25 Beautifully Organized Closets That Will Inspire You

Have you looked at your closet recently and thought, Umm, I should really get to that? Don’t worry, I have too and I’ve found comfort in knowing there is a nice solid door to close and hide it all away. However, spring is almost here which means it’s time to bust those doors open and get to work. To help you feel motivated here are 25 Beautifully Organized Closets That Will Inspire You…

  • Little Boxes 1 of 25
    Little Boxes
    Try organizing your closet with matching hangers and boxes to bring it all together.
    Spotted at Arianna Belle.
  • For the Mister 2 of 25
    For the Mister
    Color coding your closet makes for an easy way to find shirts and pants.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.
  • Burst of Color 3 of 25
    Burst of Color
    Add hints of color to your organized closets to also keep them interesting and pleasing to the eye.
    See more at Better Home and Gardens.
  • Start Early 4 of 25
    Start Early
    Start organizing their closets at an early age to teach them how to do it when they get older.
    Spotted at HGTV.
  • Keep it Colorful 5 of 25
    Keep it Colorful
    Along with being organized, this closet is colorful and inviting.
    Check it out at Home and Family Network.
  • Baskets and Labels 6 of 25
    Baskets and Labels
    Keep your linens and toiletries from getting scattered with baskets and labels.
    Spotted at Family Circle.
  • Just Shoes 7 of 25
    Just Shoes
    Wow, that looks just like mineā€¦not.
    Spotted at Fashion News Live.
  • Use Space 8 of 25
    Use Space
    Chances are you have a lot more space to work with than you may think.
    Spotted at Closets Design.
  • Adjustable Curtain Rods 9 of 25
    Adjustable Curtain Rods
    Add adjustable curtain rods to kids closets so they can grow with them.
    Spotted at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Out in the Open 10 of 25
    Out in the Open
    If you don't have an actual closet you can always build one in the space you have.
    Check it out at Apartment Therapy.
  • Colors and Prints 11 of 25
    Colors and Prints
    Take color coding to the next level by organizing your clothes by color and print.
    Spotted at The Sense Five.
  • For the Minimalist 12 of 25
    For the Minimalist
    Just because you have a big space doesn't mean you have to fill it. Look how clean and organized this closet looks.
    Check it out at Millenion Design.
  • All the Tips You Need 13 of 25
    All the Tips You Need
    Get organizing tips from a professional.
    Spotted at Closet Couture.
  • Incorporate It 14 of 25
    Incorporate It
    I love how she made the closet just as dark and romantic as the room with the velvet curtains and dark wood.
    Spotted at She exists.
  • Give Clothes Room to Breathe 15 of 25
    Give Clothes Room to Breathe
    Keep space between the clothes to let the fabrics breathe.
    Check it out at Better Home and Gardens.
  • Keep it Elegant 16 of 25
    Keep it Elegant
    This closet is more like an elegant oasis.
    See more pictures at Chic & Posh.
  • Now This is a Walk-In Closet 17 of 25
    Now This is a Walk-In Closet
    I thought islands were only needed in kitchens.
    Find out more at Closet Smith.
  • Coat Closet Care 18 of 25
    Coat Closet Care
    It's easy to abandon the little coat closet by the door.
    See more at Martha Stewart.
  • Mood Lighting 19 of 25
    Mood Lighting
    Add the lighting you prefer most for yourself so when you try on clothes you feel your absolute best.
    Check it out at Artistic Design.
  • Drab to Fab 20 of 25
    Drab to Fab
    Check out how this closet went from totally drab to totally fab.
    See it at Five Days Five Ways.
  • Simplicity 21 of 25
    This is a great view into a closet that is packed to the brim but doesn't feel cluttered.
    Spotted at Simply Seleta.
  • Organizing in an Open Space 22 of 25
    Organizing in an Open Space
    It's crucial to keep a closet organized when you have limited space.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.
  • Organize on a Budget 23 of 25
    Organize on a Budget
    Organizing feels even more rewarding when you still have money for a nice dinner afterward.
    Check it out at Flickr.
  • Complete Transformation 24 of 25
    Complete Transformation
    This girl gave her closet a total organization makeover.
    See the transformation at Tran + Thomas Design Studio.
  • From Library to Closet 25 of 25
    From Library to Closet
    Imagine having a closet that looks just like a library.
    See more at La-La Linh.

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