25 Ideas for Unique Awesome Easter Eggs

Easter is already just around the corner, so it’s time to start plotting how you’ll decorate your Easter eggs this year. These 25 unique tutorials pulled from all our favorite spots cover all your options (with¬†something for every age, too!)¬†from embroidery floss to spray paint. See all 25 after the jump.

  • Natural Eggs 1 of 24
    Natural Eggs
    Find out how to recreate this amazing color palette with natural materials.
    Image Photo Credit: Two Men and a Little Farm
  • Ombre Eggs 2 of 24
    Ombre Eggs
    This ombre effect was achieved with some easy coats of spray paint.
    Image Photo Credit: Ashbee Design
  • Gold Leaf Eggs 3 of 24
    Gold Leaf Eggs
    Add a touch of glamour to traditionally dyed eggs with a bit of gold leaf.
    Image Photo Credit: Aunt Peaches
  • Paas Quail Eggs 4 of 24
    Paas Quail Eggs
    For a super easy way to get some unique eggs, buy quail eggs, which are naturally speckled, rather than chicken eggs. Then simply dye them with a standard egg kit or food coloring.
    Image Photo Credit: Brett Bara
  • Hand-Painted Eggs 5 of 24
    Hand-Painted Eggs
    If you are looking for inspiration to start a collection, check out the hand-painted eggs over at The Given Life. There are some amazing ones.
    Image Photo Credit: The Given Life
  • Embroidered Eggs 6 of 24
    Embroidered Eggs
    This fun tutorial walks you through stitching these beautiful patterns.
    Image Photo Credit: Brett Bara
  • Embroidered Monogram Eggs 7 of 24
    Embroidered Monogram Eggs
    Once you master the technique of the previous eggs, venture out onto your own and try something like these unbelievably intricate embroidered eggs!
    Image Photo Credit: Au Feminin
  • Blue Willow Eggs 8 of 24
    Blue Willow Eggs
    These eggs were made with a little mod podge and some blue and white napkins! While it looks like she used plastic eggs, the technique would also work with blown chicken eggs.
    Image Photo Credit: Town & Country Mom
  • Faux Pysanky Eggs 9 of 24
    Faux Pysanky Eggs
    You know the amazing Pysanky eggs that are made with wax and special tools? These are similar, but for those of us without the patience (or skill!) for the real thing. Just grab your sharpie.
    Image Photo Credit: Gingerbread Snowflakes
  • Silhouette Easter Eggs 10 of 24
    Silhouette Easter Eggs
    It would be so sweet to make a silhouette egg of each Easter Basket's recipient.
    Image Photo Credit: Le Papier Studio
  • Natural Dye Colored Easter Eggs 11 of 24
    Natural Dye Colored Easter Eggs
    These eggs use pantyhose and bits of flowers and plants to get a batik-like effect.
    Image Photo Credit: Big Sis Lil Sis
  • Washi Tape Eggs 12 of 24
    Washi Tape Eggs
    These easy eggs are made from our favorite Washi Tape.
    Image Photo Credit: Mark's Tokyo Edge
  • Glue Gun Eggs 13 of 24
    Glue Gun Eggs
    These double dipped eggs are masked using hot glue. Brilliant!
    Image Photo Credit: Measured by the Heart
  • Dip Dyed Eggs 14 of 24
    Dip Dyed Eggs
    I love the monochromatic colors selected for these eggs. It really gives them a polished look.
    Image Photo Credit: Making Magazine
  • CMYK Eggs 15 of 24
    CMYK Eggs
    These fun eggs are a color study lesson for little ones.
    Image Photo Credit: Martha Stewart
  • Japanese String Eggs 16 of 24
    Japanese String Eggs
    If you want to try embroidery, but the idea of drilling holes makes you nervous, try this technique instead.
    Image Photo Credit: Gingerbread Snowflake
  • Tie-Dye Easter Eggs 17 of 24
    Tie-Dye Easter Eggs
    If you want to go the traditional dye route, but get a different result, try this technique which reminds me of vintage marbles.
    Image Photo Credit: Family Fun
  • Scrap Happy Eggs 18 of 24
    Scrap Happy Eggs
    These would be perfect for a quilter with extra bits of fabric laying around.
    Image Photo Credit: Family Circle
  • Golden Easter Eggs 19 of 24
    Golden Easter Eggs
    These golden eggs would make a great centerpiece for Easter Dinner - and they look so easy!
    Image Photo Credit: Rustoleum
  • Glitter Eggs 20 of 24
    Glitter Eggs
    If you can stand to have a house full of glitter for weeks, try these glitter and glue concoctions.
    Image Photo Credit: Family Circle
  • Watercolor Easter Eggs 21 of 24
    Watercolor Easter Eggs
    To get this look, try layering different intensities of color and then a bit of ink.
    Image Photo Credit: Alisa Burke
  • Spatter Painted Eggs 22 of 24
    Spatter Painted Eggs
    The texture and color of these eggs remind me of stones you'd find on a beach. Beautiful!
    Image Photo Credit: Curbly
  • Egg Animals 23 of 24
    Egg Animals
    If the dying part is over too fast, add embellishments to your eggs, like these felt and egg animals.
    Image Photo Credit: Bunny Cakes
  • Eggbot 24 of 24
    And if you really want to pull out all the stops, try the Eggbot, which decorates your eggs with highly intricate patterns in marker. It costs about $200.
    Image Photo Credit: Evil Mad Science


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