25 Ladies Dresses for Fall Under $60


We all like to reinvent our wardrobe in the fall but who has the budget to? All these fashionable ladies dresses are made to fit your budget, coming all in at under $60. Pair some of the short ones with tights, boots and a cardigan to give you plenty of warmth as the weather gets cooler. Keep reading to see all 25 and where to get them!

  • Pleated Knit Dress 1 of 25
    Pleated Knit Dress
    A closet staple, this Gap dress for $49.99 has endless possibilities. Try adding a pop of red or orange with it this fall!
  • Rowboat Dress 2 of 25
    Rowboat Dress
    Stripes are still hot and luckily you can pick up this cute number at J.Crew for $59.99. With fun tights and a sweater, this rowboat dress is a instant favorite
  • Lace Trim Chiffon Dress 3 of 25
    Lace Trim Chiffon Dress
    Chiffon dresses are in style (again!) and we love the versatility, color, long sleeves and price of this Old Navy one for only $32.99
  • Fitted Knee Length Dress 4 of 25
    Fitted Knee Length Dress
    For only $34.99, this H&M dress makes a put together, classy statement for your work clothes or an evening out.
  • Seaside Stripes Dress (pair with a cardigan!) 5 of 25
    Seaside Stripes Dress (pair with a cardigan!)
    Can't beat the price on this Forever21 dress for only $24.80. Add a bright cardigan, tights and boots to this classic stripey pattern for fall.
  • Lydia Polka Dot Dress 6 of 25
    Lydia Polka Dot Dress
    Polka dots and chiffon, be still my heart! I'm loving everything from the pattern, cut and long sleeves in this Ruche dress priced at $39.99
  • Bright Stripey Dress 7 of 25
    Bright Stripey Dress
    Bright colors are in this season and this H&M dress for only $39.99 is the perfect way to embrace them! You don't need much else to accessorize this statement dress. Just a smile!
  • Chartreuse Button Up Dress 8 of 25
    Chartreuse Button Up Dress
    This beautiful chartreuse dress is a gorgeous cut and nice flatting neckline and length. Pick one up at Ruche for $38.99
  • Polka Dot Bib Dress (pair with a cardigan!) 9 of 25
    Polka Dot Bib Dress (pair with a cardigan!)
    Adorable details, pattern and color make this sweet dress a favorite from Forever21 for only $22.80
  • Pembroke Stride Collar Dress (pair with a cardigan!) 10 of 25
    Pembroke Stride Collar Dress (pair with a cardigan!)
    What a classic cut. You'll be loving this dress now and in 10 years. The $39.99 price tag from Ruche can't be beat either!
  • Denim Dress with Belt 11 of 25
    Denim Dress with Belt
    This every day, casual denim dress is perfect for errands, meetings and picking kids up at preschool. Get it for cheap t Forever21 for only $24.90
  • Cowl Neck Sweater Dress 12 of 25
    Cowl Neck Sweater Dress
    Nothing is more comfy than a cowl neck sweater dress! You'll love pulling this on when the weather gets chilly. Pick it up at Old Navy for $44.99
  • Couch Tour Dress in Noir 13 of 25
    Couch Tour Dress in Noir
    Ooh la la! This Frenchy dress is sophisticated and chic in a navy, a perfect color for fall. Find it at ModCloth for $47.99
  • Graded Print Dress 14 of 25
    Graded Print Dress
    Everyone needs a dress with a little pizazz! This one is perfect for an evening out or cocktail gathering. Can't beat the price either! Get it at Zara for $59.90
  • Dot Pockets Dress 15 of 25
    Dot Pockets Dress
    A sweet polka dot dress is one you can dress up or down from everyday errands to an evening date. Pick it up at ModCloth for $49.99
  • Two Tone Dress (pair with a cardigan!) 16 of 25
    Two Tone Dress (pair with a cardigan!)
    Love this sophisticated color blocked, two toned dress in perfect colors for autumn. At Zara for $59.90
  • Pleated Silky Dress (pair with a cardigan!) 17 of 25
    Pleated Silky Dress (pair with a cardigan!)
    Gorgeous bright pink is a hot color for fall. Pick up this adorable version at Forever21 for only $24.90
  • Slouchy Dress 18 of 25
    Slouchy Dress
    This sophisticated slouchy look is a new trend I'm loving. Plus you can't go wrong with a little black dress. Everyone needs one especially at a price like this! (Zara $59.90)
  • Tailored Crepe Dress 19 of 25
    Tailored Crepe Dress
    Beautiful purple dress in a gorgeous cut and fashionable length. Plus the cut can't be beat (H&M $34.99 in stores only)
  • Herringbone Cargo Dress 20 of 25
    Herringbone Cargo Dress
    This super versatile, casual dress is a go-to for everyday wear. Classic and great quality from the reliable J.Crew brand for $49.99
  • Stripe Jumper (pair with a cardigan!) 21 of 25
    Stripe Jumper (pair with a cardigan!)
    Great fall colors and a pretty cut make this a favorite. Transition out of summer with this one adding a cardigan and tights. You'll be all set for fall! (Delias $39.50)
  • Ruched Cowneck Dress 22 of 25
    Ruched Cowneck Dress
    A closet staple, this cowneck dress can be dressed up for an evening out or paired down for work or errands. Get it for a steal at Gap for $34.99
  • Doria Dress 23 of 25
    Doria Dress
    This elegant dress is a steal at J.Crew for only $59.99. You'll wow your date and impress your friends with this sexy number!
  • Straight Cut Dress 24 of 25
    Straight Cut Dress
    We love turquoise this season and here's a perfect one for a steal at H&M for $34.99. Hot with boots, a scarf and belt!
  • Dress with Center Buttons 25 of 25
    Dress with Center Buttons
    Camel is a popular color these days and so fun to add colors like red and orange to this fall. This cute one is a real deal Zara for $59.90


Gap Pleated Knit Dress $49.99

J.Crew Rowboat Dress $59.99

Old Navy Lace Trim Chiffon Dress $32.99

H&M Fitted Knee Length Dress $34.99 in stores only

Forever21 Seaside Stripes Dress $24.80

Ruche Lydia Polka Dot Dress $39.99

H&M Stripey Dress $39.99 in stores only

Ruche Chartreuse Button Up Dress $38.99

Forever21 Polka Dot Bib Dress $22.80

Ruche Pembroke Stride Collar Dress $39.99

Forever21 Denim Dress with Belt $24.90

Old Navy Cow Neck Sweater Dress $44.99

ModCloth Couch Tour Dress in Noir $47.99

Zara Graded Print Dress $59.90

ModCloth Dot Pockets Dress $49.99

Zara Two Tone Dress $59.90

Forever21 Pleated Silky Dress $24.90

Zara Slouchy Dress $59.90 in stores only

H&M Tailored Crepe Dress $34.99 in stores only

J.Crew Herringbone Cargo Dress $49.99

Delias Stripe Jumper $39.50

Gap Ruched Cowneck Dress $34.99

J.Crew Doria Dress $59.99

H&M Straight Cut Dress $34.99

Zara Dress with Center Buttons $59.90


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