25 DIYs that Don’t Look Like DIYs at All!

25 DIY's That Don't Look Like DIY's At All!

There are a plethora of DIY projects out there on the Internet. It’s overwhelming, to say the least! Not all are created equal, but I am amazed by some of the brilliant ideas out there that don’t look like they were made at home at all! Many of the projects look like they came from a high-end boutique or cost a lot of money, when in fact they were made with simple supplies from the hardware store. I’ve sifted through all the ideas out there, and picked 25 of my favorite DIYs that look completely professional. No one will ever know it was made for a penny at home! I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want my DIY projects to look DIY.¬†Take a peek, after the jump!

  • Braided Hex Nut Necklace 1 of 25
    Braided Hex Nut Necklace
    Make a couture style necklace with supplies from the hardware store! The thing is, you really can't tell the difference between the real version and the DIY version. No one will know you made this with such simple supplies! Click through for instructions.
    Photo and idea by Honestly WTF.
  • Moroccan Rug 2 of 25
    Moroccan Rug
    Make a Moroccan rug with fabric dye! Click through for the how-to!
    Photo and idea by Gorgeous Shiny Things.
  • Side Table DIY 3 of 25
    Side Table DIY
    This table is made from copper tubing and a painted top! It looks like it came from a modern furniture shop. See the how to at The House That Lars Built.
    Photo and idea by The House That Lars Built.
  • Gilded Frame 4 of 25
    Gilded Frame
    Frames are so expensive and if you want to display a lot of art work in your house, it can really add up. This tutorial from The Little Green Notebook shows how to make a gilded frame. I wouldn't be able to tell from the DIY version or the store-bought version.
    Photo and idea by Little Green Notebook.
  • Printable Envelope Liners 5 of 25
    Printable Envelope Liners
    These charming printables are a great way to make your stationery collection a little more colorful. Because they are already designed for you, there's no question they won't look good!
    Photo and idea by Brooklyn Bride.
  • Turn a Painting into a Journal 6 of 25
    Turn a Painting into a Journal
    This tutorial from Oh Happy Day shows how to take a thrift store painting and turn it into a journal. It looks like a bespoke piece from an expensive boutique.
    Photo and idea by Oh Happy Day!.
  • Dip Dye Napkins 7 of 25
    Dip Dye Napkins
    These beautiful napkins are embellished by dip dying. The gradation of colors displayed on a table setting is perfect for an elegant party. No one will know you made them yourself!
    Photo and idea by Once Wed.
  • Copper Curtain Rod 8 of 25
    Copper Curtain Rod
    Using copper from the hardware store, you can make these modern curtain rods. They look super stylish and not at all like they were made at home.
    Photo and idea by Design Sponge.
  • Flower Chandelier 9 of 25
    Flower Chandelier
    Would you ever guess that this colorful chandelier was made from water bottles? Click through for the how-to!
    Photo and idea by Oh Happy Day!.
  • Summer Purse 10 of 25
    Summer Purse
    This sweet summer purse is actually made from a vintage scarf, but I don't think anyone will notice. It looks like a lovely silk bag.
    Photo and idea by Martha Stewart.
  • DIY Abstract Art 11 of 25
    DIY Abstract Art
    Do you love abstract art but lack the budget to invest in your favorite pieces? Try out making your own with these valuable tips from Oh Happy Day. No one will know the difference!
    Photo and idea by Oh Happy Day!.
  • Entry Way Rug 12 of 25
    Entry Way Rug
    This rug looks like a rustic vintage rug picked up from a market. It's actually a series of mats, sewed together!
    Photo and idea by Martha Stewart.
  • Patchwork Tights 13 of 25
    Patchwork Tights
    These charming patchwork tights are easy to make with a bit of paint!
    Photo and idea by 3191 Miles Apart.
  • Sticker Wallpaper 14 of 25
    Sticker Wallpaper
    Would you ever guess this intricate wallpaper is actually made of stickers? The result is amazingly polished and sophisticated for such a simple ingredient! It looks like a John Robshaw textile!
    Via Little Green Notebook Idea and photo by Payton Turner.
  • Tips for Thrifted Clothing 15 of 25
    Tips for Thrifted Clothing
    Stephanie of 3191 offers tips for fixing up thrift store clothing to make them look current and fresh!
    Photo and idea by 3191 Miles Apart.
  • Ombre Floors 16 of 25
    Ombre Floors
    Fix up your drab floors with these smart techniques from Martha Stewart. These look anything but amateur!
    Photo and idea by Martha Stewart.
  • Recycled Necklace 17 of 25
    Recycled Necklace
    Make a necklace from a t-shirt! The result is a colorful, contemporary piece of jewelry!
    Photo and idea by Whole Living.
  • Jar Labels 18 of 25
    Jar Labels
    The packaging makes these honey jars look like they were purchased at a fancy food store!
    Idea by i-diy.
    Photo by Goudey Photography.
    Via Creature Comforts .
  • Dip Dyed Keds 19 of 25
    Dip Dyed Keds
    Keds are all the rage again and this dip dyed version looks really fresh and trendy!
    Photo and idea by Design for Mankind.
  • Make Your Own Beach Bag 20 of 25
    Make Your Own Beach Bag
    This striped bag looks like it was purchased at a clothing shop, not made at home! Click through for the how-to and tips!
    Photo and idea by Say Yes to Hoboken.
  • Wooden Doormat 21 of 25
    Wooden Doormat
    This wooden doormat is such a beautiful and functional alternative to the regular mats you find! Check out how to make it at
    Photo and idea by Martha Stewart.
  • Braided Leather Bracelet 22 of 25
    Braided Leather Bracelet
    This earthy bracelet looks like it's from a clothing boutique. This easy tutorial shows how to make it at home. It looks really easy!
    Photo and idea by Suzi's Crafts.
  • Industrial Pendants 23 of 25
    Industrial Pendants
    These industrial pendants are made from wire Ikea baskets and edison bulbs! You'd never guess they were made at home!
    Photo and idea by Ikea Hacks.
  • Grid Trick for Home Arrangemetns 24 of 25
    Grid Trick for Home Arrangemetns
    Learn this secret florist's trick for making your flower arrangements look professional!
    Photo and idea by Martha Stewart.
  • Bed Crate 25 of 25
    Bed Crate
    Instead of a normal bed frame, consider using crates! The result is industrial and modern!
    Photo and idea by Joanna Swanson.

Top Photos: Martha Stewart and The House That Lars Built. All other photos from respective sources. 



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