25 Spring Hair Trends & Tutorials

Pump it up, chalk it up, and braid it up into the top styles of the season. These helpful tutorials will walk you through the steps to creating the perfect hairstyle to go with your spring look. Whether you just chopped off your locks or are letting it grow, there’s a hairstyle that’s just right for you…

  • 25 Spring Hair Trends and Tutorials 1 of 26
    25 Spring Hair Trends and Tutorials
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  • Hot Cross Bun Braids 2 of 26
    Hot Cross Bun Braids
    Check out this new way of styling the milkmaid braid without the standard braid.
    Find out more at Ducks in a Row Events.
  • Dipped in Colors 3 of 26
    Dipped in Colors
    This fun color chalk hairstyle will be in full force this spring.
    Find out more at This Fashion is Mine.
  • Perfect Pony 4 of 26
    Perfect Pony
    Master the perfect ponytail to keep your hair out of your eyes.
    Get the tutorial at Let's Go Sunning.
  • Last-Minute Pony 5 of 26
    Last-Minute Pony
    When you're racing out the door, trying to pull a look together, go for a simple and elegant hairstyle like this.
    Find out more at Ma Nouvelle Mode.
  • Loose Spring Curls 6 of 26
    Loose Spring Curls
    Watch the technique for making loose spring curls with a curling rod.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Sock Bun 7 of 26
    Sock Bun
    If you haven't figured this trick out yet, I highly suggest you get started.
    Find out more at My Favorite Things.
  • 2-Minute Boho Braid 8 of 26
    2-Minute Boho Braid
    Style your hair into this bohemian hairstyle in no time at all.
    Get the tutorial at Home Heart Craft.
  • Side Dutch Braid 9 of 26
    Side Dutch Braid
    The Dutch braid is a lot like an inverted French braid.
    Find out more at Cut Out and Keep.
  • Grownup Pigtails 10 of 26
    Grownup Pigtails
    Check out these three ways to style pigtails without making you look like you're a kid.
    Find out more at My Shine Project.
  • French Twist Curls 11 of 26
    French Twist Curls
    Get heatless curls with a little French twist.
    Find out more at Offbeat + Inspired.
  • Full of Braids 12 of 26
    Full of Braids
    Take the milkmaid braid to a new level with four braids.
    Find out more at Bespoke Bride.
  • Oh, So Sleek 13 of 26
    Oh, So Sleek
    Follow the tutorial to learn how to get a very sleek half-up hairstyle with subtle braids.
    Get the tutorial at My Shine Project.
  • Messy Top Knot 14 of 26
    Messy Top Knot
    Short haired ladies can also style a messy top knot with these simple steps.
    Get the tutorial at Ma Nouvelle Mode.
  • Rope Bun 15 of 26
    Rope Bun
    Spice up a basic bun by twisting it to look like rope.
    Find out more at Ducks in a Row .
  • Chignon for a Fascinator 16 of 26
    Chignon for a Fascinator
    This is the perfect style for showing of a fascinator.
    Find out more at The Beauty Department.
  • Rope Braid Chignon 17 of 26
    Rope Braid Chignon
    Combine the pretty rope braid with an elegant chignon for a special night out.
    Find out more at The Beauty Department.
  • Cascading Curls 18 of 26
    Cascading Curls
    This is a great hairstyle for natural curls, but straight haired ladies can do it too.
    Get the tutorial at 100 Layer Cake.
  • Pump Up the Volume 19 of 26
    Pump Up the Volume
    Make your hair big and beautiful with these simple tutorials.
    Find out more at Bridal Musings.
  • Waterfall Braid 20 of 26
    Waterfall Braid
    Create the look of a cascading braid with this waterfall braid.
    Find out more at Once Wed.
  • Boho with a Scarf 21 of 26
    Boho with a Scarf
    Pin up your hair into a messy bun with a colorful scarf tied within.
    Get the tutorial at Latest Hairstyles.
  • Colorful Fishtail 22 of 26
    Colorful Fishtail
    Use yarn to add colors to your fishtail braid without having to use chalk .
    Find out more at A Beautiful Mess.
  • Friendship Bracelet Hair 23 of 26
    Friendship Bracelet Hair
    Grab yarn or ribbons to braid a friendship braid into your best friend's hair.
    Get the tutorial at YouTube.
  • Double Braid Updo 24 of 26
    Double Braid Updo
    Make two braids that hide into a low bun.
    Find out more at She Knows.
  • Volume to Your Braid 25 of 26
    Volume to Your Braid
    Full and messy braids are definitely in, so check out the way to master big hair while also braiding it back.
    Find out more at Cosmopolitan.
  • Styling a Hair Scarf 26 of 26
    Styling a Hair Scarf
    Change up a basic hairstyle by adding a colorful scarf to it. Check out these five different ways to style it.
    Get the tutorial at My Shine Project.

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