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I’ve heard this weekend is one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year with all the students heading back to school after Labor Day picking up new clothes, school supplies and dorm room items.  So I thought this weekend might be a good one to throw in some dorm decor ideas into the mix, so when you’re off shopping (you can keep a few of these ideas in mind).  From awesome wall art ideas to making your own headboard out of a rug. Click below for 25 dorm and even bedroom/study area DIY and decor ideas!

  • A Rug Headboard (Idea) 1 of 25
    A Rug Headboard (Idea)
    Make a faux headboard with a vintage tex mex woven rug.
    Image from by Carolyn Purnell via .
  • DIY Crate Bookshelf (DIY) 2 of 25
    DIY Crate Bookshelf (DIY)
    Grab a few unfinished wooden crates (from a thrift shop) or you can buy them brand new at craft stores like Michaels and stain for a nice set of modular book shelves.
    Visit Land of Nod for the how-to.
  • String Art (DIY) 3 of 25
    String Art (DIY)
    A fun and easy way to make some wall art for a dorm room! String, nails and a piece of wood and you're set!
    Visit prettyloveprettylife for the how-to.
  • Stereo Componet Shelf (Idea) 4 of 25
    Stereo Componet Shelf (Idea)
    A cool way to display the stereo system and storage. Using salvaged drawers from old dressers and a metal shelf. (Photography Jean-Marc Wullschleger/Living Agency for Real Living).
    Via Poppytalk..
  • Add Bright Color 5 of 25
    Add Bright Color
    Nothing cheers up a space more than bright colors and mixing them up a bit (like pink and orange). Take inspiration from these images from House and Home.
    Visit for more info. (Photo by Stacey Branford) .
  • Decoupage a Desk 6 of 25
    Decoupage a Desk
    Freshen up an old desk by decoupaging it with fun images (like this comic one from Bombus).
    Via not beige for more info.
  • Make a Pouf (DIY) 7 of 25
    Make a Pouf (DIY)
    No room for a coffee table? A pouf can be that, along with a footstool and a chair!
    Visit Design Sponge for this tutorial.
  • A Cool Bulletin Board 8 of 25
    A Cool Bulletin Board
    Turn some cork trivets into a cute bulletin board (an idea from the folks at IKEA)
    Visit for more info.
  • Closet Study 9 of 25
    Closet Study
    Don't need your closet (all your jeans fit in your chest of drawers)? How about converting your closet into a study? A perfect way to hide the mess!
    Visit Steven and Chris at CBC for more info.
  • Customize a Headboard 10 of 25
    Customize a Headboard
    The BUKEN bed at IKEA has this unique headboard you can customize with some custom embroidery.
    Visit IKEA for more info.
  • Update a Dresser 11 of 25
    Update a Dresser
    Update a dresser by painting it white and adding some neon bungee cords for drawer pulls! Idea from the folks at Real Living.
    Project by Erin Michael | Photography Tony Amos - via Poppytalk.
  • Dip Dye Wall Art (Idea) 12 of 25
    Dip Dye Wall Art (Idea)
    Dip-dye some canvas to make a cool effective piece of wall art.
    Image from via House of Bliss.(Visit for a thorough how-to on how to dip dye fabric).
  • Vintage Suitcase Nightstand (Idea) 13 of 25
    Vintage Suitcase Nightstand (Idea)
    This clever idea serves two purposes (nightstand and storage)
    Get the details at Cucakes and Cashmere .
  • Washi Tape Cross-Stitch Wall Art (DIY) 14 of 25
    Washi Tape Cross-Stitch Wall Art (DIY)
    A clever wall art idea as it doesn't harm the wall, is temporary (so you can change whenever the next whim comes alson), and it's a fun rainy day project!
    Visit Becoming Gezellig for more info.
  • Light Up Some Words (Idea) 15 of 25
    Light Up Some Words (Idea)
    Neon lighting can be expensive - so why not create your own neon-style light with a few pin nails and string lights!
    Photo by Sarah Rainwater via Apartment Therapy for more info.
  • Filebox Shelves (Idea) 16 of 25
    Filebox Shelves (Idea)
    These cardboard fileboxes make a clever and affordable shelving solution.
    Idea from
  • Add Some Green 17 of 25
    Add Some Green
    Nothing adds instant coziness than a little bit of greenery! Loving these jam jar ideas out of Etsy!
    Visit BootsNGus for more info.
  • Hang Something Inspirational 18 of 25
    Hang Something Inspirational
    Lets face it, studying can be hard, and without your family nearby, sometimes a little inspiration hanging around can really help. Love this "It's OK" banner from Secret Holiday on Etsy.
    Visit this link for more info.
  • Hanging Shelf (Idea) 19 of 25
    Hanging Shelf (Idea)
    This is a cool idea (especially for in front of a window). Get the hardware store to drill four holes (2 on each end) and then pull four strands of knotted rope through each hole. Gather at the top (knot again) and hang from hooks. (Maria of Folksy Home has a tutorial for a hanging shelf like this on her blog here.)
    Image via via vtwonen..
  • Wallpaper Box Shelves (Idea) 20 of 25
    Wallpaper Box Shelves (Idea)
    This is a cool decorating trick from House to Home out of the UK wallpapering found or salvaged drawers or boxes.
    Visit for more info.
  • Drawer Storage 21 of 25
    Drawer Storage
    Rather than using baskets or boxes, thrift some random drawers (like old sewing machine desk drawers or library card file boxes) and stuff with all your bathroom toiletries.
    Image via for more info.
  • Make a Modular Shelf (DIY) 22 of 25
    Make a Modular Shelf (DIY)
    Make your own modular shelf using plywood and a few handy tools.
    Visit for the how-to.
  • Leather Strap Hangers (Idea) 23 of 25
    Leather Strap Hangers (Idea)
    These aren't a DIY - but you can purchase these leather strap handles by Mathilda Clahr
    Found via Ellen's Album blog.
  • Bolt Candle Holders (DIY) 24 of 25
    Bolt Candle Holders (DIY)
    Raid your local hardware store for a few bolts to make this industrial-style candle holder.
    Visit Annaleenas Hem for more info.
  • Leather & Wood Shelf (DIY) 25 of 25
    Leather & Wood Shelf (DIY)
    Make your own wall shelf using a few old leather belts and a couple planks of wood.
    Visit Design Sponge for more info. Also visit Martha Stewart's site here as well for a similar idea..


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