25 Ideas, Must-Haves + DIY’s from the New 2013 IKEA Catalog

The new IKEA catalog arrived recently and after spending a bit of time going through it what inspired me most were all the cool decorating tricks and ideas embedded (like easter eggs in a video game); so much to take in, and each and every time I go back, I find something else.  A fun addition this year their added features to some of the pages which you can click and view sometimes videos or different views of each of the rooms, even DIY ideas.  After spending much time, I’ve come up with a selection of cool decorating tricks along with must-have items that I’ve found that are definitely worth bookmarking.  Click below (in our new fast slideshow format) to see!

  • Must Have – Textiles + Bedding 1 of 27
    Must Have - Textiles + Bedding
    The textiles and bedding this year are pretty dreamy. From florals to toiles, mixing them up (as shown here) makes it even better.
    Click here to see more.
  • Idea – Cover Up! 2 of 27
    Idea - Cover Up!
    Give new life to an old table or set of drawers by covering with a new fabric.
    See p. 180 .
  • Idea – Set Up Play Stations 3 of 27
    Idea - Set Up Play Stations
    A perfect idea for a family home - having storage for toys, crayons, papers and pens promotes creativity and also super-easy to put away when they're done.
    See Page 36 + 37.
  • Idea – Handy Storage 4 of 27
    Idea - Handy Storage
    The STUVA benches are perfect little storage bins for small spaces.
    See Page 36 + 37.
  • Idea – Entry Storage Solutions No. 1 5 of 27
    Idea - Entry Storage Solutions No. 1
    Creative storage solutions are one of IKEA's strong points. Like using trash baskets as a catch-all in an entry way; and concealed mounting hardware.
    See page 46 + 47
  • Idea – Entry Storage Solutions No. 2 6 of 27
    Idea - Entry Storage Solutions No. 2
    Another creative storage solution a RATIONELL VARIERA plastic bag dispenser becomes an umbrella holder.
    See page 46 + 47
  • Idea – His + Hers Room 7 of 27
    Idea - His + Hers Room
    Rather than having twin beds, choose a bed + comforter to suit both of you. Such a clever idea.
    See page 56 + 57.
  • DIY – Make Fabric Murals 8 of 27
    DIY - Make Fabric Murals
    Another clever idea is IKEA's use of multi-media in their catalog and here if you click on the blue arrow (in the top right hand corner) you can watch a mini video on how to make these fabric murals hanging from the celing.
    Click here to see.
  • Idea – A Faux Closet 9 of 27
    Idea - A Faux Closet
    Don't have the budget to buy a PAX? Rig a closet out of curtains, some valet coat racks and shelving. Looks marvelous! And that BEKKESTUA headboard is a must-have! (Pssst! Click on the Extra Content Button to see behind the curtain!)
    See pages 62 + 63
  • Must Have – IKEA PS 2012 Sofa 10 of 27
    Must Have - IKEA PS 2012 Sofa
    Designed by Nike Karlsson, the new IKEA PS 2012 sofa has lots of soft extra cushions perfect for relaxing. (Love the color too)!
    See page 68.
  • Idea – Divide a big room into Two 11 of 27
    Idea - Divide a big room into Two
    By hanging curtains around a bed, you can easily create one room into two - perfect idea for a dorm or new parents!
    See Page 70.
  • Idea – Add a Vanity in Your Bedroom 12 of 27
    Idea - Add a Vanity in Your Bedroom
    A creative idea to avoid bathroom line-ups in the morning!
    Page 84 + 85.
  • Must Have – PRAKTFULL PRO A51 Gas Range 13 of 27
    Must Have - PRAKTFULL PRO A51 Gas Range
    A gorgeous addition to any kitchen - comes with convection oven too!
    See page 94 + 95.
  • RASKOG Kitchen Cart 14 of 27
    RASKOG Kitchen Cart
    A powder coated steel dream. Perfect for under counter storage!
    Page 108 + 109.
  • Idea – Create a Unique Workspace 15 of 27
    Idea - Create a Unique Workspace
    Whether it's a craftroom or serious workspace, make it your own by decorating with fabric. Decoupage strips of fabric onto shelving, tables, etc.
    Pages 130 + 131.
  • Make – Embroider a Headboard 16 of 27
    Make - Embroider a Headboard
    Embroider a favorite quote onto the DuKEN headboard.
    Pages 130 + 131.
  • Make – Decoupage Shelving 17 of 27
    Make - Decoupage Shelving
    Glue textile strips onto LACK shelves to personalize a space.
    Pages 130 + 131.
  • Make – Embellish Curtains 18 of 27
    Make - Embellish Curtains
    Create a piece of art by embellishing curtains with embroidery stitching ideas.
    Pages 130 + 131.
  • Idea – An Organized Workspace 19 of 27
    Idea - An Organized Workspace
    An organized space helps you work better - great idea for storage here.
    See pages 134 + 135.
  • Idea – Bed Turns Daybed 20 of 27
    Idea - Bed Turns Daybed
    Who says a daybed has to be a real daybed? Make one up with this budget-friendly idea (FJELLSE twin bed frame - $39.99). The added pillows finish and create the look.
    See pages 140 + 141.
  • Must Have – SLATTHULT Stickers 21 of 27
    Must Have - SLATTHULT Stickers
    Cool 8-bit design stickers - perfect for a kids room or dorm.
    See page 148+149.
  • Must Have – EIVOR Curtains 22 of 27
    Must Have - EIVOR Curtains
    These pretty curtains will turn any room into a woodland wonderland.
    Page 174 + 175.
  • Must Have – New IKEA PS 2012 Wall Lamp 23 of 27
    Must Have - New IKEA PS 2012 Wall Lamp
    A great reading lamp, the new IKEA PS 2012 wall lamp has an adjustable body and a great space saver.
    Pages 208 and 209.
  • Must Have – HEKTAR Pendant Lamp 24 of 27
    Must Have - HEKTAR Pendant Lamp
    The HEKTAR pendant lamp gives a directed light - perfect for a workspace or kitchen .
    See pages 214 + 215.
  • Inspiration – Industrial 25 of 27
    Inspiration - Industrial
    A bit of inspiration with an industrial theme.
    Pages 242-243.
  • Inspiration – Swedish Countryside 26 of 27
    Inspiration - Swedish Countryside
    Get inspired by this palette of checks and down-to-earth style.
    Pages 242-243.
  • Must Have – Mysig Bed Canopy 27 of 27
    Must Have - Mysig Bed Canopy
    A cute accessory for the little one's room!
    Page 203 + 204.


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