25 Irish Dance Dresses That Will Wow You

Back in the day not too many people were familiar with Irish dance. Now with Riverdance, the recent movie Jig, and a rumors of an Irish dance TV show it has become more popular than ever. The dancing is of course amazing to watch, but have you checked out those dresses? The traditional ones are beautifully hand embroidered with celtic knots while the solo costumes (custom made to each dancer) are totally blinged out and full of bright colors, some even have animal print. There is no better way to get prepped for St. Patrick’s Day than getting to know the ins and outs of Ireland’s most traditional dancing, starting with 25 Irish Dance Dresses That Will Wow You…

  • Dresses of Champions 1 of 25
    Strays away from the traditional green and Irish knotwork we associate with Ireland .
    Find out more at Irish Central.
  • Sweet Velvet Dress 2 of 25
    The velvet gives this dress a very classic look.
    Find out more at Dance Again.
  • School Dress 3 of 25
    School dresses are very much like a uniform and are made to look identical.
    Spotted at Tumblr.
  • Champion and Star 4 of 25
    You may notice this dress from the Irish dance documentary, Jig.
    Check it out at The Dominion Post.
  • Miss Neon 5 of 25
    Neon colors have become a major trend with Irish dance dresses.
    Spotted at Tumblr.
  • Shimmery Steps 6 of 25
    I keep going back and forth between the shimmery dress, huge leap and huge hair.
    Find out more at Flickr.
  • Knotwork Galore 7 of 25
    What a beautiful knotwork filled skirt.
    Spotted at Flickriver.
  • Rainbow Peacocks 8 of 25
    Solo dresses like these are custom made with one of a kind designs.
    Spotted at Tumblr.
  • Ready for Competition 9 of 25
    I think I would be nervous if I had to compete against a girl in this two tone dress.
    Spotted at Dance Again.
  • Raaawr 10 of 25
    I would have never expected to see animal prints.
    Check it out at Dance Again.
  • Half and Half 11 of 25
    Not quite traditional but cute and simple.
    Check it out at Dance Again.
  • Two Piece Appliqué Dress 12 of 25
    Could you tell this dress is actually two separate pieces?
    Find out more at Dance Again.
  • Floral Sleeves 13 of 25
    There are so many details in this dress. Just check out those sleeves.
    Spotted at Dance Again.
  • Something Old, Something New 14 of 25
    The bling and big flowers are new while the faux black corset is an older style.
    Find out more at Dance Again.
  • Ruffles and Lattice 15 of 25
    Check out the detail around the neck.
    Spotted at Dance Again.
  • Floral and Lace 16 of 25
    This dress has a unique skirt made of a floral lace overlay.
    Spotted at Dance Again.
  • Tuxedo Top 17 of 25
    Did you also notice the polka dot peeking out?
    Check it out at Dance Again.
  • Sweet and Girly 18 of 25
    I can picture a little girl bouncing around the stage in this dress.
    Find out more atDance Again.
  • Bring on Tradition 19 of 25
    Here is a more traditional dress with a coat of arms on the back.
    See the back of this dress at Gumtree.
  • School Dress Gone Simple 20 of 25
    Not all school dresses are embellished with bold colors and intricate designs.
    Find out more at Asheville Arts Center.
  • Over the Rainbow 21 of 25
    And over a tight budget at $1,500.
    Check it out at Dance Again.
  • Hot Pink Pizzazz 22 of 25
    This dress still manages to pop even with only two colors.
    Spotted at Dance Again.
  • Team Spirit 23 of 25
    I'm a sucker for those lace collars. They just look so cute.
    Spotted at Kinsella Academy.
  • World Champion Dress 24 of 25
    Hot pink, black and those electric sleeves definitely make this world champion stand out.
    Find out more at Toronto Sun.
  • Hello Tie-Dye 25 of 25
    Of all the dresses I've seen this is surely one of a kind.
    Check it out at Dance Again.

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