25 Pretty Valentine’s Day Nail Designs

Love is at your fingertips. Check out 25 pretty nail designs to try for Valentine’s Day…

  • Make a Statement 1 of 26
    Make each finger stand out by giving it a different style.
    Spotted at Nail Shine.
  • Heart Stained Box 2 of 26
    This nail design will give you a unique and modern look.
    Get the tutorial at Polish You Pretty.
  • Candy Hearts 3 of 26
    Turn your nails into candy hearts with a bit of color and text.
    Check it out at Pinterest.
  • Black and Red 4 of 26
    Give your nails a bit of edge with a hint of black.
    Spotted at Pinterest.
  • Ruby Slippers 5 of 26
    These ruby red sparkle nails are all about sexy times.
    Spotted at Vi.sualize.
  • Winter Love 6 of 26
    These nails give the perfect mix of Valentine's Day celebration and a snowy white winter.
    Spotted at We Heart It.
  • Mini Hearts 7 of 26
    Add some hearts to a french tip for a simple Valentine's Day look.
    Spotted at Pinterest.
  • Splatter Paint 8 of 26
    Not Sure if this is supposed to be dripping blood or splatter paint but I love it.
    Check it out at We Heart It.
  • Sweetheart Peppermint 9 of 26
    Dress up your nails with peppermint swirls and a jeweled heart.
    Spotted at We Heart It.
  • Pink and Grey 10 of 26
    Go with a more simple look with a single pink stripe through a gray painted nail.
    Spotted at Pinterest.
  • Raawwrr! 11 of 26
    Stay sassy and wild this Valentine's Day with cheetah print nails.
    Find out more at The Lifeaholics.
  • Marble-ize 12 of 26
    Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to give your nails a marble look.
    Find out more at Chloe's Nails.
  • A Different Shade 13 of 26
    This seems like such a simple idea and looks beautiful.
    Find out more at Esmaltaria.
  • Bedazzled Bling 14 of 26
    Give yourself some bling on Valentine's Day with these bedazzled nails.
    Spotted at Just Nails.
  • Roses are Red 15 of 26
    These nails are so girly I love it.
    Spotted at Just Nails.
  • Love Tips 16 of 26
    A new heartfelt twist on the french manicure .
    Check it out at We Heart It.
  • Owl Cuteness 17 of 26
    Just as I think I've outgrown owls I find these little birds making an absolutely adorable appearance.
    Spotted at Oh My Nails.
  • Vintage Charm 18 of 26
    If you are not feeling the bright red and pink combination here is a more subtle way to celebrate.
    Spotted at Life As We Know It.
  • Single Sparkle 19 of 26
    Keep the rest of the nails toned down while you sparkle up a single one.
    Check it out at We Heart It.
  • Matte Finish 20 of 26
    Lose the gloss and give yourself a sophisticated matte finish.
    Spotted at Real Simple.
  • 5 Little Speckled Nails 21 of 26
    Add some speckles to a simple pink for this cute look.
    Spotted at Refinery 29.
  • Sweetheart Swirls 22 of 26
    These swirls are not as hard to do as they look.
    Get the how-to at Nailsymo.
  • Nude With Hearts 23 of 26
    You can still have romantic nails without the red and pink.
    Get the tutorial at Nailside.
  • Fancy Pants 24 of 26
    Use decals to embellish your nails with ornate designs.
    Check out these nails and many more at Become Gorgeous.
  • Heart Surprise 25 of 26
    Although there is not a step-by-step tutorial in English you can still get a pretty good idea just how to do these pretty nails.
    Check it out at Sue Brandao.
  • 25 Pretty Valentine’s Day Nail Designs 26 of 26
    Which one will you try first?

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