25 Great Fall Clothes for Your Little Boy

Great Fall Clothes for Little Boys!

Little kids grow, and with the changing seasons and changing sizes comes a need for new clothes. I love finding cute clothes for my two kids though! Here’s what I’ve had my eye on for my son for fall.

  • Everyday Blazer 1 of 25
    Everyday Blazer
    It has elbow patches, people. Red elbow patches!
    Available at Boden for $52.
  • Goodbye Tee 2 of 25
    Goodbye Tee
    In a few, cockatoo. Adieu, caribou!
    Available at Threadless, on sale for $10.
  • Engineered-Stripe Rollneck Sweater 3 of 25
    Engineered-Stripe Rollneck Sweater
    I'd like one for my husband too!
    Available at J. Crew for $43.
  • Copenhagen Tee 4 of 25
    Copenhagen Tee
    Such a great modern print.
    Available at Tea Collection for $26.
  • Fenmore Casual Shoe 5 of 25
    Fenmore Casual Shoe
    Classic meets cool, in brown, gray, or navy.
    Available at Target for $22.
  • Glow in the Dark Moon Tee 6 of 25
    Glow in the Dark Moon Tee
    "I love you to…"
    Available at J. Crew for $25.
  • Retro Sunglasses 7 of 25
    Retro Sunglasses
    I can deal with aviators, but this is the style I really like for sunglasses.
    Available at Gap, on sale for $8.
  • Pop T-Shirt 8 of 25
    Pop T-Shirt
    Pow! Awesome style, with long sleeves layered beneath.
    Available at Boden for $28.
  • Utility Shirt 9 of 25
    Utility Shirt
    Great details, and the color is fab.
    Available at The Children's Place for $20.
  • Eggcentric Tee 10 of 25
    Eggcentric Tee
    Gah, so adorable!
    Available at Boden, on sale for $10.
  • Chunky Cardigan 11 of 25
    Chunky Cardigan
    A great layering piece for chilly days.
    Available at Boden for $42.
  • Sweater Vest 12 of 25
    Sweater Vest
    For cute little preps.
    Available at Old Navy, on sale for $12.
  • Graphic Patch Military Shirt 13 of 25
    Graphic Patch Military Shirt
    Gotta love a good patch job.
    Available at Old Navy, on sale for $14.
  • Striped Polo 14 of 25
    Striped Polo
    The softest fabric and classic skinny stripes. A great staple.
    Available at Gap for $13.
  • Courduroy Hat 15 of 25
    Courduroy Hat
    Nothing cuter than a little hat on a little man.
    Available at Janie and Jack for $22.
  • Convertible Plaid Striped Shirt 16 of 25
    Convertible Plaid Striped Shirt
    Plaid on the outside, railroad stripes on the inside.
    Available at Gap for $30.
  • Knee Patch Trousers 17 of 25
    Knee Patch Trousers
    I can never decide if I think these are gimmicky or cute, but I'm leaning towards cute. Super cute.
    Available at Boden for $30.
  • Skinny Jeans 18 of 25
    Skinny Jeans
    The right skinny fit that's not too skinny for little guys.
    Available at Old Navy, on sale for $12 each.
  • 7-Pack Striped Socks 19 of 25
    7-Pack Striped Socks
    Stripes make everything better. Including little glimpses of socks sticking out from under pants.
    Available at Boden for $30.
  • Toobydoo University Zip-Up 20 of 25
    Toobydoo University Zip-Up
    The little man's first letter jacket. Aww.
    Available at Toobydoo for $69.
  • Firefly Tee 21 of 25
    Firefly Tee
    Fireflies may be long gone come fall, but the memories can remain with this cute tee.
    Available at Janie and Jack, on sale for $17.
  • Argyle Sweater 22 of 25
    Argyle Sweater
    Ah, I do love a good argyle.
    Available at Zara, on sale for $13.
  • Round Neck Striped Shirt 23 of 25
    Round Neck Striped Shirt
    Subtle stripes and an interesting neckline.
    Available at Zara, on sale for $13.
  • Koura Boots 24 of 25
    Koura Boots
    So cool, and the black/brown two-tone styling means these will match just about anything.
    Available at Zappos, on sale for $44.
  • Tipped Cardigan 25 of 25
    Tipped Cardigan
    Cardigans on boys are the best.
    Available at Gap for $35.

p.s. Check out the the girls’ version right here!

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