25 Fresh Ways to Decorate an Egg

Looking up ideas for egg decorating has totally put me in the mood for Easter and spring. It must be all of the bright colors and creative ideas people have done to embellish these simple shells of calcium carbonate (yeah, I did my research). If you have a love for the classic look take it a step further by making your own natural dyes out of veggies. Dedicate an afternoon to perfecting the meticulous art of Ukrainian Pysanky eggs, you won’t be disappointed. If you are itching to jump into Easter and spring check out these 25 Fresh Ways to Decorate an Egg…

  • Elegant Eggs 1 of 25
    Elegant Eggs
    These stunning eggs are surprisingly very easy to do.
    Get the tutorial at Martha Stewart.
  • Ukrainian Eggs 2 of 25
    Ukrainian Eggs
    I think I could spend days making these beauties.
    Get the tutorial at Suzy's Sitcom.
  • Melted Crayon 3 of 25
    Melted Crayon
    Using melted crayons is a fast and easy way to turn your eggs into works of art.
    Get the tutorial at Family Fun.
  • Leaf Print 4 of 25
    Leaf Print
    Use reverse stenciling to get these cool leaf designs.
    Get the tutorial at Family.Fun.Go.
  • Paper-Napkin Decoupage 5 of 25
    Paper-Napkin Decoupage
    They turn out to be so beautiful.
    Get the tutorial at Martha Stewart.
  • With Chalkboard Paint 6 of 25
    With Chalkboard Paint
    Using chalkboard paint turns eggs into an artistic activity.
    Spotted at Style at Home.
  • Embroidery Thread 7 of 25
    Embroidery Thread
    This is a great project for very stable hands.
    Get the tutorial at Design Sponge.
  • Rubber Cement 8 of 25
    Rubber Cement
    Using rubber cement gives a modern look to the eggs.
    Get the tutorial at Crap I've Made.
  • With Natural Dye 9 of 25
    With Natural Dye
    This year learn how to make your own natural dyes out of veggies.
    Get the tutorial at theKitchn.
  • Doily Stencils 10 of 25
    Doily Stencils
    Did you know doilies make the perfect stencils for coloring eggs?
    Spotted at A Lady's Findings.
  • With Markers 11 of 25
    With Markers
    Take full artistic liberty when decorating your eggs with markers.
    Get the tutorial at Gingerbread Snowflakes.
  • Pressed Flowers 12 of 25
    Pressed Flowers
    Nothing says spring like fresh eggs and flowers.
    Get the tutorial at The Magic Onions.
  • With Washi Tape 13 of 25
    With Washi Tape
    Make a multitude of prints with washi tape.
    Get the tutorial at Family Circle.
  • Marbleize 14 of 25
    No two eggs are the same.
    Get the tutorial at Martha Stewart.
  • Turn Eggs Into a Landscape 15 of 25
    Turn Eggs Into a Landscape
    After dyeing your eggs, you and the kids can add blades of grass to the shells.
    Get the tutorial at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Thumbprints 16 of 25
    For a super, non-messy way to decorate eggs simply add a thumbprint and turn it into a little character.
    Get the tutorial at Family Fun.
  • Beaded Faberge 17 of 25
    Beaded Faberge
    A little more meticulous of a craft but definitely worth it.
    Get the tutorial at Suzy's Sitcom.
  • Tissue Paper and Confetti 18 of 25
    Tissue Paper and Confetti
    These eggs are perfect for little ones to help with and have a hidden surprise inside.
    Get the tutorial at Prudent Baby.
  • Fabric Scraps 19 of 25
    Fabric Scraps
    It's always nice to find new ways to put your scrap fabric to use.
    Get the tutorial at Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Disco Egg 20 of 25
    Disco Egg
    There is no way to have a bad time when there are disco eggs laying around.
    Get the tutorial at Celebrations.
  • Ribbon Eggs 21 of 25
    Ribbon Eggs
    Turn your eggs into pretty packages with ribbon and rhinestones.
    Get the tutorial at Quick and Simple.
  • Chevron Makes an Appearance 22 of 25
    Chevron Makes an Appearance
    Keep your eggs looking fresh with stylish prints.
    Find out more at Sugar and Charm.
  • Golden Chocolate Eggs 23 of 25
    Golden Chocolate Eggs
    Be the lucky one to receive a golden egg this year filled with rich chocolate.
    Get the tutorial at thekitchn.
  • Pieces of Paper 24 of 25
    Pieces of Paper
    With a steady hand, cut out pieces of paper to make intricate and colorful designs.
    Find out more at Go East Europe.
  • Silhouette Eggs 25 of 25
    Silhouette Eggs
    Make a silhouette egg of each member of the family.
    Get the tutorial at Le Papier Studio.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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