25 Inspiring Kids Rooms

It’s easy for kid’s rooms to get overrun with toys and turn into unfocused messes, even after they’ve been picked up. It can be visually overwhelming to be in a cluttered space. If you need inspiration for a little reorganizing, a new theme to decorate around or maybe just a new coat of paint, look no further. Kids rooms can have so much personality, and these 25 all bring something unique to the table. Check them all out after the jump.

  • Map Green Walls 1 of 24
    Map Green Walls
    This map inspired space uses classic map green for the walls. What do you think of the painted ceiling?
    Photo Credit: A Bit of Sunshine
  • Yellow Union Jack 2 of 24
    Yellow Union Jack
    Aren't the yellow walls in this room great? This room makes the argument to pick bright colors over pastels for kids.
    Photo Credit: House to Home
  • Magnetic Map Ceiling 3 of 24
    Magnetic Map Ceiling
    This map mural was has a base coat of magnet paint underneath. The loose style of the map makes it an approachable project for any skill level!
    Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Play Table 4 of 24
    Play Table
    There are two great things about this room: how big, bright and open it is, and the focus on play space with the table right in the middle.
    Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Dotted Ceiling 5 of 24
    Dotted Ceiling
    This ceiling is so pretty. It would be an easy look to replicate with paint, or stickers or decals.
    Photo Credit: Haciendo el Indio
  • Rainbow Wall 6 of 24
    Rainbow Wall
    This brilliant effect was hand-painted using the little sample colors you can pick up at the hardware store.
    Photo Credit: Design Sponge
  • Starry Walls 7 of 24
    Starry Walls
    The cloud valence above these star twinkle lights would be great in a kids room.
    Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Hand-Painted Border 8 of 24
    Hand-Painted Border
    I love the slightly subdued but still rich colors in this room, and the detail in the border around the ceiling!
    Photo Credit: Milk Magazine via The Boo and The Boy
  • Star Nursery 9 of 24
    Star Nursery
    These light, light purple stars make the giant graphic stars soft enough for a nursery.
    Photo Credit: DecoPeques
  • Triangle Walls 10 of 24
    Triangle Walls
    I love the triangle walls (is that wallpaper or a great paint job?) and the giant bow above the bed. Both great ideas!
    Photo Credit: Hus&Hem
  • Cloud Bed 11 of 24
    Cloud Bed
    I love the cloud bed here, and also the little colorful cards on the wall. (I wonder what they look like up close?) Do you think you could do something similar with vintage flash cards?
    Photo Credit: Molly-Meg
  • Reading Nook 12 of 24
    Reading Nook
    This adorable reading nook would something you could recreate with a small spare closet. (Does such a thing as a spare closet really exist?)
    Photo Credit: Storage Glee
  • Bunks for a Crew 13 of 24
    Bunks for a Crew
    If you have more kids than rooms, this should inspire you. The minimal color palette keeps the space clean looking, even with 5 beds!
    Photo Credit: HGTV
  • Modern Vintage 14 of 24
    Modern Vintage
    The cheerful colors in this room make it feel modern, even with the vintage toys and lockers in the space.
    Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Staying Neutral 15 of 24
    Staying Neutral
    This room keeps the color to a minimum, which makes the vintage map pop.
    Photo Credit: Riazzoli
  • Maximize Space 16 of 24
    Maximize Space
    Even though this is a small room with two beds, it feels organized and spacious with the stacked beds and lots of shelves.
    Photo Credit: Kavka Design
  • Home Gym 17 of 24
    Home Gym
    This probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you hear 'home gym,' but with a house full of active kids, especially in a colder climate, it might be just the right thing.
    Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Go Fly a Kite 18 of 24
    Go Fly a Kite
    The bright toucan kite in this mostly white room is a great (inexpensive) statement.
    Photo Credit: Rafa Kids
  • Space Cartography 19 of 24
    Space Cartography
    Everything in this room is about maps, from the art, to the color of the walls and furniture, to the planetary mobile hanging in the corner.
    Photo Credit: Decor Pad
  • Colorful Cowboys 20 of 24
    Colorful Cowboys
    The vintage cowboy wallpaper and with the bright rug and furniture come together perfectly in this space.
    Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Graphic Art 21 of 24
    Graphic Art
    The graphic, colorful accents in this room are so rad. (Is that a circle-shaped astroturf rug?!)
    Photo Credit: DecoPeques
  • Kids Gallery 22 of 24
    Kids Gallery
    I love the idea of framing kids everyday art like it's museum quality (although I'm not sure those are actually all kid-art). These bright colored mats make the gold frames more kiddish.
    Photo Credit: Habitually Chic
  • Stripes Galore 23 of 24
    Stripes Galore
    While the ferris wheel against the wall in this room is amazing, I'm equally in love with all the stripes in the rugs, canopy and bedding.
    Photo Credit: Desire to Inspire
  • Bed in a Barn 24 of 24
    Bed in a Barn
    I've always been a fan of beds tucked into cozy spaces, and this country inspired nook is no exception.
    Photo Credit: DecoPeques

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