25 Camping + Outdoor IKEA Hacks for Summer

Now with summer in full gear, it’s time to get living outdoors! From camping to gardening, or simply just basking in the sun, we have found 25 clever hacks to possibly make living easier, and even maybe more affordable.  Check out some of the genius ways you can turn IKEA pieces into a few good summer hacks.

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  • Make an Outdoor Sofa 2 of 26

    Kicking things off, fashion an outdoor sofa with a Fjellse bed. This hack involves cutting 2 end parts in half creating one side into a back.  Add some cushions and poof! A fun patio sofa!

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  • IKEA Hobo Stove 3 of 26

    An Ordning cutlery stand gets converted into a wood-burning (hobo) stove for camping with a little help from a dremel tool.

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  • Lantern Hanger 4 of 26

    The EKBY HÃ…LL shelf bracket is used as a lantern holder for an outdoor deck.

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  • Planter Shelf 5 of 26

     An EKBY shelf is trimmed to fit the length of a window, and three holes were cut to create a cute little planter shelf.

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  • New Item 3 6 of 26

    A Solvinden Lightchain gets embellished with a few petals in this fun summery hack!

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  • Ikea Desert Garden 7 of 26

    Desert plants get needed protection from the sun with this hack using one of IKEA's polycarbonate cabinets.

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  • Sleeping Bag Hack 8 of 26

    Make a sleeping bag with a little style with an IKEA quilt.

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  • Grill Table 9 of 26

    Finding a table to hold your tabletop grill at home can be difficult. That's why this little hack using the TASSA baby changing table sits in as a perfect solution.

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  • CD Rack Planters 10 of 26

    Once you've sold all of your CDs and join the digital world, don't throw out your old CD racks. Instead, turn them into some cute planters for herbs.

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  • Concrete Umbrella Stand 11 of 26

    The IKEA Melodi lamp shade makes for a perfect mold for an umbrella stand hack.

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  • Small Camping Table 12 of 26

    Turn a Brada Laptop Support into a camping table to use on the ground.

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  • Even a Birdbath! 13 of 26

    STRÄNGNÄS candle supports are joined together with a threaded rod and a ANGENÄM plate is added to create this water fountain birdbath hack.

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  • Antonius Plant Stand 14 of 26

    Make a nice planter stand out of a laundry bag stand.

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  • Grow Your Own Food 15 of 26

    No space for a garden but still wish to grow your own food?  Perhaps this hydroponic set up using the Trofast and Antonius is the hack you've been looking for.

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  • Bee Shade 16 of 26

    Bees get a reprieve from the hot sun with the Lova shade.

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  • Sink Turns Plant Stand 17 of 26

    Bredskär  sinks and Capita legs make for a sturdy plant stand for small spaces.

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  • Window Birdfeeder 18 of 26

    Turn the Socker greenhouse into a window birdfeeder.

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  • Lillangen + Flower Pot = Bike Rack 19 of 26

    Make parking the bikes more accessible with this hack using Lillangen brackets from IKEA.

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  • A Lantern Terrarium 20 of 26

    A MORKT lantern becomes an out of this world terrarium in this hack for a little girl's woodland themed bedroom.

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  • Bathroom Accessory Turns Birdfeeder 21 of 26

    The LILLHOLMEN bathroom accessories stand flips over for the birds!

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  • New Life for an Old Poang 22 of 26

    Fix up an old Poang with this hack that becomes an outdoor lounger.

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  • Bjuron Herb Garden 23 of 26

    Create an outdoor vertical planter with the Bjurön Herb Garden.

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  • Flower Box from a Gorm 24 of 26

    Shelves from a Gorm shelving unit are used to create a flower box.

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  • Ikea Station Wagon Bed 25 of 26

    Build a bed in the back of a station wagon with this fun hack using a Dalselv twin bed, with Sultan Lillaker slats.

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  • Vika Umbrella Stand 26 of 26

    A VIKA table leg gives an outdoor sun umbrella a lift!

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    What will you be hacking this summer?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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