25 DIY Tips for a Gorgeous Fall Mantel

Bring a bit of fall into your home by decorating your mantel. Check out these DIY tips and ideas, like using vintage frames to fill up space, and wrapping wine bottles with rope. Try changing up the colors or adding in a burst of bright pink or green. These DIY tips will give your home a new fall look, without costing you a pretty penny.

Say goodbye to summer and hello fall with these 25 DIY Tips for a Gorgeous Fall Mantel…

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  • Bit of Burlap 2 of 26

    Burlap is a great fabric for fall, use it to wrap a wreath or make a bunting.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Sending a Message 3 of 26

    Hang a mirror on the mantel and use a dry erase marker to write holiday messages.
    Find out more at Finding Home Online.

  • Bright and Fall 4 of 26

    Mix fall colors with bright blues and whites for a fresh look.
    Find out more at Fox Hollow Cottage.

  • Two-Tone Decorating 5 of 26

    Pick two contrasting colors like white and dark brown for this bold mantel decor.
    Find out more at Love Pometranate House.

  • Hint of Color 6 of 26

    Bring color onto your mantel with green succulents and pink candles.
    Find out more at Domestic Fashionista.

  • Hint of Vintage 7 of 26

    Decorate a rustic mantel by adding in vintage antiques you might have already in your home.
    Find out more at Megan Brooke Handmade.

  • Burst of Gold 8 of 26

    Add a little glitz to your mantel with gold, this also makes for an easy transition into the winter months.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Focal Wreath 9 of 26

    Start decorating your mantel by using a bold colored wreath as the focal point.
    Find out more at At The Picket Fence.

  • Keeping it Minimal 10 of 26

    You can create a beautiful fall atmosphere with an earth tone color scheme.
    Find out more at Craft Berry Bush.

  • Picking Your Theme 11 of 26

    Consider decorating your fall mantel according to a special fall event, like back to school or Halloween.
    Find out more at The Happy Housie.

  • Decorating with Branches 12 of 26

    Branches definitely evoke the feeling of fall and fill empty space without being too bold.
    Find out more at Ywellow Bliss Road.

  • Touch of Blue 13 of 26

    Don't be afraid to add a pop of an unsuspecting color like blue or pink with your fall colors.
    Find out more at Organize Your Stuff NOw.

  • Filling with Frames 14 of 26

    Keep your eyes out for thrift frames you can spray paint gold and copper to mount on the mantel. You can fill them with mirrors or leave them empty.
    Find out more at Finding Home Online.

  • Spring into Fall 15 of 26

    Mix spring colors with fall colors and add in colors and textures along the same colors to bring them together.
    Find out more at Love of Family and Home.

  • Sweet and Simple 16 of 26

    Not into something too bold? Go for something more basic with simple bunting and a few pumpkins.
    Find out more at Days of Chalk and Chocolate.

  • Elegant and Chic 17 of 26

    Use vintage china create a focal point on the mantel and complement with rich colored flowers.
    Find out more at Common Ground.

  • Calendar Decor 18 of 26

    Use pages from old calendars to hang on the wall above the mantel with a piece of twine.
    Find out more at Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Adding a Touch of Straw 19 of 26

    If you have a blank wall above the mantel, consider filling it up with straw baskets for this beautiful rustic look.
    Find out more at Folk Lifestyle.

  • Monochromatic Mantel 20 of 26

    Decorating your mantel can become a little bit easier if you have picked out a color scheme to use beforehand.
    Find out more at SAS Interiors.

  • Blowing in the Wind 21 of 26

    Cut out paper leaves and display them to look like they're falling off the trees and blowing in the wind.
    Find out more at Thistlewood Farms.

  • Bottle Decor 22 of 26

    Wrap up bottles with twine or fill them with leaves or rocks from outside.
    Find out more at Domestically Speaking.

  • Romantic Autumn Cottage 23 of 26

    This is an unexpected take on a fall mantel for someone who loves a little pink. Dead flowers can still look beautiful.
    Find out more at French Country Cottage.

  • Fill with Garland 24 of 26

    If you don't have or want to use a bunch of decorations, fill the mantel with fall ivy garland.
    Find out more at One Fell Out of the Cuckoos Nest.

  • DIY Doily Plates 25 of 26

    Hang DIY Doily plates above the mantel.
    Check out the tutorial at Home Stories A to Z.

  • Bursting with Life 26 of 26

    No need to spend money when you can grab full, fall colored leaves from outside.
    Find out more at Centsational Girl.

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