25 Best: Mother’s Day Cards

Years spent working in the stationery industry solidified my lifelong love affair with paper into an all-out obsession. Stationery? It’s kind of my jam. So with Mother’s Day just a few weeks out it’s only fitting that we talk about Mother’s Day cards. Cards that are perfect for your spouse, your sister, your best friend, or your own mom. Click through for my pick for 25 best Mother’s Day cards!

  • 25 Best Mother’s Day Cards 1 of 26
    Click through for 25 of the best Mother's Day cards going!
  • Mom You’re the Best 2 of 26
    I love this pretty screenprinted card. In blush ink paired with a kraft envelope it's just so sweet!
    Get it for $4 from Maple & Belmont.
  • Happy Mother’s Day 3 of 26
    Another screenprinted gem, the gorgeous typography of this card makes it one of my favorites!
    Get a six-pack for $15.99 from 55 Hi's.
  • Mother’s Day Garden Wellies 4 of 26
    Perfect for spring and the mom who loves to garden, the green wellies on this card are too cute!
    Get it for $4 from Rocket Ink.
  • Best Mom Ever 5 of 26
    Great type and a scattering of polka dots makes this card a winner for the best mom ever!
    Get it for $5 from The Paper Cub.
  • No One Measures Up to You, Mom 6 of 26
    I love a good card with a great pun and this measuring cup card is all that and a bag of chips!
    Get it for $5 from Wild Ink Press.
  • Calligraphy Mother’s Day Card 7 of 26
    An oversized length, great hand lettering and beautiful colors makes for one gorgeous card!
    Get it $5.95 from Honizukle Press.
  • Mother’s Day Bouquet 8 of 26
    A vintage inspired bouquet and citrusy colors pair together so sweetly with this card!
    Get it for $4.50 from Moxie House Paper Goods.
  • First Mother’s Day 9 of 26
    For the mom celebrating her first Mother's Day, I just love this card!
    Get it for $5 from Farewell Paperie.
  • Plantable Mother’s Day Card 10 of 26
    Not only is this card gorgeous, but it's also printed on seed paper so it can be planted by the lucky mom who receives it!
    Get it for $6 from Wit & Whistle.
  • Happy Mother’s Day 11 of 26
    Gorgeous flowers and calligraphy with a simple greeting make this card so pretty and timeless!
    Get it for $5 from Parrott Design Studio.
  • Special Mothers Card 12 of 26
    There is nothing more special than a mother, which is why I love this card!
    Get it for $4.50 from Rifle Paper Co.
  • Thanks for Raising Me 13 of 26
    This card is simple and to the point and also happens to boast fun typography.
    Get it for $5 from Farewell Paperie.
  • Private Property 14 of 26
    I LOVE this cheeky greeting for the mom to-be declaring her bump 'private property'!
    Get it for $4 from The Nic Studio.
  • Placenta Mother’s Day Card 15 of 26
    I can't resist the humor of this card! Sometimes moms just need a good laugh.
    Get it for $4 from Wit & Whistle.
  • Foxy Mama Card 16 of 26
    I love foxes, foxy mamas and gold foil stamping. So basically? This card is a win!
    Get it for $4.50 from Charm & Fig.
  • Happy Mother’s Day 17 of 26
    A lovely combination of spring green and lavender calligraphy and I'm kind of smitten with this card!
    Get it for $4 from Bears Eat Berries.
  • Tip-Top Mother 18 of 26
    Playing off the classic design of school glue packaging, this card celebrates the tip-top mom!
    Get it for $4.50 from Anemone Letterpress.
  • Happy Mother’s Day 19 of 26
    Another classically beautiful card, simple hand lettering in baby blue is just so pretty!
    Get it for $6 from Tallulah.
  • Mom 20 of 26
    What I like best about this card is the simple design and the spray of flowers.
    Get it for $3.50 from Bears Eat Berries.
  • Home Is Where Your Mom Is 21 of 26
    This is absolutely one of my favorite cards of the bunch! Sometimes all it takes pretty lettering and gorgeous letterpress printing to drive the message home.
    Get it for $7.50 from Moglea.
  • Mom Tattoo 22 of 26
    You may not want to tattoo Mom's name on your bicep, but this card is pretty cool, too!
    Get it for $4.50 from Steel Petal Press.
  • Wonder Mom 23 of 26
    This card, printed in bold and happy colors, is one sure to make any and every mom smile!
    Get it for $4.50 from Hello!Lucky.
  • Lovely Mother’s Day 24 of 26
    Black ink on kraft paper is one of my favorite combinations so naturally I adore this card!
    Get it for $4 from Bubby and Bean.
  • Mother’s Day Polka Dots 25 of 26
    I honestly just have a thing for simple, graphic polka dots and this card is no exception!
    Get it for $5 from In Haus Press.
  • Thanks Mom 26 of 26
    Sometimes mom just needs to hear a 'thank you' and this card is the perfect way to do it!
    Get it for $5 from Printerette Press.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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