25 Favorite Apps for Families

The words toddler and airplane in the same sentence are enough to bring fear into the hearts of even the bravest souls. Amirite? Nothing like a screen filled with helpful games to ease the passage of time while traveling, whether it be by air or by land. Give yourself a break with these fun and educational apps for kids of all ages. Watch out though, you may find yourself wanting to play them too…

  • Dr. Seuss Band 1 of 25
    Dr. Seuss Band
    Create your own Seussian band! Complete with fish bowl horns, train whistles, and many wacky sounds.
    Download the app at Ocean House Media.
  • Toca Tea Party 2 of 25
    Toca Tea Party
    Bring a tea party everywhere you go. On a plane? No problem. Enjoy crumpets and tea with all your friends.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • DK Kids’ Crafts for iPad 3 of 25
    DK Kids' Crafts for iPad
    Cross-stitch a colorful home or create an underwater adventure with furry felts all on your iPad.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • Helicopter Taxi 4 of 25
    Helicopter Taxi
    The name says it all. Soar your iPhone helicopter across the room and pick up friends along the way. It really looks like there's a helicopter flying around.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • Toca Hair Salon 5 of 25
    Toca Hair Salon
    Use this completely free app to keep the christmas spirit alive by giving Santa a new style or to decorate a wild and crazy Christmas tree.
    Download the app at iTunes. The regular hair salon app features kids, dogs, and all kinds of crazy haired fun.
  • Super Why! 6 of 25
    Super Why!
    Super Why! Is full of fun and education reading games with all the hit characters, Alpha Pig, Princess Presto, Wonder Red and Super Why.
    Download the app at PBS Kids.
  • Fruit Ninja 7 of 25
    Fruit Ninja
    Your kids will have so much fun slicing and dicing fruit as a super ultra Ninja. You might just find yourself playing too.
    Download the app at Fruit Ninja.
  • Dinosaur Eggspress 8 of 25
    Dinosaur Eggspress
    Learn cool facts about dinosaurs and uncover prizes while taking a journey through prehistoric time.
    Download the app at PBS Kids.
  • Toca Doctor 9 of 25
    Toca Doctor
    A fun and no stress game that would be a great way to distract the kids amidst the madness of traveling.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • Toontastic 10 of 25
    Make your own cartoons! What a fun way to document the trip.
    Download the app at Launch Pad Toys.
  • I Hear Ewe 11 of 25
    I Hear Ewe
    This is an educational app that little toddlers will love.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • Lola’s Fruit Shop Sudoku 12 of 25
    Lola's Fruit Shop Sudoku
    While mom and dad play sudoku your little one can play a kid-friendly version too.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • iWriteWords 13 of 25
    Practice writing numbers and letters while also beginning to learn words.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • Scoops 14 of 25
    Collect all the scoops as fast as you can. Don't let them fall!
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • Wheels on the Bus 15 of 25
    Wheels on the Bus
    An even more interactive version of Wheels on the Bus and many more familiar songs.
    Download the app at Duck Duck Moose.
  • My Very First App 16 of 25
    My Very First App
    A collection of memory and matching games with all the art you know and love.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventures 17 of 25
    Roxie's a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventures
    The whole family can get involved in this game. A perfect way to spend a plane ride.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • Bugs and Buttons 18 of 25
    Bugs and Buttons
    A collection of 18 education mini games and over 45 minutes of beautiful music for the bug and non-bug lover.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • Where’s My Water? 19 of 25
    Where's My Water?
    A super fun physics-based game where you try to help Swampy the Alligator get back to his nice clean tub.
    Download the iPod or iPad app at iTunes.
    and download the Android app at Market.Android.
  • Saving Yello 20 of 25
    Saving Yello
    Save Yello from the wild 7-year-old, Mathilda, by flinging him around the room and back into his bowl.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • Musical Me 21 of 25
    Musical Me
    A fun music app for ages 3+ that teaches the basics of memory, rhythm, dance, instruments and notes in music.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore 22 of 25
    The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
    Follow the book while playing games and streaming the beautifully animated short.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • My PlayHome 23 of 25
    My PlayHome
    It's no problem if you can't bring the dollhouse with you. This app is a fully interactive doll house with everything you could ever want in a home.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • Stack the Countries 24 of 25
    Stack the Countries
    Learn about our world by playing games relating to countries and see how we are all connected.
    Download the app at iTunes.
  • Bubble Wrap 25 of 25
    Bubble Wrap
    Pop the bubbles, feel the satisfaction. Easy enough for babies, but addictive to parents.
    Download the free app at iTunes.

Jaime Morrison Curtis is author of the bestselling book Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman) and founding co-editor at Prudent Baby, the premier DIY destination for crafty moms seeking ways to make their lives even more stylish and beautiful.

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