25 DIY Educational Activities for Kids

Now that the kids are heading back to school, here are some creative ways to keep them learning at home too. Learn all about science with experiments like the Sink or Float game. Practice their letters with a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood. The little ones can brush up on their sorting skills with the rainbow color sorter activity. No matter where your child is developmentally, these 25 DIY Educational Activities for Kids are an engaging and fun way to explore math, literacy, science, and even geography.

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  • Nighttime Journal 2 of 26

    Even children who can't write words yet can have a rich literary experience with a nighttime journal through pictures and a shared writing time.
    Check it out at Coterie.

  • Sink or Float 3 of 26

    Practice the scientific method with this simple and fun game of sink or float.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Greater Than, Less Than 4 of 26

    Teach your child math with a deck of cards and a greater than, less than monster sign.
    Check it out at Living Creatively.

  • Paint Bag Writing 5 of 26

    Have a bag of paint laying flat for kids to practice writing their name, individual letters, or sight words such as look, like, the.
    Find out more at Let's Explore.

  • Alphabet Sticks 6 of 26

    Play an educational game of pick up sticks by naming and ordering the alphabet.
    Find out more at Totally Tots.

  • Butterflies 7 of 26

    Craft and learn word families or fact families by making these butterflies. Great for reading and math activities.
    Spotted at Simply Centers.

  • Hopscotch 8 of 26

    Practice reading sight words as you play a game of hopscotch.
    Find out more at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.

  • Letter Box 9 of 26

    Recycle letters from magazines for a letter box that kids can use to make words.
    Find out more at Play Talk Learn.

  • Domino Math 10 of 26

    Use dominos to create and solve addition problems.
    Find out more at Fairy Dust Teaching.

  • Ways to Make 11 of 26

    Make a spider, pick a number, and find different ways to represent it.
    Find out more at Moore Fun in Kindergarten.

  • Force & Motion 12 of 26

    Create a catapult and shoot marshmallows to explore force and motion.
    Find out more at Random Scraps.

  • Continent Box 13 of 26

    Fill a box with information, animals, and characteristics to study a specific continent.
    Find out more at Discovery Moments.

  • Shapes 14 of 26

    Learn shapes and sides with this easy DIY activity.
    Find out more at A, Bee, C Preschool.

  • Letter Walk 15 of 26

    Go on a walk (or drive) and teach letter recognition in scavenger hunt form.
    Find out more at What Did You Do Today.

  • Water Movement 16 of 26

    Experiment with colored water to see how water moves through a plant.
    Find out more at Do It and How.

  • Weather Station 17 of 26

    Record the day's weather with this pretty chart.
    Find out more at Mr Printables.

  • Sorting 18 of 26
  • Flashlights 20 of 26

    Make a homemade flashlight.
    Find out more at Instructables.

  • Number Fishing 21 of 26

    Have kids fish out numbers and add them together.
    Find out more at Angelic's Calliwags.

  • Density 22 of 26

    Explore density with combining liquids and watching the separation.
    Find out more at Steve Spangler Science.

  • Marshmallow Letters 23 of 26

    Have fun with letter recognition with marshmallows and toothpicks.
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  • Matching Letters 25 of 26

    Match uppercase with lowercase letters with cute ice cream cones.
    Find out more at The Project Bus.

  • Cereal Box Puzzle 26 of 26

    Use a cereal box to practice math facts.
    Find out more at Make Take Teach.

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