25 Best Spring Cleaning Products

Does the thought of spring cleaning make you giddy with anticipation or fill you with dread? For me, I think it’s a little of both. But there is something so satisfying about it once it’s done. If you’re starting to feel the pull to clean out your closets and dust those unseen places, take a look at these 25 organizing and cleaning supplies that will make the job a little easier and more pleasant, after the jump.

  • Pretty Wooden Dust Pan Brush 1 of 25
    Pretty Wooden Dust Pan Brush
    Having cleaning supplies that are pretty may seem trite, but it really does make cleaning more pleasurable.
    Purchase at The General Store for $25
  • Bar Towels 2 of 25
    Bar Towels
    I like to have a stash of towels to use for dusting, cleaning counters and mirrors, and other little tasks. They make a great substitute for paper towels.
    Purchase at Amazon only $15.59 for 12
  • Delta Sprayers 3 of 25
    Delta Sprayers
    If you like to mix up your own cleaners, like vinegar or diluted bleach, try these these bottles. Just make sure to label them clearly.
    Purchase at Amazon only $7.79 for 3
  • Casabella Premium Water Stop Gloves 4 of 25
    Casabella Premium Water Stop Gloves
    After a long weekend of cleaning, your cuticles and hands can be shot for a week. Protect them with a pair of gloves that fit well
    Purchase at Amazon for $7.80
  • Bon Ami 5 of 25
    Bon Ami
    Do you use Bon Ami? It's my favorite scrubby cleaner for sinks and tubs, and it's been green since before green was a thing.
    Purchase at Target
  • Galvanized Round Tub 6 of 25
    Galvanized Round Tub
    Keep your supplies organized and make them easy to carry around with you in something like this galvanized bucket.
    Purchase at Amazon for $10.76
  • Method CleanWell Antibacterial Orange Zest Kitchen Spray 7 of 25
    Method CleanWell Antibacterial Orange Zest Kitchen Spray
    A delicious smelling cleaner that you can feel good about using is a must for a cleaning marathon.
    Purchase at Target for $3
  • Palmyra Wood Handle Scrub Brush 8 of 25
    Palmyra Wood Handle Scrub Brush
    The brush for heavy duty jobs!
    Purchase at The Webstaurant Store for $2.09
  • Pop Up Sponges 9 of 25
    Pop Up Sponges
    These sponges are my go-to favorites. They last forever and are compact and easy to store. You can get them from a variety of places, including Crate and Barrel or Trader Joe's.
    Purchase at Crate and Barrel only $7.95 for 6
  • Muji Desktop Brush 10 of 25
    Muji Desktop Brush
    If your desktop is always covered in dust and crumbs, try this mini set from my favorite shop, Muji, to banish them.
    Purchase at Muji for $7.75
  • Bottle Brushes 11 of 25
    Bottle Brushes
    Stock up on supplies that will make tricky tasks (like cleaning narrow vases) a snap.
    Purchase at The Container Store only $7.99 for 3
  • Squeegee 12 of 25
    Have you ever tried to clean windows with a little soapy water and a squeegee? It's miraculous! (And ten times faster than using a paper towel.)
    Purchase at Ace Hardware for $6.99
  • Striped Broom 13 of 25
    Striped Broom
    I love this colorful broom. It's pretty enough to store in the kitchen.
    Purchase at Crate and Barrel for $16.95
  • Lemon All Purpose Wipes 14 of 25
    Lemon All Purpose Wipes
    Once the deep cleaning is done, keep these on hand for quick touch ups to avoid a whole week of build up.
    Purchase at J.R. Watkins for $7
  • Rugby Stripe Bin 15 of 25
    Rugby Stripe Bin
    Achieve organizing zen with a place for everything and everything in its place with these striped bins.
    Purchase at The Container Store for $10
  • Container Store Shoe Box 16 of 25
    Container Store Shoe Box
    These plastic shoe boxes are my go-to for organizing everything in my craft closet. Supplies are still easy to see and they stack perfectly. (I buy them by the case!)
    Purchase at The Container Store for $1.89 each or $33.80 for 20
  • Excel Tool Box 17 of 25
    Excel Tool Box
    Tidy your tools with this affordable, fire engine red box. I love all the compartments!
    Purchase at Amazon for $21.18
  • Kvissle Wall Rack 18 of 25
    Kvissle Wall Rack
    Once you've got it all organized, make it easy to keep mail in check with a system. This low profile organizer would be a smart choice.
    Purchase at Ikea for $15
  • Paper Shredder 19 of 25
    Paper Shredder
    Rather than letting piles of junk mail build up, shred them right away with a low profile shredder
    Purchase at Amazon for $21.38
  • Bumerang Hangers 20 of 25
    Bumerang Hangers
    Freshen up your front closet with wooden hangers. Having a cohesive set of hangers might seem unnecessary, but they make a usually haphazard space feel streamlined.
    Purchase at Ikea only $5 for 8
  • SentrySafe 21 of 25
    If you don't already have one, now's a good time to think about a fire safe to keep your important papers, like marriage and birth certificates, passports and bonds, safe.
    Purchase at Amazon for $39.97
  • Horizon Rectangular Crunch Can by Umbra 22 of 25
    Horizon Rectangular Crunch Can by Umbra
    Keep a few bins around to corral errant toys, clothes, and books that tend to accumulate.
    Purchase at The Container Store for $20
  • Cable Zipper Cord Organizer 23 of 25
    Cable Zipper Cord Organizer
    Take charge of crazy cords once and for all with something like this cord organizing system.
    Purchase at Amazon for $14.44
  • Chevron Scented Drawer Liner 24 of 25
    Chevron Scented Drawer Liner
    Once all the purging and dusting is done, line your drawers with something pretty that will make you smile every time you open them.
    Purchase at Amelia Presents for $26
  • A Plan! 25 of 25
    A Plan!
    Maybe the most important thing of all, have a plan! Whether it's a quick hit list (like this brilliant one from Jenny) or an in depth plan like the eBook 31 Days to Clean.
    Purchase at Amazon for $4.99


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