24 More DIY Educational Activities for Kids

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We first shared a list of 25 DIY educational activities for kids, but now we have even more educational activities for some high quality, at-home learning. Since children can use a variety of approaches to learn new things, these are great for mixing in with what they are doing at school. These hands on practices are engaging, motivating, and all around fun for kids. They won’t even suspect they are learning!

1. Alphabet Matching

Make upper and lower case letter matching fun with DIY ice cream cones. Easy materials to work with and a simple DIY for fun alphabet practicing.
Find out more at Coffee Cups and Crayons.

2. Geoboards

Make your own geoboard to practice shapes at home. You can expand on this by looking at the sides of the shape, corners, and other shape attributes.
Find out more at Teach Preschool.

3. Lego Math

Compare using greater than and less than with legos. Kids are already motivated by legos, so make it educational too.
Find out more at One Perfect Day.

4. Alphabet Mail

Practice writing the alphabet in a fun way by matching and mailing letters in corresponding envelopes. Kids love the mail, so this makes learning to write and match letter more motivating.
Find out more at No Time for Flashcards.

5. Water Experiment

Collect objects from a nature walk and pour water on them. Discover which ones absorb water and make hypothesis about why.
Find out more at Hands on as We Grow.

6. Ordering Events

Use paint sticks to order events. This is great for routines for preschool, book plots for elementary, or history for older kids.
Find out more at Deceptively Educational.

7. Puzzle Match

Use a puzzle to practice word skills like homophones, rhyming words, or synonyms. You could even make this a math game by putting the answers on the pieces and the problems on the puzzle.
Find out more at Second in Shawnee.

8. Letter Mats

Use playdoh to practice sight words or spelling on a mat. You could practice letter this way as well. To make this even simplier for at home use, write the words you want your child to work on and slip the paper in a sheet protector. It will be easy to change out when they need new words.
Find out more at Little Hands Big Work.

9. Name Practice

Have fun crafting and learning with Cheerios and name practice.
Find out more at Skains Family.

10. Alphabet Hunt

Practicing beginning sounds and letters matching through an alphabet hunt your child’s toys.
Find out more at One Perfect Day.

11. Sight Word Game

Practice sight words with this fun twist on bingo. Call out a sight word and have your child park their car on the sight word.
Find out more at Juggling with Kids.

12. Spelling Practice

Use clothespins and index cards to practice spelling or sight words in a fun way.
Find out more at Imperfect Homemaking.

13. Counting Fries

Cut up sponges to make fries and use McDonalds fry boxes to create a counting game. Match the correct amount of fries with the number on the fry box.
Find out more at From the Hive.

14. Crystal Egg Geodes

Learn about crystallization and have a beautiful product to show for it .
Find out more at Martha Stewart.

15. Pipe Cleaner Letters

Make letters and words with pipe cleaners for more interesting spelling and letter recognition practice.
Find out more at Make and Takes.

16. Letter Search

Have kids search for letter in a bin of uncooked rice. Then place the letters in an alphabet puzzle.
Find out more at Little Hands Big Work.

17. Time Practice

Match analog and digital time with Easter eggs.
Find out more at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.

18. Build Words

Build sight or spelling words with scrabble letters.
Find out more at Rockabye Butterfly.

19. Rhyming Sort

Use hula hoops to group rhyming words that you write on plates. You can sort by beginning letter.
Find out more at No Time for Flashcards.

20. Alphabet Lacing

Teach children to write letters with alphabet lacing cards. It allows them to work on the correct formation of the letters without having to heavily rely on their fine motor skills.
Find out more at Live Craft Eat.

21. LEGO Spelling

Put alphabet stickers on legos for a fun way to practice spelling and word making.
Find out more at Filth Wizardry.

22. Shapes

Match shapes to outlines on cardboard. You can extend this by sorting the shapes or talking about the different attributes of shapes. You can even use the felt shapes to combine and make new shapes and objects once your child is older.
Find out more at Diapers to Diplomas.

23. Word Families

Use paint swatches to create a slidable card to practice word families.
Find out more at Serving Pink Lemonade.

24. Geometry

Create these simple foldables to talk about attributes of 3D shapes.
Find out more at Hooty’s Homeroom.


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