25 Creative Birthday Party Themes

I happen to love planning my son’s birthday party each year. His first birthday was kind of a yawn (he’s just a baby!), but it’s much more fun now that he can get in on the party planning.

If you’re looking for something creative and non-generic for your child’s next birthday, I rounded up some of the most creative birthday themes to inspire you.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • P is for Party 1 of 25
    P is for Party
    This alphabet and flash-card birthday party is a creative way to celebrate baby's first birthday in a personalized way that doesn't feel overdone. I especially love how it was all tied together with a simple red and aqua color scheme.
    See more of this party from Christine Castro Hughes at Darling Studio
  • One Year Old In A Flash 2 of 25
    One Year Old In A Flash
    That first year is all about milestones and growth, and this mom was inspired to create a party that captures the fun-filled first year — complete with mini photo sessions, funny photo props, and even a time capsule (guests contributed to the time capsule instead of bringing toys — smart!).
    See more of this party at Elle Belle Creative
  • Goodnight Moon 3 of 25
    Goodnight Moon
    Goodnight Moon is practically a prerequisite for toddlerhood, so why not celebrate baby's favorite book at the first birthday party? This party is incredible — from the color scheme to the dessert table. There's even an elaborately painted photo backdrop.
    See more from English paper Company
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar 4 of 25
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    This is another popular book that deserves celebration. (It also has a built-in menu that's fun to replicate at a party.) Instead of the typical caterpillar balloons, I opted to focus on the colorful dots throughout the book with gumballs, circular confetti, and watercolor decorations.
    See more photos at Early Mama
  • Library Party 5 of 25
    Library Party
    If you don't want to focus on one book in particular, a library party is a great idea. If it's for a first birthday party, you could have guests bring their favorite childhood book to help build your baby's collection.
    See Library Party ideas at Call Me Badger
  • Pastel Art Birthday Party 6 of 25
    Pastel Art Birthday Party
    A unique version of an art party by Stephanie of Couture Parties — featuring pretty pastels, a garland made from paint cans, and little art kits. I especially love the invitations printed on Behr paint chips.
    See all of the photos (and all of the deets) on Hostess with the Mostess
  • Village County Fair First Birthday Party 7 of 25
    Village County Fair First Birthday Party
    Tori from The sTORIbook created this absolutely unbelievable party filled with the kind of country charm we all need in our lives — a Farmer's Market, lemonade stand, pie-eating contest, wooden signs, classic fair games, etc. Every last detail is creative and thoughtful with a heaping serving of nostalgia.
    See more of this party on Hostess with the Mostess
  • Glam Camping Party 8 of 25
    Glam Camping Party
    If you know anything about the design team Anders Ruff, you know that they design some of the most amazing parties — and they also have an extensive shop that sells printables of their designs (including this theme party).

    I've been seeing the term "glamping" a lot lately (glam camping, for anyone having trouble deciphering that), and this is the perfect party for a little girly girl. Ruffley chevron tents, whitewashed logs, S'more cupcakes, matching girly PJs — not a detail out of place. Amazing!

    See all of the details (and tons of photos) on Anders Ruff
  • Cookies & Milk 9 of 25
    Cookies & Milk
    I really like this idea for a first birthday party because the 1-year mark is typically when kids are introduced to cow's milk and are allowed a little sugar indulgence. But of course it would be a popular idea for any age — who doesn't look cookies and milk? This party in particular (by Banner Events and Anders Ruff) is both simple and well thought-out — and luckily much of the décor is available as free printables from Anders Ruff!

    See the photos and free printables at Anders Ruff
  • Minnie Mouse Birthday Party 10 of 25
    Minnie Mouse Birthday Party
    Minnie Mouse? But that's not creative! Oh no, no, no — there isn't a detail of this party that isn't oozing with creativity. Heavy on polka dots and bows, you just have to see the details on this one.

