25 Spooky Halloween Mantels + DIY Tips

Decorate for Halloween by giving your mantel a haunted makeover. Start with a few DIY tips like using black feather boas to fill space, and draping black cheesecloth to look like haunted spiderwebs. If you’re going for a chic Halloween style, you might want to go minimal with a touch of metallics. Not sure where to start? Consider choosing a specific Halloween theme like witches or mad scientist. You might see that decorating your mantel is an easy way to make a big impact for your Halloween decor.

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  • Black Lace 2 of 26

    Give your mantel the spooky, vintage touch with black lace.
    Find out more at Flamingo Toes.

  • Spooky Eyes 3 of 26

    Make glaring eyes with plastic-foam balls and by using permanent markers to draw on the pupils.
    Find out more at A Pretty Life in the Suburbs.

  • Bat Covered Mantel 4 of 26

    Stick paper bats to the wall in a way that they look like they are flying.
    Find out more at Little Monkeys Studio.

  • Skull Terrariums 5 of 26

    Fill glass terrariums with spooky skulls and pumpkins.
    Find out more at Lolly Jane.

  • Bows and Branches 6 of 26

    Bring in branches from outside and decorate them by tying ribbon into little black bows.
    Find out more at Candice Stringham.

  • Feather Boa Garlands 7 of 26

    Make your mantel look extra filled with black feather boas and cheesecloth.
    Find out more at Craftberry Bush.

  • Fabric Tassel Bunting 8 of 26

    Knot fabric onto a piece of twine to make an easy garland for the mantel.
    Find out more at Craftaholics Anonymous.

  • Spiderweb Creations 9 of 26

    Cut spiderwebs out of felt and use them to drape on the mantel.
    Find out more at Rustic Crafts.

  • Spell Books 10 of 26

    Cover books in paper and draw on words like "potions," "spells," and "magic" to turn them into spell books.
    Find out more at Everyday Home.

  • Painted Black 11 of 26

    Spray paint a wreath black and pumpkins black to give them this Halloween look.
    Find out more at Sister's Suitcase.

  • Clocks and Moonlight 12 of 26

    Make a paper clock to hang on the mantel with black cats and moons.
    Find out more at Homes.

  • Candles and Busts 13 of 26

    Go for a gothic look with black candles, red roses, and old busts.
    Find out more at My Home Ideas.

  • Flying Witches 14 of 26

    It might be easier to visualize the decor for your mantel once you've picked a specific Halloween them, like witches.
    Find out more at Home Stories A to Z.

  • Bold Backdrop 15 of 26

    Make your Halloween mantel the focus of the room by hanging a printed backdrop behind it made out of paper or fabric.
    Find out more at Craft That Party.

  • Halloween Chic 16 of 26

    Go with a minimal spooky look with a hint of metallic to make this chic Halloween mantel.
    Find out more at The Frafted Sparrow.

  • Touch of Chalk 17 of 26

    Write a quote as the days lead up to Halloween on a chalkboard mounted on the mantel.
    Find out more at Fox Hollow Cottage.

  • Crows and Ravens 18 of 26

    An easy way to decorate is with fake ravens and crows. You can also set these at different heights on your mantel to make it more filled.
    Find out more at Pottery Barn.

  • Decorating with Printables 19 of 26

    Use printables to help you decorate by making a bunting or glueing them onto spooky bottles .
    Download Halloween printables at Second SIster.

  • Spooky Skeleton Friend 20 of 26

    Surprise your guests with a large skeleton hanging out on your mantel.
    Find out more at Nell Hill.

  • Color Block Wreath 21 of 26

    Keep your mantel black and white and add a pop of color with a wreath.
    Find out more at Whipperberry.

  • Blood Red Mantel 22 of 26

    Slice up black fabric to hang on the mantel, fill the lights with red bulbs, and string red Christmas lights across for this bone-chilling look.
    Find out more at Shelterness.

  • Going Gothic 23 of 26

    Paint pumpkins black and spread out black cheesecloth with hints of silver for a haunted look. If you want to add a burst of color in the back, cover a large canvas with fabric and hang.
    Find out more at Fox Hollow Cottage.

  • Put on a Mask 24 of 26

    Masks are a super simple way to give pretty much anything a personality, even a pumpkin.
    Find out more at Serendipity Refined.

  • Bloody Mirror 25 of 26

    Hang a mirror on your mantel and cover it with a spooky quote using fake blood.
    Find out more atSweet Dreams and Beautiful Things.

  • Mad Scientist Mantel 26 of 26

    Go with a mad scientist theme and put rubber animals in jars with food coloring to make them look like creepy specimens.
    Find out more at FIrst Home Love.

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