25 Home Gifts That Won’t Disappoint

Spouses have been warned for ages that the vacuum was not an acceptable holiday gift, but here are some gifts for taking care of your home and family that will delight for years to come. Enjoy a perfect espresso at home with the Nespresso, or take movie night outside with the mini portable projector. These are gifts that your spouse will receive praise for instead of the cold shoulder.

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  • Mr. Coffee Cafe Barista 2 of 26

    A fresh espresso in seconds. Move over, Starbucks!
    Buy it for $199.99 at Amazon.

  • Coleman NXT Grill 3 of 26

    The go anywhere, see anything, cook everything, portable grill.
    Buy it for $219.99 at Coleman.

  • Oster Panini Maker 4 of 26

    Tasty (and crispy) sandwiches in a snap. Eating at home just took on a whole new meaning.
    Buy it for $49.99 at Amazon.

  • Towel Warmer 5 of 26

    There is seriously nothing better than a warm towel after a nice shower.
    Buy it for $89.99 at Amazon.

  • Pizzelle Press 6 of 26

    Pizzelle's are delicious, crispy Italian Christmas cookies that your family will not be able to stop eating.
    Buy it for $44.99 at Amazon.

  • Nespresso 7 of 26

    Relax, open a book and sip on the perfect cup of coffee.
    Buy it for $84.99 at Amazon.

  • Personal Tea Kettle 8 of 26

    Enjoy a cup of tea made just for you infused with your favorite tea bags or loose leaf tea.
    Buy it for $49.99 at Amazon.

  • Ice Cream Machine 9 of 26

    No more late night runs to the store for some much needed ice cream therapy.
    Buy it for $49.99 at Amazon.

  • Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner 10 of 26

    Clean the house in a breeze! The color alone just makes me want to use it.
    Buy it for $535.30 at Amazon.

  • Patio Furniture Set 11 of 26

    Take a break from the indoors and head outside for your afternoon read, cup of much needed coffee, or a chat with a friend.
    Buy it for $399.99 at Amazon.

  • Cast Iron Waffle Maker 12 of 26

    Take the family and go camping. This waffle maker will make you feel right at home during breakfast time at the campground.
    Buy it for $24.99 at Amazon.

  • Lady Tool Set 13 of 26

    Men? Who needs them. Fix anything with your handy-dandy (pink) tool set.
    Buy it for $21.99 at Amazon.

  • Stylish Fire Extinguisher 14 of 26

    Safety and style? With tons of designs to choose from, you won't want to hide it in the closet!
    Buy it for $136 at Fire Designs.

  • Grace Digital Audio Speakers 15 of 26

    Turn up the music! Shower singing has never been this fun.
    Buy it for $49.99 at Grace Digital Audio.

  • Tasting Plate 16 of 26

    Date night for two? Or hor d'oeuvres for one? Any night can be special with the right appetizers!
    Buy it for $25 at Uncommon Goods.

  • Houdini Corkscrew 17 of 26

    Make breaking into that bottle of wine after a long day a little easier.
    Buy it for $35.99 at Amazon.

  • Juicer 18 of 26

    Start your day with refreshing juices.
    Buy it for $129 at Amazon.

  • Bath Caddy 19 of 26

    Bath. Bubbles. Book. Wine. Need we say more?
    Buy it for $39.99 at Amazon.

  • Mini Dishwasher 20 of 26

    Perfect for small apartment living. Bye-bye dish racks.
    Buy it for $229.99 at Amazon.

  • iPhone Photo Printer 21 of 26

    Scrapbook in a flash by printing at home right from your iPhone.
    Buy it for $159.95 at Sky Mall.

  • Mini Portable Projector 22 of 26

    Put a new spin on movie night by taking it outside.
    Buy it for $299.99 at Sky Mall.

  • Bed Lounger 23 of 26

    Kick your relaxation time up a notch with this extra comfy bed lounger.
    Buy it for $99.99 at Amazon.

  • Total Body Pillow 24 of 26

    A single pillow never looked so comfortable.
    Buy it for $46 at Amazon.

  • Peaceful Progression Clock 25 of 26

    Fixed with soft sounds and soothing scents, this alarm clock will make you excited to wake up in the morning.
    Buy it for $79.95 at Sky Mall.

  • Deluxe Picnic Basket 26 of 26

    Head to the park or the beach with your gourmet lunch in hand.
    Buy it for $63 at Amazon.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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