25 Fun and Flirty Spring Nails

Painting my nails has become my go to option for keeping in style without rushing to stay on top of clothing trends. Seriously, it gets exhausting (and expensive) trying to keep up with the new color of the season, pant style, hot new shoe and then there’s accessories on top of it all. Spice up your nails this spring with new patterns like chevron and plaid, or stick to solids and paint each nail a different color. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from painting my nails it’s that you really can’t go wrong with a bold new look, as long as you have the confidence to rock it. Check out the new nail trends this season with these 25 Fun and Flirty Spring Nails…

  • Pastels and Patterns 1 of 25
    Pastels and Patterns
    Seem to be all the rage this spring season.
    Check it out at Hippanonymous.
  • Springtime French Tip 2 of 25
    Springtime French Tip
    This is a great way to celebrate spring, while still being subtle.
    Check it out at WAH Nails.
  • Water Marbling 3 of 25
    Water Marbling
    Find out how to get this fashion forward look.
    Get the tutorial at Keiko Lynn.
  • All Patterned Up 4 of 25
    All Patterned Up
    Spice up those nails with bright and intricate patterns.
    Spotted at Tumblr.
  • Gold Leaf Manicure 5 of 25
    Gold Leaf Manicure
    Feel glamorous by adding some gold leaf to those nails.
    Get the tutorial at The Beauty Department.
  • Preppy Stripes 6 of 25
    Preppy Stripes
    Such a simple concept that looks so cute.
    Spotted at Nails by Very Emily.
  • Funfetti For Your Nails 7 of 25
    Funfetti For Your Nails
    Don't these remind you of Funfetti cake? Perfect for parties.
    Spotted at The Glitter Guide.
  • Picking Posies 8 of 25
    Picking Posies
    Dress your nails up with colorful spring flowers.
    Spotted at Tumblr.
  • The Golden Egg 9 of 25
    The Golden Egg
    Make a statement this spring with golden nails.
    Spotted at Hello Nikki.
  • Dippin’ Dots 10 of 25
    Dippin' Dots
    These are such happy nails. You have to smile when you look at them.
    Spotted at All Lacquered Up.
  • Missoni Style 11 of 25
    Missoni Style
    Your nails will definitely be noticed with the missoni look.
    Find out more at The Beauty Department.
  • Happy Easter 12 of 25
    Happy Easter
    Turn your nails into Easter eggs.
    Find out more at Onyx Phalanx.
  • Tart Deco 13 of 25
    Tart Deco
    Dress up one nail with a bold style while keeping the others the same.
    Spotted at Pshiiit.
  • Egg Hunt 14 of 25
    Egg Hunt
    Get festive with an Easter egg hunt on your fingers.
    Spotted at Kiss My Acetone.
  • Pastel Prettiness 15 of 25
    Pastel Prettiness
    If you are not looking to do anything too complicated just paint each nail a different pastel color.
    Spotted at She Chive.
  • Color Block 16 of 25
    Color Block
    Color blocking works well for your wardrobe and your nails.
    Spotted at Tumblr.
  • Neon Madness 17 of 25
    Neon Madness
    I'm sure you've noticed neon colors popping up in stores. Why not add some to your nails?
    Spotted at Beautylish.
  • Gradient Nails 18 of 25
    Gradient Nails
    Use a makeup sponge to get a gradient look.
    Get the tutorial at Laynie Fingers.
  • Dandelions 19 of 25
    Make a wish every time you look at your dandelion nails.
    See more at Nails by Kayla Shevonne.
  • Splash of Glitter 20 of 25
    Splash of Glitter
    Love the color.
    Spotted at We Heart It.
  • Buzzing Bee 21 of 25
    Buzzing Bee
    Nothing says spring like buzzing bees.
    Check it out at House in Tillford.
  • How Puzzling 22 of 25
    How Puzzling
    These nails are much easier to do than they look.
    Get the tutorial at Nail Polish Wars.
  • Sweet Strawberry Nails 23 of 25
    Sweet Strawberry Nails
    Add some sweet strawberries to your nails.
    Find out more at Nails Polish.
  • Mixing it Up 24 of 25
    Mixing it Up
    Have a little fun and mix up the designs for each nail.
    Check it out at Favim.
  • Spring Plaid 25 of 25
    Spring Plaid
    These pretty nails were made with nail polish strips. So cool.
    Find out more at Hello Giggles.



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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