4 DIY Summertime Sandboxes

In a world of technology, the lure of screens is a powerful force. Look around the playground and you’ll often note 3 out of 4 adults with their faces buried in a smartphone. For kids, the ability of a screen to hypnotize is even stronger. Not many things can compete for a little one’s attention when there’s a TV, iPad, or video toy blinking its way into their heart. Which is why i find it all the more wonderful that there is still one toy so simple, inexpensive, and universal that has the power to draw children outdoors and into active play: A box of sand.

It doesn’t matter what size or how fancy it is — there’s something about running your fingers and toes through the sand that’s therapeutic and just plain fun. Heck, I even enjoy taking a break to build a sand castle or two (or three or four). Since not everyone has the space to build a 7×7 foot sandbox, there are plenty of portable and mini sandbox options for your family to enjoy. Not a master carpenter? Don’t worry — because a painted tire, wreath container, or plastic pool can do just fine. If you really want to tackle the project, add a water area to the sandbox. Check out the these 4 DIY summertime sandboxes …

Wine Barrel Sandbox

Wine Barrel Sandbox
Image Source: Little Eco Footprints

Fill an old wine barrel with sand, rocks, and seashells for a mini sandbox.
Spotted at Little Eco Footprints

Striped Sandbox

Striped Sandbox
Image Source: MADE Everyday

Brighten up your backyard with a burst of color with this vibrant sandbox.
Find out more at MADE Everyday

$10 Sandbox

$10 Sandbox
Image Source: Prudent Baby

Keep expenses low by building a sandbox out of a wreath container.
Find out more at Prudent Baby

Deluxe DIY Sandbox

Deluxe DIY Sandbox
Image Source: Small & Friendly

Give your kids years worth of fun with this durable and long-lasting sandbox.
Find out more at Small & Friendly

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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