25 DIYs for No-Sew Halloween Party Decor

Halloween will be here before we know it and we’ve got all the decorating tips right here for you. Instead of racing to finish projects on the sewing machine, take a faster route by using these no-sew decorations. Turn photos of your loved ones into haunted portraits with LED lights. Guide the way to the treat table with a glowing marquee. From top to bottom your home is sure to look spookier than ever.

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  • Spider Sacks 2 of 26

    Use yarn and balloons to make creepy spider sacks.
    Find out more at Shelterness.

  • Cheesecloth Spirits 3 of 26

    Drape cheesecloth over foam heads to create this spooky scene.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.

  • Glitter Spiderwebs 4 of 26

    Make spooky spiderwebs from glue and glitter to hang around the house.
    Find out more at Centsational Girl.

  • Luminaries 5 of 26

    Light the way for your guests with these luminaries.
    Find out more at Easy Paper Crafts.

  • Centerpiece Terrariums 6 of 26

    Set up spooky terrariums on the tables for your party.
    Find out more at Mason Jar Crafts Love.

  • Treat Pots 7 of 26

    Decorate small peat pots to use for holding treats on the dessert table.
    Find out more at Uncommon Design.

  • Pumpkin Garland 8 of 26

    Use yarn to make a pumpkin garland you can string across the mantel.
    Find out more at Design Improvised.

  • Eyes on You Wreath 9 of 26

    Decorate the door ping pong balls and goggly eyes to make it look like eyeballs are watching you.
    Find out more at I Love to Create.

  • Potty Monster 10 of 26

    Cut out a vinyl monster design to decorate your toilet.
    Find out more at Crafts Unleashed.

  • Spooky Loved Ones 11 of 26

    Cut out pieces of paper to add fangs and masks to photos of your loved ones.
    Find out more at Three Pixie Lane.

  • Paranormal Portraits 12 of 26

    Print out old photos and place LED lights where their eyes should be.
    Find out more at Country Living.

  • Mummy Door 13 of 26

    Cover the door in white streamers and make paper eyes to have it look like a mummy.
    Find out more at Honey and Fitz.

  • Black Wreath 14 of 26

    Spray paint a twig wreath black and hang it somewhere in the house.
    Find out more at Sister's Suitcase.

  • Spiderweb Bowls 15 of 26

    Use yarn to make these spooky spiderweb bowls for treats.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Toilet Paper Roll Eyes 16 of 26

    Make it appear as though spooky eyes are watching your from the bushes by cutting out eye holes into toilet paper rolls and slipping in a glow stick.
    Find out more at Thrifty Crafty Girl.

  • Bloody Handprints 17 of 26

    Dip your hand in poster paint and smear on the door to make this creepy handprint.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Halloween Play-Dough Pals 18 of 26

    Paint baby food jars with chalkboard paint and fill with homemade play dough. Decorate them and hand them out at the end of the party as favors.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Bat Place Setting 19 of 26

    Spray paint a bat white and lay it out on the table for the napkins.
    Find out more at Brooklyn Limestone.

  • Place Cards 20 of 26

    Learn how to make these creepy, crawly, critters to use as place cards.
    Find out more at The Sweetest Occasion.

  • Wooden Tombstones 21 of 26

    Make a set of headstones to turn your yard into an old west graveyard.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Bat-Mobile 22 of 26

    Cover the ceiling in spooky bats with this printable template.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Halloween Specimens 23 of 26

    Put creepy specimens inside baby food jars with water and food coloring.
    Find out more at Pretty Prudent.

  • Marquee Letters 24 of 26

    Set up a set of spooky Halloween marquees.
    Find out more at Lolly Jane.

  • Halloween Straws 25 of 26

    Fancy up striped straws with pinwheels and googly eyes.
    Find out more at Smart School House.

  • Chalkboard Signs 26 of 26

    Make a chalkboard countdown that you can also write fun messages on.
    Find out more at A Pumpkin and a Princess.

Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Pretty Prudent, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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