25 Inspiring Home Christmas Light Displays

Whether you’ve already strung up the lights, or are putting it off for one more day, these 25 inspiring home Christmas light displays are a burst of merry inspiration. As a kid we had a pretty basic light display on our house, but I can definitely remember looking forward to those certain houses down the street that were all decked out. These houses around the world have a wide range of ways to display their Christmas cheer. There’s even a house in France where they have hung real Christmas trees from the windows.

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  • In the Neighborhood 2 of 26

    Get the neighbors in on the decorating fun.
    Photo credit:Jim Henderson.

  • Town Landmark 3 of 26

    Put up a fun light display every year.
    Photo credit:Harke.

  • Fairlie Park, Ringwood 4 of 26

    Use the light display to give back. Year after year the residents of Ringwood decorate their houses and donate the money raised from visitors to local charities.
    Photo credit:Jim Champion.

  • 34th Street Maryland 5 of 26

    Here's a festive way to be inspired to decorate, with a little bit of everything.
    Photo credit:Jasper.

  • Landkeris Neinburg, Lower Saxony 6 of 26

    Go all out and decorate the bushes, as well as string lights down from the chimney.
    Photo credit:Corradox.

  • Twinkling House 7 of 26

    Create an entire village of reindeer around your home.
    Photo credit:David Ayrton.

  • Furrlongs, Newport 8 of 26

    Don't just stop at the front of the house, add lights all the way around.
    Photo credit:Editor5807.

  • Dutchess Country, New York 9 of 26

    A classic white Christmas light display never looked so good.
    Photo credit:Julia Colton.

  • Eastern Cape, South Africa 10 of 26

    Icicle lights give this house the winter wonderland feel.
    Photo credit:NJR ZA.

  • Our Home 11 of 26

    Just try to start counting all the individual lights.
    Photo credit:4flowers.

  • Saugus, Massachusetts 12 of 26

    Set up a Christmas tree lot with lights.
    Photo credit:Anthony92631.

  • Wells, Somerset, England 13 of 26

    Let it snow, let it snow with a stunning spectacle such as this. Check out the adorable polar bears and penguins.
    Photo credit:Paultoole.

  • Wollongong, NSW, Australia 14 of 26

    Spell out words to celebrate the holidays with rope lights.
    Photo credit:Amandajm.

  • Trees & Snowman 15 of 26

    Minimal is still very beautiful with these trees without leaves.
    Photo credit:Mike Spasoff.

  • Boston, Massachusetts 16 of 26

    Here's a house where almost every little inch is covered in lights.
    Photo credit:Daniel P. B. Smith .

  • Wollongong Suburbs 17 of 26

    From carolers to rocking horses and shooting stars, this house has it all.
    Photo credit:Amandajm.

  • Harahan, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana 18 of 26

    Use lights to outline your lawn.
    Photo credit:Information of New Orleans .

  • Ryde, Isle of Wright 19 of 26

    Go for a dark and moody look with deep blue lights. 
    Photo credit:Ariva436.

  • Broughton 20 of 26

    Have fun with the lights and create silly scenes like bicycle riders on the roof and Santa coming out the window.
    Photo credit:John S Turner.

  • Haughton, Staffordshire 21 of 26

    Go crazy and put characters everywhere like this house.
    Photo credit:Laura Ganderton

  • French Quarter, New Orleans 22 of 26

    Make the house glow with green and red lights.
    Photo credit:Ben Grogan.

  • Urbana, Illionois 23 of 26

    This is a sweetly lit house that has a minimal, yet eye-catching amount of lights.
    Photo credit:Daniel Schwen.

  • Friends Road 24 of 26

    Keep adding on the lights until you hardly see the house.
    Photo credit:Katy Walters.

  • Illinois 25 of 26

    Take advantage of the corner lot and cover the house in lights all around.
    Photo credit:Daniel Schwen.

  • France 26 of 26

    This house went as far as to hang Christmas trees from the windows.

    Photo via: Wikimedia Commons.

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