A gallon of paint costs about $30 at Home Depot, and just a couple of fresh coats can make a huge statement in your patio.
    Check it out at Design Sponge
  • Room to Move 14 of 20
    Room to Move
    You may not even need to spend anything at all; simply spacing out your furniture more can keep the patio from feeling cluttered.
    Spotted at Danish Dessert
  • Colored Walls 15 of 20
    Colored Walls
    Spice up one of your walls with a unique, colorful pattern for an eclectic touch. Again, paint doesn't cost much, but it can really brighten up your space.
    Spotted at Coletterie
  • Add Artwork 16 of 20
    Add Artwork
    There's nothing wrong with adding some artwork to your outdoor space, too. For art on the cheap, why not frame your kids' latest masterpiece?
    Check it out at Desire to Inspire
  • For Games and Soaps 17 of 20
    For Games and Soaps
    If you want a place to relax and catch up on your favorite shows, bring the big screen out to the patio. It'll feel like you've added a whole new room to the house — for free!
    Check it out at Mabley Handler
  • Fill with Flowers 18 of 20
    Fill with Flowers
    Use flowers as the main focus of your patio by clustering them around. They're a much smaller investment than, say, a brand new outdoor couch.
    Check it out at All Pretty Little Things
  • Unique Vases 19 of 20
    Unique Vases
    Bringing in unique vases is an affordable way to add character. You can fill them with bright fruit from the kitchen or pretty stones you've found around your backyard.
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  • Glowing at Night 20 of 20
    Glowing at Night
    Use jar lanterns or a string of lights to create a soft glow on the patio at night. It's easy to make your own lanterns (and save money in the process) with mason jars.
    Check it out at My Home Ideas


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