25 Brilliant & Unexpected Ways to Use Mod Podge

If you have discovered the magic of Mod Podge then you know how fun it is. You can give your living room a whole new look using Mod Podge and fabric to make wall art or to revamp old furniture. Mod Podge can also be used to add some new jewelry to your collection or to give old treasures new life, like brightening up a bike or car (okay, maybe not the car), starting with these 25 Brilliant & Unexpected Ways to Use Mod Podge…

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  • Decorate Your Bike 1 of 25
    Decorate Your Bike
    Make your bike pop by covering it with brightly colored fabrics.
    Spotted at Squidoo.
  • Suitcase 2 of 25
    Get ready for your next trip by decorating your suitcase with fabric.
    Find out more at Mod Podge Rocks.
  • Glitter Wine Glasses 3 of 25
    Glitter Wine Glasses
    Sparkle up your wine glasses with Mod Podge. Even after hand washing they still look great.
    Check it out at The Sasse Life.
  • Cell Phone Cover 4 of 25
    Cell Phone Cover
    Makeover an old cell phone cover with mod podge instead of buying a brand new one.
    Find out more at Happy Together Creates.
  • Shoes 5 of 25
    Refashion an old pair of flats with Mod Podge.
    Get the tutorial at Make It and Love It.
  • Decorate Your Ceiling Fan 6 of 25
    Decorate Your Ceiling Fan
    Here's a fun tutorial for the adventurous designer.
    Find out more at Mod Podge Rocks.
  • Rings 7 of 25
    Try your hand at jewelry without needing all those fancy tools.
    Check it out at Tatertots and Jello.
  • Mini Lamps 8 of 25
    Mini Lamps
    Add these mini lights to your backyard or over your bed.
    Get the tutorial at Honest to Nod.
  • Necklace 9 of 25
    Make yourself a pretty necklace using the magical ingredient, Mod Podge.
    Find out more at Paper Bead Inspiration.
  • Glitter Booties 10 of 25
    Glitter Booties
    Here's a fun way to dress up your next nice outfit.
    Check it out at Brazos Valley Bride.
  • Sunglasses 11 of 25
    A perfect summer project.
    Get the tutorial at Mod Podge Rocks.
  • Washi Tape 12 of 25
    Washi Tape
    Make your own pretty washi tape using Mod Podge.
    Find out more at Creating Memories Thru Crafting.
  • Chinese Lantern 13 of 25
    Chinese Lantern
    Decorate your room for a party or just for fun with pretty designed lanterns.
    Find out more at Oh Happy Day.
  • Bookshelf 14 of 25
    Cover the back of your shelves with a bright and color fabric.
    Check it out at nefotlak.
  • Colored Mason Jars 15 of 25
    Colored Mason Jars
    Decorate your mason jars by turning them bright colors.
    Get the tutorial at Momtastic.
  • Hangers 16 of 25
    Cover wooden hangers with fabric using mod podge to give it a shabby chic look.
    Find out more at Folksy.
  • Books 17 of 25
    Cover your books in pretty fabrics.
    Find out more at From the Tortoise and the Hare.
  • TV Tray Table 18 of 25
    TV Tray Table
    Drab TV Trays can look stylish and great again.
    Find out more at Mom 4 Real.
  • Helmet 19 of 25
    Add a cute helmet to match your Mod Podge bike.
    Find out more at Mod Podge Rocks.
  • Bookends 20 of 25
    Buy inexpensive wooden bookends and decorate them with scrapbook paper.
    Get the tutorial at Plaid Online.
  • Wall Art 21 of 25
    Wall Art
    Decorate your walls with beautiful and unique wall art.
    Find out more at Who's Watching the Baby.
  • Chairs 22 of 25
    Get the look of high end chairs without the price tag.
    Spotted at Hairpik.
  • Onesies 23 of 25
    Decorating onesies with Mod Podge is a brilliant baby shower activity.
    Check it out at Mod Podge Rocks.
  • Doll House 24 of 25
    Doll House
    Turn an old desk drawer into a fancy doll house.
    Find out more at Nice Girl Notes.
  • Doily Lamp 25 of 25
    Doily Lamp
    Construct a lamp out of doilies.
    Check it out at More Design Please.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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