    See all of the deets from Kristin Jackson of The Hunted Interior
  • Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party 11 of 25
    Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party
    Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser, this party (designed by Paige of the Etsy shop Paiges of Style) is all about ice cream, candy jars, and sugar, sugar, sugar.
    See the gorgeous photos at Hostess with the Mostess
    Get your own Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party for $39.50.
  • Airplanes + Travel 12 of 25
    Airplanes + Travel
    I saw this party on Hip Hip Horray last year and I was really nudging my two-year-old in this direction — but he wasn't sold on it. I especially loved the Boarding Pass invitations, Baggage Claim goody bag section, and airplane game — and the coolest thing is that most of these items are available in the Little Frills shop.
    Take a look at this amazing party from Little Frills on Hip Hip Hooray
  • Big Top Birthday 13 of 25
    Big Top Birthday
    If you know anything about Hello! Lucky's popular letterpress designs, you probably have high expectations for their party-throwing abilities — and those expectations will certainly be met with this Big Top party idea. Hello! Lucky designer Eunice put this party together for her son's first birthday — complete with vintage-style popcorn boxes, circus décor, and clown noses. I especially love how they took big ideas and scaled them down for a very reasonable yet thoughtful first birthday at home.
    See more details at Hello! Lucky
  • Art Gallery Party 14 of 25
    Art Gallery Party
    Rather than the muted pastel art party featured earlier, this party idea from One Charming Party is all about bright, vibrant, saturated colors. It's also the perfect excuse to make that rainbow cake you've been eyeing on Pinterest.

    The best part is that the entire Art Gallery party is available to purchase in their shop. their shop for $25 (along with other creative party ideas).

    See the entire party at One Charming Party
  • Matryoshka Doll Party 15 of 25
    Matryoshka Doll Party
    Yet this just might be my favorite of the bunch. Everything from the decorations to the activities is impeccably designed, and I especially love the matryoshka doll photo booth, turning each 2-year-old into a little doll.
    You HAVE to see this party at Wendy Updegraff Photography
  • Wet and Wild Wipeout Party 16 of 25
    Wet and Wild Wipeout Party
    This party wins for the most creative (and fun!) summer birthday idea, inspired by the ABC show Wipeout, where contestants have to compete in these wacky obstacle courses. Mom Beth Saxton (of Beth and Co.) went all out for this wet-and-wild water party.
    See all of the details on LilSugar
  • Birthday Fiesta 17 of 25
    Birthday Fiesta
    When Family Style's own Jaime was faced with a Dora the Explorer party request from her 3 year old, she used her well-known creative juices to design a more unique version that still pays homage to Dora's Mexican heritage. A fiesta! They painted maracas, decorated sombreros and tambourines, planted succulent plants, and even played in a petting zoo. (And yes, even Dora made an appearance at the party.)
    See the incredible details and photos at Prudent Baby
  • LEGO Party 18 of 25
    LEGO Party
    An intricately designed party that celebrates one of the most beloved toys of all time. And you have to see this cake close up!
    See more photos at Crackers Blog
    Purchase this party at the Crakers Art Etsy shop
  • Pretty in Pink 19 of 25
    Pretty in Pink
    When you're doing a color theme like this, you really just have to go big. This party from Jennifer at I Heart Nap Time is dripping in so much bubblegum pink that it almost looks edible.
    See more photos at I Heart Nap Time
  • Mustache Party 20 of 25
    Mustache Party
    There's something so funny about mustaches and baby boys, and it's the perfect out-of-the-box party theme for your little gentleman. This party is full of DIY inspiration that anyone can replicate.
    See more photos at Chic & Cheap Nursery
  • Maggies Animal Parade 1st Birthday 21 of 25
    Maggies Animal Parade 1st Birthday
    This graphic-designer mom admits to getting most of the ideas for this party from other blogs and Pinterest, and she admits that it was a painstaking process, but the result is an incredibly inspired First Birthday Party that's bursting with ideas.
    See more about this party from Paper + Ink
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears 22 of 25
    Goldilocks and the Three Bears
    It might not be a theme that immediately jumps out at you, but take a look at this party from Frog Prince Paperie (including a table made from a four-post bed and porcelain bowl party favors) and you'll be daydreaming about recreating it.
    See the amazing details at Frog Prince Paperie
  • Vintage Superhero Party 23 of 25
    Vintage Superhero Party
    With all of the superhero movies now coming out, a SUPERHERO birthday theme is a popular one — especially with the little boys. And this vintage version — giving a nod to the classic comic books — is a fresh, fun alternative to the expected approach. The best part is that you can buy this party from Anders Ruff!
    See more (and buy from) Anders Ruff
  • Supergirl Party 24 of 25
    Supergirl Party
    Who says superheroes are just for boys? This feminized version is equal parts strong and sweet.
    See the beautiful photos from The Tortoise and the Hare
  • Wizard of Oz Party 25 of 25
    Wizard of Oz Party
    My turning-3-year-old son wanted nothing more than a Wizard of Oz birthday party, which we granted with a DIY yellow brick road, rainbow streamers, DIY hot air balloons, wand-making stations, and a Somewhere Over The Rainbow cake. It was all very simple yet effective.
    See more photos at Early Mama


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