Hit Refresh: 25 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Home This Year

It might not be spring yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a few tweaks to freshen up your home. After the holidays I tend to get a little crazy about cleaning. We like to get rid of old toys and clothes we never wear, and do an overall clean sweep of the house. These 25 Fresh Starts for Your Home are simple ways that you can make changes, without spending a ton.

Start out small by bringing in more house plants to liven the house with green. This is especially great if you are feeling covered in snow. Freshen up the bathroom and bedrooms with new sets of towels and sheets. Even just moving photos and furniture around can make a difference.

Seeking a little inspiration? Here are 25 simple updates to refresh your home for the new year …

  • 25 Fresh Starts for Your Home 1 of 26

    Is your home decor in need of an upgrade? Look no further. Here are 25 simple ideas that go a long way ... 

  • New Hand Towels 2 of 26

    Get a new set of hand towels. Try these Perpetual Blooms towels. 

    Buy it for $ 4.95-$24.95 at Anthropologie.

  • Iron your Sheets 3 of 26

    Revive the feel of your room by ironing your sheets. Try out this Euro Shark Iron.

    Buy it for $39.99 at at Bed Bath and Beyond.

  • Bleach Your Whites 4 of 26

    Nothing says fresh start like bright whites. Spend the day bleaching all your whites and making your clothes feel brand-new.

    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Change Out Lamp Shades 5 of 26

    Change your lampshades. This is a great way to update the look of your house without spending a fortune.

    Buy this shade for $9.98 at

  • Buy a New Doormat 6 of 26

    Doormats are often overused and neglected. Change them every few months to brighten up the house.

    Buy this mat for $29 at West Elm.

  • Bring Plants Indoors 7 of 26

    What better way to freshen up a house with some fresh plants? Just don't forget to water.

    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Paint a Room 8 of 26

    Paint a room or even just a wall. A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference in a house.

    Check out these paints for $143 at Home Depot

  • Rearrange your Furniture 9 of 26

    Simply moving a chair from the living room to a bedroom can make a huge difference.

    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Swap Out Accesories 10 of 26

    Swap out pillows. Something as simple as changing out your pillows or accessories can make a house feel new.

    Buy it for $58 at Anthropologie.

  • Change Out Art 11 of 26

    Try to change out your art to match the seasons.

    Buy it for $18 at Etsy.

  • Bring in New Light 12 of 26

    Buy new light bulbs. Try out 3 way bulbs to allow you to dim the lights.

    Buy it for $12.79 at Target.

  • Lose the Magnets 13 of 26

    Take down the refrigerator magnets. It's amazing how clean a kitchen can feel with out all the magnet clutter.

    Photo via Wikimedia.

  • Declutter Utensils 14 of 26

    Toss out underused utensils. Try this utensil holder to help keep your space organized. 

    Buy it for $ 19.95 at Crate and Barrel.

  • Clean Out Your Junk Drawer 15 of 26

    You will be surprised at what "trash" and "treasures" you may find.

    Buy it for $9.99 at The Container Store.

  • Dust Every Piece of Furniture 16 of 26

    Dust off the residue with a handy duster that you are sure can do the trick.

    Buy it for $9.99 Bed Bath and Beyond.

  • Steam Your Carpets 17 of 26

    This is a little trick that can go a long way in taking the stale smell out of the house.

    Buy it for $149.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

  • Bring in a New, Brighter Rug 18 of 26

    This is a fabulous way to bring in bright fresh colors and add dimensions to a room.

    Buy it for $149.95 at Z Gallerie.

  • Print out Some New Pictures 19 of 26

    Print new pictures, and hang them on the walls. Add the pictures to bright colored frames for a fresh new look.

    Buy them for $16.95 at Z Gallerie.

  • Always Have Fresh Flowers 20 of 26

    Fresh flowers are the perfect way to freshen up a house. Pick what's in season, and throw them in a bright colored vase.

    Buy it for $69.95 at Pier 1.

  • Bring in Some New Scents 21 of 26

    A great way to freshen up your house is to bring in new fragrances. Try this scented candle!

    Buy it for $16 at Nordstrom.

  • Wash the Windows 22 of 26

    Bring in the light by giving your windows a good, clean scrub.

    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Change Ceiling Accesories 23 of 26

    Changing out ceiling accessories can make your family or house guests see the space in a new light. Get it?


    Buy it for $89.99 at Ikea.

  • Use Leftover Paint to Update an Old Chair 24 of 26

    Update an old piece of furniture by painting the legs a contrasting color, like one of these bright hues.

    Photo via: Wikimedia.

  • Bring in a New, Small Piece of Furniture 25 of 26

    Add a little kitchen cart to the kitchen to bring in a new feel. Side tables and new nightstands can make a big difference, too.

    Buy it for $ 85.99 at Target.

  • Paint the Kitchen Cabinets 26 of 26

    Freshen up the kitchen with a fresh coat of paint. I also love the idea of painting a surprise color inside of the cabinets.

    Photo via: Wikimedia.

Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Pretty Prudent, the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

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