25 Clever Storage Tips for the Home

No matter what size home you live in, storage is the key to making things look well kept. Simple changes, like using a tension rod to hold cleaning products under your sink, can free up a whole lot of space you may not have known you had. Toilet paper rolls work great for keeping cords together and desk organizers may serve an even bigger purpose in the kitchen.

Check out the 25 Clever Storage Tips for the Home to start organizing from top to bottom…

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  • Mason Jars for Paint 2 of 26

    Store your leftover paint in mason jars for a prettier option than drippy cans.
    Check it out at Hi Sugarplum.

  • Apothecary Jar for Fabric Scraps 3 of 26

    Store your fabric scraps in an apothecary jar so you can easily see them inside.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Towel Bar for Pan Lids 4 of 26

    Use a towel bar to store the lids to pots and pans for easy access and a clean look.
    Check it out at Martha Stewart.

  • Mason Jar Shelf 5 of 26

    Maximize shelf storage with mason jars underneath.
    Find out more at Poofy Cheeks.

  • Tension Rod for Cleaning Supplies 6 of 26

    Store your spray bottles on a tension rod to feel up cabinet space under your sink.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.

  • Kleenex for Plastic Bags 7 of 26

    Store plastic grocery bags in a tissue box you can easily stick to the cabinet door.
    Spotted at Family Handyman.

  • Wire Racks for Cans 8 of 26

    Use wire racks to keep canned goods organizing without toppling out.
    Find out more at Family Handyman.

  • Funnel for Twine and String 9 of 26

    Use a funnel to dispense twine and string to avoid tangles.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.

  • Magnetic Strip for Drill Bits 10 of 26

    A magnetic knife strip is a great way to organize drill bits.
    Find out more at Life Hacker.

  • Baby Food for Spice Jars 11 of 26

    Store spices in baby food jars with chalk labels. No more digging through the pantry to find the right spice!
    Find out more at Tip Junkie.

  • Dividers for Snack Drawers 12 of 26

    Use plastic dividers to keep the snack drawer organized instead of it turning into a total mess.
    Find out more at California Closets.

  • Pegboard Book for Tools 13 of 26

    If you don't have much wall space, go out with pegboards to create more storage space for tools.
    Find out more at Pregnant with Power Tools.

  • Junk Drawer 14 of 26

    Use a divider and group small items together to avoid a messy junk drawer.
    Find out more at Real Simple.

  • Window Box 15 of 26

    Use a window box to keep toiletries at the ready.
    Find out more at I Heart Organizing.

  • Magazine Racks for Books 16 of 26

    Hang magazine racks on the wall at eye level for kids to store their own books.
    Find out more at Quel Designs.

  • Cabinet Doors for Measuring Spoons 17 of 26

    Use the inside for your cabinet door to hang measuring spoons.
    Find out more at Infarrantly Creative.

  • Cribs for Blankets 18 of 26

    Repurpose the side of an old crib into blanket storage you can mount or lean against the wall.
    Find out more at Storage and Glee.

  • Shoe Organizer for Makeup 19 of 26

    Use a shoe organizer as a way to store your makeup brushes, mascara, and lip glosses. 
    Find out more at Salto Quinze.

  • Bottle Basket for Markers and Pens 20 of 26

    Reuse a bottle dishwasher basket as a place to store markers and pens.
    Find out more at Michelle's Charm World.

  • Toilet Paper Roll for Cords 21 of 26

    Keep your cords neat by repurposing a toilet paper roll. You can even cover them to make it look prettier.
    Find out more at I Heart Organizing.

  • Organizer for Cutting Boards 22 of 26

    Use a desk organizer to keep cutting boards and cookie sheets neatly stored away.
    Find out more at Real Simple.

  • Baskets in the Bathroom 23 of 26

    Hang baskets vertically in the bathroom to free up floor space and to organize toilet paper and hand towels.
    Find out more at Our Fifth House.

  • Hidden Storage 24 of 26

    Maximize space by making a shelf on wheels. Also hang an ironing board to free up floor space.
    Find out more at Infarrantly Creative.

  • Shutters for Cards 25 of 26

    Keep all your cards in one place by hanging an old window shutter on the wall and slipping the cards and mail inside.
    Find out more at Organize My Space.

  • DVD Storage 26 of 26

    Use boxes and labels to clearly mark DVD storage near the TV.
    Find out more at Apartment Therapy.

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