25 Easy Beauty Tips and Tricks for Summer

Throw off those layers because the sun is out and it’s time to go take a dip, which means all beauty tips and tricks are welcome. Pools, beaches and sun rays feel great but they can do a number on our hair, skin and nails. Find out how you can make a natural hair protectant to keep it staying healthy and shiny. Adding a hint of milk and olive oil to your bath can rejuvenate and moisturize your chlorine-soaked skin. Sunburnt? There are many ways to avoid and alleviate the pain with products you have at home. Star feeling and looking great with these 25 Easy Beauty Tips and Tricks for Summer…

  • Wax With Sugar 1 of 25
    Wax With Sugar
    Make your own wax from sugar and lemons.
    Find out more at The Bird and the Berry.
  • Save Money with Natural Self Tanner 2 of 25
    Save Money with Natural Self Tanner
    If you're in a rush and need to look tan, make your own self tanner that won't leave you orange.
    Find out more at Craft Gossip.
  • Protect Your Hair 3 of 25
    Protect Your Hair
    Keep your hair from getting damaged from sun and salt with a protective hair treatment.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • Ditch Shave Gel 4 of 25
    Ditch Shave Gel
    On a summer vacation? Use conditioner to shave your legs instead of an expensive shave gel.
    Check it out at Aimless Direction.
  • Get Beach Hair at Home 5 of 25
    Get Beach Hair at Home
    Get that beautiful beach hair all summer long without always having to jump into the ocean.
    Check it out at The Creative Mama.
  • Everyday Glimmer Mist 6 of 25
    Everyday Glimmer Mist
    Give yourself glowing skin with this homemade recipe.
    Check it out at Balzer Designs.
  • Potatoes Keep You Looking Fresh 7 of 25
    Potatoes Keep You Looking Fresh
    Use potato slices to avoid puffy and sleepy eyes from lazy summer days.
    Find out more at Cosmopolitan.
  • Baking Soda Your Bites 8 of 25
    Baking Soda Your Bites
    Use a mixture of baking soda and water on your bite to help it heal faster and avoid itching.
    Find out more at Whole Living.
  • Block the Sun with Coconut Oil 9 of 25
    Block the Sun with Coconut Oil
    Coconut Oil will keep your skin feeling fresh and moisturized while also doubling as a sunscreen.
    Find out more at Lifetime Moms.
  • Stay Smelling Sweet 10 of 25
    Stay Smelling Sweet
    With a solid perfume you can take with you anywhere.
    Spotted at Design Sponge.
  • Fill Trays with Aloe 11 of 25
    Fill Trays with Aloe
    Instant sunburn relief.
    Find out more at Real Simple.
  • Make Your Own Sunscreen 12 of 25
    Make Your Own Sunscreen
    Did you know you can make your own sunscreen?
    Find out more at Frugally Sustainable.
  • Instant Pore Strips 13 of 25
    Instant Pore Strips
    Clean out those pores with a milk recipe.
    Find out more at Cut Out and Keep.
  • Give Your Body a Sweet Scrub 14 of 25
    Give Your Body a Sweet Scrub
    Make a delicious body scrub to give you a summer glow.
    Find out more at Elle and Blair.
  • Tea Bag Tanner 15 of 25
    Tea Bag Tanner
    Use tea bags to tan those legs.
    Spotted at Born to be Blonde.
  • Lighten Your Locks 16 of 25
    Lighten Your Locks
    Use lemon and sun rays to lighten your hair this summer.
    Find out more at Real Simple.
  • No More Red Bumps 17 of 25
    No More Red Bumps
    Avoid red bumps after shaving by using an alcohol-free lotion.
    Check it out at Stylelist.
  • Cuticle Cream 18 of 25
    Cuticle Cream
    It's so easy to keep those cuticles strong and healthy with this natural cream.
    Check it out at Le Petit Happy.
  • Apply a Facial Refresher 19 of 25
    Apply a Facial Refresher
    Summer is all about relaxing and sleeping in so have a citrus facial refresher to get you up and ready to tackle the day.
    Find out more at Paula Deen.
  • Use Aspirin for Blemishes 20 of 25
    Use Aspirin for Blemishes
    Make an aspirin mask to help get rid of blemishes.
    Find out more at Tipnut.
  • Goodbye Red Nose and Itchy Eyes 21 of 25
    Goodbye Red Nose and Itchy Eyes
    No more red runny nose and itchy eyes from the change in weather with this at home remedy.
    Find out more at Neo Homesteading.
  • Brighten Up Your Pretty Face 22 of 25
    Brighten Up Your Pretty Face
    Keep your skin glowing bright with a mask.
    Find out more at Whole Living.
  • Keep the Bugs Away 23 of 25
    Keep the Bugs Away
    Avoid big red bug bites all over and still smell sweet with a homemade mosquito spray.
    Find out more at I Can Teach My Child.
  • Try a Homemade Face Powder 24 of 25
    Try a Homemade Face Powder
    You can make a pretty face powder with products you already have at home.
    Find out more at Chisel Beauty.
  • Take Time to Relax 25 of 25
    Take Time to Relax
    Relax by adding a bit of milk and olive oil to your next bath. It will also keep your skin looking rejuvenated and feeling soft.
    Check it out at Swagbucks.

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