25 Beautifully Organized and Inspiring Closets

Get a head start on spring cleaning by organizing your closet. Simple changes like using matching hangers can do wonders. Once I started organizing my closet by outfits, I no longer found myself stressing about not having anything to wear. Be inspired to get in there and start cleaning with these 25 Beautifully Organized and Inspiring Closets…

  • Starting with Containers 1 of 25
    Starting with Containers
    They may not be the prettiest, but they will make your closet look great.
    Spotted at The Container Store.
  • Keeping it Minimal 2 of 25
    Keeping it Minimal
    Try to cut your closet down to items you really need.
    Check it out at Tumblr.
  • Use Every Space 3 of 25
    Use Every Space
    Add hooks to the closet doors for jewelry.
    Spotted at Imperfectly Polished.
  • Calm and Serene 4 of 25
    Calm and Serene
    Keep this in mind when organizing and redecorating.
    Find out more at Fall Design.
  • Tackling Your Shoes 5 of 25
    Tackling Your Shoes
    Organize by style and then color.
    Check it out at Sweet Louise.
  • Coordinating Hangers 6 of 25
    Coordinating Hangers
    This is a very simple way to keep your closet from looking chaotic and cluttered.
    Find out more at Design Love Fest.
  • Everything in its Place 7 of 25
    Everything in its Place
    Labels work great for ensuring everything is in its place.
    Check it out at Houzz.
  • Making it Part of the Home 8 of 25
    Making it Part of the Home
    If you live in a small space, incorporate your closet into the decor.
    Spotted at Blogspot.
  • Organizing by the Seasons 9 of 25
    Organizing by the Seasons
    When summer rolls around, it's a good idea to go through your clothes and sort out what you won't be wearing in the heat.
    Find out more at Architectural Digest.
  • Make Way for Shoes 10 of 25
    Make Way for Shoes
    Don't forget to work up, like making a shoe rack practically to the ceiling.
    Find out more at Frog Hill Designs.
  • Organizing By Prints 11 of 25
    Organizing By Prints
    It may work better for you than color coordinating.
    Find out more at The Glitter Guide.
  • Making it Your Own 12 of 25
    Making it Your Own
    Treat your closet as any space in your home, make it your own by painting and decorating.
    Check it out at Centsational Girl.
  • The Very Helpful Shelving Unit 13 of 25
    The Very Helpful Shelving Unit
    This comes in handy if you're not sure where to begin your organization process.
    Spotted at We Heart It.
  • Out in the Open 14 of 25
    Out in the Open
    Keeping your clothes down to a minimum is definitely key for making it look good.
    Check it out at Desire to Inspire.
  • Baby’s First Closet 15 of 25
    Baby's First Closet
    Start them off with an organized closet at an early age.
    Spotted at Shop for Mum and Bub.
  • Organizing by Outfit 16 of 25
    Organizing by Outfit
    You don't have to exactly space out each outfit, but put coordinating pants close to coordinating tops and so on.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Bags at the Top 17 of 25
    Bags at the Top
    Since these items are not used as frequently keep them at the top of your closet.
    Find out more at Houzz.
  • Don’t Love the Plastic? 18 of 25
    Don't Love the Plastic?
    Use baskets to hold scarves, or vintage suitcases for socks.
    Check it out at Throw Glitter in the Air.
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 19 of 25
    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
    Or put one on the back of your closet door.
    Check it out at The Selby.
  • The Gents Dressing Room 20 of 25
    The Gents Dressing Room
    Color code work shirts to make mornings go a whole lot smoother.
    Spotted at G the Gent.
  • Suitcases for Storage 21 of 25
    Suitcases for Storage
    Fill suitcases with clothes and sweaters you are holding onto but don't wear often.
    Find out more at A Beautiful Mess.
  • Everything You’d Need 22 of 25
    Everything You'd Need
    Use any extra space to store other things like books and cologne.
    Find out more at The Black Workshop.
  • Organizing By Type 23 of 25
    Organizing By Type
    Divide your closet into sections for pants, shorts, tanks, sweaters, etc.
    Find out more at Tailored Living.
  • Two Story Closet 24 of 25
    Two Story Closet
    Amazing or overwhelming?
    Spotted at Houzz.
  • Fold Where You Can 25 of 25
    Fold Where You Can
    Sort out all the things that can be folded to conserve space.
    Find out more at HGTV.


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