25 Conversation Heart-Themed DIYs

25 Conversation Heart-Themed DIYs_
Start crafting for Valentine’s Day with sweet little conversation hearts in mind. You and the kids can make sweetheart signs and rings to hand out to their classmates. Sew up conversation heart coasters and hand warmers with cute phrases embroidered on them. Whether you’re throwing a Valentine’s Day party, decorating the home, or making valentines for the kids, you can find all the heartwarming inspiration you need in these 25 Conversation Heart-Themed DIYs…

  • Conversation Heart Signs 1 of 25
    Conversation Heart Signs
    Construct conversation heart signs to place in front of the house.
    Get the tutorial at Icing Designs Online.
  • Conversation Heart Balloons 2 of 25
    Conversation Heart Balloons
    Write messages using dry erase marker onto balloons.
    Check it out at Studio DIY.
  • Candy Hearts Topiary 3 of 25
    Candy Hearts Topiary
    Glue candy hearts to a topiary for Valentine's Day decor.
    Find out more at Tiny Prints.
  • Construction Paper Garland 4 of 25
    Construction Paper Garland
    Think of fun and cute things to write on your homemade conversation hearts garland.
    Find out more at Mean Baby.
  • Felt Coasters 5 of 25
    Felt Coasters
    Learn how to sew and embroider felt coasters to give to your friends.
    Check it out at Prudent Baby.
  • Gift Tags 6 of 25
    Gift Tags
    Use polymer clay to make heart shaped gift tags.
    Find out more at Fellow Fellow.
  • Hand Warmers 7 of 25
    Hand Warmers
    Sew little hand warmers to give out for valentines.
    Find out more at Fresh Eggs Daily.
  • Table Toppers 8 of 25
    Table Toppers
    Decorate the table with homemade conversation hearts your guests can take home.
    Find out more at Plaid Online.
  • Gift Wrap 9 of 25
    Gift Wrap
    Make your own conversation heart wrapping paper to wrap goodies inside.
    Check it out at A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.
  • Treat Stands 10 of 25
    Treat Stands
    Use wooden candlesticks as the base for your homemade conversation heart treat stands.
    Find out more at The Partiologist.
  • Sparkling Wreath 11 of 25
    Sparkling Wreath
    Make a sparkling Valentine's Day wreath to hang on your door.
    Find out more at Todd & Lindsey.
  • Felt Hearts 12 of 25
    Felt Hearts
    Make conversation hearts from felt in a few easy steps.
    Find out more at Craft Bits.
  • Heart Necklaces 13 of 25
    Heart Necklaces
    Make candy heart necklaces to give away as valentines.
    Find out more at Lines Across.
  • Full of Hearts 14 of 25
    Full of Hearts
    Simply fill the base of a candleholder with conversation hearts for some extra Valentine's Day fun.
    Find out more at Rockin' Cali Girls.
  • Heart on a Ring 15 of 25
    Heart on a Ring
    Use candy conversation hearts to make cute rings.
    Find out more at Blue Moss Girls.
  • Stamped with Love 16 of 25
    Stamped with Love
    Use letter stamps to write sweet messages into clay hearts.
    Find out more at Momtastic.
  • Heart Hats 17 of 25
    Heart Hats
    These would be a great craft to make at a Valentine's Day party.
    Find out more at Alphamom.
  • Wall of Hearts 18 of 25
    Wall of Hearts
    Spend an afternoon with the kids painting wood heart plaques to make conversation hearts to mount on the wall.
    Find out more at Artsy Fartsy Mama.
  • Tea Bags 19 of 25
    Tea Bags
    Make conversation heart tea bags to give out to.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Cozy Pillows 20 of 25
    Cozy Pillows
    Curl up with a cozy conversation pillow you just made that afternoon.
    Find out more at Jessica Peck.
  • Sending Your Love 21 of 25
    Sending Your Love
    Cut out a paper heart garland and send it out to someone you love.
    Find out more at The Partiologist.
  • Heart Trees 22 of 25
    Heart Trees
    Use some super glue and a styrofoam cone to make pretty conversation heart trees.
    Find out more at Our Everyday Art.
  • Small Felt Hearts 23 of 25
    Small Felt Hearts
    Make small felt conversation hearts and attach a safety pin on the back to turn them into pins.
    Find out more at Christine Chitnis.
  • Sweet Headband 24 of 25
    Sweet Headband
    Sew a sweetheart headband for yourself to wear.
    Check it out at Sew Weekly.
  • Heart Soaps 25 of 25
    Heart Soaps
    Use heart shaped cookie cutters to cut out heart soaps.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.

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