25 Spring Flower Ideas!

In another life, I was a floral designer. I even had my own little shop! Nowadays, I love making my own arrangements for my home, for friends, and for classes I occasionally teach. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the flower recipes I’ve created over the years. Most of these don’t take any special skills and you’ll be able to use the recipes and instructions to make your own flower arrangements, centerpieces. and bouquets. Be sure to send a photo if you try one!

  • Musky Lilac Bouquet 1 of 25
    Musky Lilac Bouquet
    Combine queen anne's lace, lilac and scabiosa to make this fragrant bedside bouquet!
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Sweet Peas 2 of 25
    Sweet Peas
    In late spring and early summer sweet peas start blooming. I like to fill my house with bouquets of just sweet peas in different colors.
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Dotted Flower Wraps 3 of 25
    Dotted Flower Wraps
    Present friends with these charming gifts of flowers by dotting white tissue paper with markers!
    Full instructions at Frolic!
    Photo by at Lisa Warninger
  • Modern Spring Arrangement 4 of 25
    Modern Spring Arrangement
    This arrangement includes anemones, ranunculus, English daisies, and daffodils.
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Sweet Pea Bouquet 5 of 25
    Sweet Pea Bouquet
    Combine sweet peas, hyacinth and ranunculus for this girly spring bouquet.
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Spring Wreath 6 of 25
    Spring Wreath
    This wreath would be so charming for Easter!
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • French Hand-Tieds 7 of 25
    French Hand-Tieds
    Combine lilac, anemones and ranunculus then wrap in scalloped parchment paper for a sweet spring gift!
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Wild Lilac Bouquet 8 of 25
    Wild Lilac Bouquet
    Combine different types of lilac to get this wildflower look.
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Sweet Spring Bouquets 9 of 25
    Sweet Spring Bouquets
    These sweet pink bouquets are made of ranunculus, waxflower, and sweet pea.
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Modern Wildflower Bouquet 10 of 25
    Modern Wildflower Bouquet
    Peach and yellow ranunculus star is this charming wildflower bouquet. Click through for the full instructions.
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Daffodil Bouquet 11 of 25
    Daffodil Bouquet
    Mix different types of daffodils for this charming bouquet!
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Violet Bouquet 12 of 25
    Violet Bouquet
    Sweet and rare, violets are a tiny but special flower that make great bouquets and food garnishes.
    Full instructions at Frolic!
    Photo by at Lisa Warninger
  • Lily of the Valley 13 of 25
    Lily of the Valley
    Combine lily of the valley, viburnum and jasmine for this special, white bouquet.
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Watercolor-Inspired Bouquets 14 of 25
    Watercolor-Inspired Bouquets
    These pastel-hued bouquets are inspired by watercolors.
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Red Bouquet 15 of 25
    Red Bouquet
    This fresh take on red and white includes anemones, hyacinth, tulips, and a green striped ribbon!
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • English Country Arrangement 16 of 25
    English Country Arrangement
    This wild, English-style arrangement includes everything from apple blossoms to lettuce!
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Pansies in Newspaper! 17 of 25
    Pansies in Newspaper!
    I love wrapping little pansies and violas in French newspaper!
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Peony Centerpiece 18 of 25
    Peony Centerpiece
    Combine three different types of peonies to make these sweet centerpieces.
    Full instructions at Frolic!
    Photo by at Lisa Warninger
  • Yellow Centerpieces 19 of 25
    Yellow Centerpieces
    Make these yellow spring centerpieces with tulips, daffodils, and muscari! These are perfect for Easter!
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Tulips 20 of 25
    Combine two bunches of tulips in a sweet vintage vase for a pretty at-home arrangement.
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • White Lilac Arrangement 21 of 25
    White Lilac Arrangement
    This white spring arrangement is fragrant and easy to make!
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Early Spring Bouquet 22 of 25
    Early Spring Bouquet
    This simple bouquet is wrapped in burlap for a unique touch.
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Modern Pink Centerpieecs 23 of 25
    Modern Pink Centerpieecs
    Keep things simple and modern with this pink, all floral arrangement!
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • A Spring Table Setting 24 of 25
    A Spring Table Setting
    This white and linen table setting comes to life with sweet spring flowers.
    Full instructions at Frolic!
  • Veggie Start Centerpiece 25 of 25
    Veggie Start Centerpiece
    Plant veggie starts in tins for this charming centerpiece.
    Full instructions at Frolic!

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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