25 Holiday Decor Tricks + DIYs to Take Home from IKEA

The new Holiday collection from IKEA popped into my email box this week and my first thought was “I must keep these ideas in mind for the holidays” lots of cool DIY ideas to bookmark.  One of the main highlights this season that I loved was the MARGARETA fabric with a nearly 6 foot image of a spruce tree (lots of fun ideas could come from that). Also, from beautiful gift wrapping mixing textiles with paper, embroidery and pretty tapes to magical ways to hang lights or decorate trees.  I’ve highlighted a few stand out ideas and will offer a few inspirational DIYs along the way.

  • Decorate a Fabric Tree 1 of 25
    Decorate a Fabric Tree
    The MARGARETA fabric with a nearly 6 foot spruce tree is a cool alternative to a real tree (perfect for a Christmas away from home).
    MARGARETA Fabric, spruce, white/green , $6.99/yard.
  • Whimsical Light Display 2 of 25
    Whimsical Light Display
    Create a whimsical entryway by hanging strings of lights from the ceiling (like snowflakes)!
    STRÃ…LA Light chain, $4.99.
  • Make a Unique Display 3 of 25
    Make a Unique Display
    Wrap lighting around something like a bike or coat rack - creates an element of surprise!
    See lighting options here.
  • Lighting Ideas 4 of 25
    Lighting Ideas
    Look for unique lighting ideas (like these snowflakes or houses.
    See lighting options here.
  • Lights to Take You Beyond the Holidays 5 of 25
    Lights to Take You Beyond the Holidays
    Decorate with hearts and keep them lit till Valentines!
    STRÃ…LA Light chain, $6.99.
  • Make a Statement 6 of 25
    Make a Statement
    Grab some giant pendant lighting to make a statement in a corner, stairwell or hall.
    STRÃ…LA Pendant lamp, assorted colors star $16.99.
  • Create a Pretty Ambience 7 of 25
    Create a Pretty Ambience
    The lace pattern on the lantern creates a pretty light, making a room special.
    SKURAR Lantern for block candle, white $5.99.
  • Wrap Presents Uniformly 8 of 25
    Wrap Presents Uniformly
    Wrapping gifts in similar colors and varieties of patterns makes for a beautiful display.
    See various wrapping options here.
  • Tape Instead of Ribbon 9 of 25
    Tape Instead of Ribbon
    Tape is a fun way to wrap a gift replacing the traditional ribbon.
    See the gift wrapping line here(tape not shown on site).
  • Wrap With Textiles + Paper 10 of 25
    Wrap With Textiles + Paper
    Make it look handmade and unique mixing textiles with fabrics (fraying the edges and embroider with words).
    JULYMS Gift wrap, $2.99.
  • Embellish Gifts 11 of 25
    Embellish Gifts
    Embellish gifts with unique cloth ribbons (make a flower using ribbon, or decorate with garlands, etc.
    See things to embellish gifts with here.
  • Advent Candles 12 of 25
    Advent Candles
    Display a cute set of candles in different sizes for the advents.
    See candle choices here.
  • Lantern Lighting 13 of 25
    Lantern Lighting
    Create a pathway with a series of lanterns (a perfect way to welcome guests for a mid winter's evening party).
    See more lanterns here.
  • Serve With Style 14 of 25
    Serve With Style
    Offer up some goodies with a new tray (with a cosy cabin feel).
    BÄRBAR Tray, $9.99.
  • Food Gift Packaging 15 of 25
    Food Gift Packaging
    Home made treats brings smiles. Wrap in style with these cute tins and pans.
    Click here for cooking and eating items.
  • Give or Display Flowers 16 of 25
    Give or Display Flowers
    Make a flower arrangement in a festive container to give away or keep.
    JULMYS Planter, $4.99.
  • Dine in a Winter Wonderland 17 of 25
    Dine in a Winter Wonderland
    A pretty idea for table decor featuring light snowflakes in silver and white.
    See the JULFINT line here.
  • A Permanent Gingerbread House 18 of 25
    A Permanent Gingerbread House
    A fun alternative to a gingerbread house, this paper lantern version lights from within.
    See the STRALA decorative light here.
  • Decorate a Window With Safety Candles 19 of 25
    Decorate a Window With Safety Candles
    If you like candles but avoid them for safety sake, here's a safe alternative.
    STRALA Light, $12.99.
  • Hang a Pretty Decoration 20 of 25
    Hang a Pretty Decoration
    Hang a pretty decoration in a spot that needs a little light.
    STRALA Hanging Decoration (in red and white).
  • Hanging Decorations 21 of 25
    Hanging Decorations
    Hang baubles from doors, windows or frames to create a festive display.
    See more decorations here.
  • Tier Display 22 of 25
    Tier Display
    Add baubles to a tiered plate for a little festive display with the sweets!
    See more JULYMS decorations here.
  • Hanging Baubles 23 of 25
    Hanging Baubles
    Hang a grouping of baubles (in different lengths) from the ceiling!
    See more holiday decoration here.
  • Yarn Wrapped Ornaments 24 of 25
    Yarn Wrapped Ornaments
    A fun idea to bring new life to old baubles (yarn bomb them)!
    Or buy them here.
  • Take Away Tree 25 of 25
    Take Away Tree
    A great tree if you're celebrating the holidays away from home, or in a small space.
    JULMYS Christmas Tree, $14.99.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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