25 of the Best Clothespin and Peg Dolls

I’ve been making clothespin dolls lately. Have you ever tried? It’s a satisfying craft project because they’re so small that they come together really quickly, and you can make a million variations on them with just wooden pegs or clothespins, plus paint. Below are 25 of the best examples out there, some just for inspiration and some that you can purchase.

  • Amazing Inspiration 1 of 25
    These were artist Elsa Mora's first attempt at making dolls out of clothes pins. So good, right!?
    Photo by Elsita
  • Nanette Wooden Doll Kit 2 of 25
    This is the kind of toy I always imagined would be in my home for a daughter. You can buy a premade version as well.
    By Sophie Tilley Designs, £18.99
  • Clothespin Girls with Hearts 3 of 25
    Such a sweet trio of girls. Lots of pink and of course, lots of hearts.
    By Pretty Fickle, $15
  • Custom Wedding Cake Toppers 4 of 25
    These are by far my favorites. Commission your own custom made heirloom.
    By The Small Object, prices range from $150-$500
  • Pirate Gang with Roll-up Case 5 of 25
    Eeek, little eye patches!
    By Pegged, $45
  • Leia and Hans Cake Toppers 6 of 25
    May the force be with you, and also these adorable Star Wars peg dolls.
    By Pegged, $38
  • Zoo Animals 7 of 25
    Who says these toys need to be people? Here's a giraffe, mama and baby gorilla, zebra, lion, and elephant.
    By Goose Grease, $62
  • Santa Lucia Clothespin Dollmaking Pattern 8 of 25
    These mark the Scandinavian holiday of Santa Lucia Day, but they would be lovely to make or display all year.
    By Alicia Paulson, $6
  • The Friends and Neighbors Poster 9 of 25
    Four dots and a smile, plus paint and a few accessories add up to a whole lot of personalities!
    By The Small Object, $30
  • Farminals 10 of 25
    A farmer with his chicken, cow, pig, and horse. The simple features and details on these is very sweet.
    By Goose Grease, $38
  • Fun With Learning Number Dolls 11 of 25
    Ten little ballerinas with a number each. Wouldn't these be cute on top of a birthday cake?
    By Pretty Fickle, $25
  • Wooden Clothes Pin Dolls 12 of 25
    Here's a how-to for making dolls with a fabric dress.
    From Bloesem Kids
  • Pirates vs. Pirates Checker Set 13 of 25
    OMG, how awesome is this? Makes you want to play checkers, right?
    By Goose Grease, $225
  • Country Girl Clothespin Dollmaking Pattern 14 of 25
    If you'd like to try your hand at these sweet gals, you can download a PDF pattern to do so.
    By Alicia Paulson, $6
  • Pink, Brown, and White Peg Doll Set 15 of 25

    By Abby Jac, $48
  • Wooden Dolls Best Friends 16 of 25
    Because one clothespin doll would be lonely.
    By Pretty Fickle, $12.50
  • Tiny Trekkies 17 of 25
    As in real life, I like Spock the best.
    By Pegged, $72
  • Harry Potter Ornament Set 18 of 25
    Add a little magic to the tree next Christmas, or hang around the house for magic year-round.
    By Pegged, $24
  • Sweet Sisters Play Set 19 of 25
    The description recommends using these as replacement board game pieces. Brilliant.
    By Knottingwood, $35
  • The Loop Troupe Gang 20 of 25
    Hang these little guys and gals around the house for an unexpected dose of cuteness.
    By The Small Object, $15
  • Box o’ Princesses 21 of 25
    A little Disney princess inspiration for you, along with a free background download.
    By Lil Blue Boo
  • Boy-Ville 22 of 25
    Make your own pirate, Spiderman, Superman, and a knight, and download a background set for them to play at.
    By Lil Blue Boo
  • Wooden Peg People 23 of 25
    The addition of clothes and props make these extra fanciful, and the tutorial will give you some great ideas.
    By We Bloom Here
  • The A-Team Peg People 24 of 25
    "If no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… The A-Team." Or you know, play with them.
    By Randomly Generated, $50
  • clothespindolls25 25 of 25
    These are the clothespin dolls I've been making. Each goes by pretty quickly, and they're a lot of fun to paint.
    By Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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