25 Most Pinned DIYs

The internet is a-buzz these days with DIYs, tutorials and clever ideas on how to make things.  From crafts to preserving wood, the information is endless and inspiring!  I recently was going through my pins over on Pinterest and I was reminded of the incredible amount of inspiration there is online and have put together a list of some of the most pinned (or more popular) DIYs on my boards out there.  Things like porch brackets that become magazine stands, a how-to on how to make a beautiful paper orchid, origami bows for gift wrapping and a quilt you can make in as little as one day! Click below to see!

  • Magazine Rack 1 of 25
    Magazine Rack
    Make a magazine rack using porch trim brackets.
    Get the how-to from This Old House. Photo: Wendell T. Webber.
  • The 24 Hour Quilt 2 of 25
    The 24 Hour Quilt
    Sew zig-zag lines using one or two solid colored sheets or fabric.
    Get the how-to at katie did.
  • Hanging Shelf (Idea) 3 of 25
    Hanging Shelf (Idea)
    Although not an actual DIY, this hanging shelf idea is fairly simple to execute. (Maria of Folksy Home has a tutorial for a hanging shelf like this on her blog here.) .
    Image via
  • Magical Lace Tent 4 of 25
    Magical Lace Tent
    A clever and pretty play tent made from vintage crocheted cloth.
    Get the how-to at A Beautiful Mess.
  • Doily Tea Light Holder 5 of 25
    Doily Tea Light Holder
    Balloon + lace doily + wallpaper glue = tea light holder. (Instructions in Norwegian).
    Get the how-to at Spirello.
  • Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board 6 of 25
    Oil Drip Pan Magnet Board
    A fun preschool activity board to make out of an oil drip pan (available at hardware stores with an automotive section).
    Get the how-to at Nic and Kate.
  • Paper Butterflies 7 of 25
    Paper Butterflies
    A fun project using magazine paper. (Instructions in German for this particular image by However if you wish them in English, I found a a how-to here.
    Image from
  • DIY Paper Orchid Flower 8 of 25
    DIY Paper Orchid Flower
    A pretty way to top a gift, these paper orchid flowers will wow you!
    Get the how-to and printables at
  • Origami Bow 9 of 25
    Origami Bow
    Make origami bows for gifts from magazine paper.
    Get the how-to at How About Orange.
  • Inner Tube Chairs (Idea) 10 of 25
    Inner Tube Chairs (Idea)
    A fun alternative to a lounge (indoor or out), an inner tube chair covered with upholstery fabric. (Idea only).
    More info at Apartment Therapy.
  • Upcycled Dishware Cakestands 11 of 25
    Upcycled Dishware Cakestands
    A clever idea for a budget friendly wedding or party. Upcycle dollarstore finds into cakestands.
    Get the how-to at Craftzine.
  • How to Make Lined Curtains 12 of 25
    How to Make Lined Curtains
    This well-explained tutorial shows how to make your own professional lined curtain panels.
    Get the how-to at House of Hepworths.
  • Instagram Coasters 13 of 25
    Instagram Coasters
    A great idea to make something out of your favorite instgrams!
    Get the how-to at Foam Magazine.
  • A Triangle Quilt 14 of 25
    A Triangle Quilt
    A well-thought out DIY to make a modern looking triangle quilt.
    Get the how-to at Happy Together.
  • Glass Jar Typography 15 of 25
    Glass Jar Typography
    A pretty idea for weddings or party's as place settings by Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day.
    Get the how-to at Project Wedding.
  • Screen Printing 16 of 25
    Screen Printing
    If you're thinking about screenprinting, this is a great place to start!
    Get the how-to from
  • Enlarge a Photo on the Cheap 17 of 25
    Enlarge a Photo on the Cheap
    This pin was mostly about how to enlarge a photo on the cheap but it also includes a how-to then apply it to a board to make a shaped frame family photo.
    Get the how-to from
  • Polka Dot Stencil How-To 18 of 25
    Polka Dot Stencil How-To
    A cute and cheerful way to decorate a wall.
    Get the how-to from The Li'l House That Could.
  • How to Make Pom Poms With a Fork 19 of 25
    How to Make Pom Poms With a Fork
    One of the most popular pins in my DIY board, this how-to is super clever and easy!
    Get the how-to from Vivid Please.
  • Floor Stencil 20 of 25
    Floor Stencil
    Make a dramatic statement by stenciling floors.
    More details at Remodilista.
  • Making Your Own Stamps 21 of 25
    Making Your Own Stamps
    A great link to several ideas to make your own stamps.
    More details at Approachable Art.
  • Make Your Own Paper Flowers 22 of 25
    Make Your Own Paper Flowers
    This beautiful DIY is a great wedding or party project.
    More details at Wedding Chicks.
  • How to Preserve Wood Slices 23 of 25
    How to Preserve Wood Slices
    More of a solution than a DIY, but a good thing to know if you wish to make something with fallen tree limbs.
    More details at
  • Make Your Own Porcelain 24 of 25
    Make Your Own Porcelain
    This how-to explains how to make your own air-dired porcelain from common household ingredients.
    More details at The Junk Wave.
  • Paint Swatch Wall Decor 25 of 25
    Paint Swatch Wall Decor
    What started as a painting project (putting up paint swatches to help decide what color to paint a wall) became a fun and very popular DIY!
    More details at Liz Apple.


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